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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Surprise On Outdoor Wednesday!


I have my computer back, and it's my daughter Anne's 22nd birthday. We are heading out to apartment-hunt for her again today, as she is beginning graduate school next month. . . but first a quick stop in That Old House's back border, where a surprise lurks!


Thank to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for hosting the Outdoor Wednesday blog party. Susan's blog is always a treat to visit, and especially on Wednesdays! So just click here to see what else is "up" for OW!

I had a charming surprise when I stepped outside this morning with Mr. Dion.
What I thought was a patch of old iris leaves just hanging out in the border:

turned out, on closer inspection, to be something else!

My border is giving birth to gladiolus flowers!

(I am not sure of the plural of gladiolus, so I'm not using it.
Gladioli? That may be right but it sounds goofy.)

22 years ago, I gave birth to this:

Even cuter than gladiolus-es.

(Pardon the specks; they were on the scanner. . .
some of That Old House's protective layer of dust.)

The border's a little sparse on bloom right now, so I'm glad these spiky pink gals will join the cosmos:

and hibiscus:

It's sooooo good to have my computer back, and be able to get new pictures up, just taken this morning. The computer problem turned out to be the monitor, and not the computer after all. It took the Mothership more than a week to figure this out. No comment.

My knee is healed, my computer is healed -- I plan to have a lovely Wednesday with my birthday girl. You have a lovely Wednesday, too, okay? Deal! -- Cass


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    Glads are so pretty. I am glad that was your surprise. It is pleasant!

    Becky K.

  2. Beautiful flowers!!

    Happy Birthday, to your daughter.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Your flowers are beautiful. Glad to hear your knee is ok now. Enjoy your time with your daughter.

  4. What a great surprise....I am surprised every see if my gardens survived the deer. They are really bad this year..eating things they never touched before!
    Happy bday to dd, and happy apartment hunting. I still remember the apt I lived in when I went to grad school at Villanova. The good old days!

  5. O, Cass, (did i ever tell you i adore your name?)...I love all your beautiful flowers, including the glads...but the star here is that beautiful, little baby girl that is now your best friend. The happiest Birthday to her.
    Ya'll have fun ...I know you will.
    xo bj

  6. I'm not sure of the plural of gladiolus either, but I LOVE gladioli. I think more plurals should end in "i"

    which of course brings us to:
    hungry ghosti

  7. Pretty fleurs in the garden! I just say, "glads" ~ easier. tee hee
    Happy B-day to your daughter. hugs, Sue

  8. Your enthusiasm crossed over cyberspace right to me!! So happy things are looking up for you!! Beautiful gladiolus (sp) lol!! The daylily's must have been keeping them warm because in colder climates you usually have to dig them up and store them for the winter, so that makes it an even bigger surprise!!

    Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! I hope you both have a wonderful day, Cass!!


  9. So glad your knee is better and happy birthday Anne! Pretty pretty flowers (skipping the G word all together). Good luck apartment hunting.

  10. Oh, Happy Birthday to your daughter! My birthday is Friday, and today is the birthday of both of my brothers in law. My husband's brother and my sister's husband! It's a very good day! :-)

    Love your beautiful flowers, too, and what a nice surprise to find those glads. They are lovely, Cass, as are your other flowers.

    Here's wishing you a Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  11. Happy Birthday to your daughter, I am glad you have your computer back and your flowers are beautiful!

  12. Lovely photos! Happy birthday to your daughter, I'm sure she is even lovelier today than any old flower! Hugs ~cindy s~

  13. Great pictures - and happy BD to your baby!

  14. Birthday greetings.
    I had glads at my wedding many years ago. I love them.
    Not as cute as that wee one though.

  15. I gave you a "shout out" related to THIS post over at my blog in a post titled "Bears About Town"

  16. Beautiful your glads and Happy birthday to dear daughter!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Anne! I hope it's wonderful :)

    Beautiful flowers Cass! I'm so glad you're back to work... er... blogging ;)


  18. Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    The gladiolus are beautiful! Love the hibiscus too!

  19. Happy Birthday to Anne! The glads are fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing on this Outdoor Wednesday.


  20. Have a happy birthday day with your girl. Love the flowers. My son is 26 now but when he was a kid he loved gladiolas. Flowers in my garden are sparse right now because of the heat. Only things blooming are the cosmos, bouganvilla & plumaria.

  21. Beautiful flowers and beautiful baby. So glad your computer and your knee are better! laurie

  22. Gladiola are such fun and "old" flower... i havent seen many this year.

    Thanks for sharing.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  23. Pretty flowers... adorable little face!

  24. Your flowers are beautiful but that little one stole the show. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  25. Hi, Cass... thanks for the info on that counter thingy. I will probably use it on this latest drawing. Unfortunately on the other, I let people post on various posts for several days and get numerous chances, etc. So I need to cut them up invidually. It is a bit challenging, but it will get done! LOL!

    And now the question of the hour... did you let your own birthday slip by without letting us know??? Or have I been delinquent somehow in my birthday wishes to you??? If it's passed and I missed it, please allow me to wish you a Belated Happy Birthday! So many people I love most are born this month... my father, my grandmother, my grandfather, my uncle, two of my brothers in law,and of course Cecelia. I have missed the ones who are no longer with us, so it's nice to meet new friends who are born in this month.


    Sheila :-)

  26. I sure wish I had your e-mail so when we "go off" on tangents that struck US funny, I wouldn't have to drag everyone in your comments through it too.

    There is a link to my e-mail addy on my profile, e-mail me and then we can carry on a conversation without airing our laundry in front of all.

    In the MEAN time - - - did you see THIS post?

  27. Thank you Cass for commenting on my post, I am very new to this blogging world. I love your big old house and am looking forward to exploring more of your site. Boiled peanuts are not mushy, but they should be soft when you bite into them. It is hard to describe the consistency because it's not like anything else, but maybe closest to a firm black eyed pea. They are salty and very yummy. If you ever make it to Florida or southern Georgia or SC, you can but them on the roadside from now until late fall. Thanks again for visiting me. Marla

  28. Happy Birthday Anne! Glad you back computing Cass! Your flowers are beauties!


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