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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hooked on Beachy Tables, And a Foodie Friday for our Furry Friends!

What is that phrase?
Life is what happens when we are making other plans.

I planned on posting a Tablescape Thursday post, and a separate post Friday for Foodie and Hooked On . . . but right after I did my table setting, and I took some pictures, and sat down at the computer to begin writing . . . the phone rang.

It was the nurse from my father's assisted living place; Dad was not having a good day.

I spent all day Thursday at the hospital with him. He is probably OK,
but he's been admitted for observation. At 89, you don't take chances.

In the interest of my sanity --- I am doing one big ol' post and using it as an extremely late Tablescape (thank you Susan at Between Naps On The Porch), and an early Foodie Friday (thank you Gollum at Designs By...) and Hooked On ... (thank you Julia at Hooked On Houses).

At the end of this post are logos and links to these three terrific blog parties. Don't miss them!

I am hooked on a lot of things -- among them dishes, dogs, and beach houses.

So we've got dishes with a beachy mood.
(But don't worry, doggies, there's a big pay-off for you at the end!)

Using Dollar Tree plates and bowls, an old tablecloth, some old restaurant ware,
and a few bits and bobs, I did a water-sand-shell-and-stone table:

The blue and aqua plates and bowls are from Dollar Tree.

The smaller plates are old Syracuse restaurant china, and were my Mom's.
She loved restaurant dishes, bought scads at yard sales.

My friend Betsy gave me these little shell patterned dishes;
they can hold a wee dinner roll and a pat of butter!

She also gave me this creamer and sugar,
bought along with the little dishes in Bethany Beach, Delaware:

The big hurricane is full of beach stones, and a big ivory candle...

and the little blue votive holders, from Dollar Tree,
are cheesy, glitzy, and fun -- one is at every place setting:

Mr. Fish is guarding the table, trying to look fierce:

My friend Mardi and I found him more than 30 years ago
at a street fair in Greenport, on Long Island, and bought him for my parents.

Be careful what you buy for your parents -- it may end up in your house someday!

The flatware is old hotel silverplate.
The big wineglasses -- another Dollar Tree find --

The napkins are old damask luncheon napkins, in a soft green.

(I know I also have them in soft blue, but they seem to have gone AWOL.)


Now, for our doggy friends, who so patiently sit at our feet as we spend hours with our computer friends. . .
a recipe for Foodie Friday, a proven winner, and simple as can be:

Dion's Canine Cookie Treats

I don't remember where I found this original recipe, but I've modified
it over the years, and here's the version we like best:

1 egg
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup vegetable oil (Dion prefers peanut)
2 TBS. grated cheese -- or more!
1 1/2 cups flour
3/4 cup rolled oats

1. Lightly beat the egg, and stir it in a large bowl with the milk and oil.

2. In another bowl, combine flour and oats.

3. Combine wet and dry ingredients. Stir until mixture forms a stiff dough. (And it IS stiff.) Kids can mix this by hand -- nice and yucky!

4. Roll out or pat the dough between two waxed paper sheets to about 1/4 inch thickness. Do not make it any thinner. Take off the top sheet of waxed paper, and cut out shapes with cookie cutters.

5. Put the cut outs on a lightly greased metal baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes. We sometimes let them bake longer, to get them really hard and crunchy.

You can find dog-biscuit shaped cutters, or make small hearts, or Santa boots for Christmas giving, or, do as Annie did on Saturday, and bring cat-shaped cookies for our hostess' dogs.

Dion approved.

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Thanks for visiting! I will try and get to as many of your blogs as possible, and I almost always leave a comment -- but I will be back and forth to the hospital on Friday, so please understand if I don't get to you! --- Cass


  1. The blue and aqua dishes are lovely! You did good!

  2. I am so sorry that your father is having problems. I'll be saying some prayers for him and for you as you deal with the stress. You have certainly created a gorgeous tablescape in spite of your stress. This table is so claming and pretty. I also love restaurant china and hotel flatware. Those votive candleholders are lovely too. You have some very lucky furry family members! laurie

  3. Stunning tablescape Cass!
    It's so lovely in a soft blue tone and the beach theme. Perfect for the 4th celebrations. Your shell dishes and the creamer set from your friend are GORGEOUS!
    I'm not sure I've seen anything any prettier. How sweet of her.

    Have a wonderful Holiday!
    ~Melissa :)

  4. I'm praying for your father's recovery. I'm so sorry to her the news. Take Care.

  5. Love the beachy tablescape. I hope that your father will be OK. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment. It really means a lot to me that you took the time.

  6. Lovely table. I am going to try the Cookies. Happy 4th.

  7. Great table. I'm glad that you got away for some you time. I hope things are better with your father.

  8. Hi Cass,
    I'm back and I've missed seeing your blog! Now that's a good Mama that will make homemade doggie treats! Oh, and I love your pretty beachy table! It's soft and shimmery and I love when it's done on the cheap but still looks like a million bucks! I hope you Dad is doing better, have a happy 4th of July ! Cindy

  9. I love your tablescape it's so pretty!

    I hope your Dad is feeling better, you all will be in my prayers tonight.

  10. Those Dollar Tree purchase made a million dollar table! I really do love those votives! So sorry about your dad and will keep you and him in my prayers. Have a great 4th! :D Jewel

  11. What a pretty table!! Hope your dad gets better soon.

  12. Beautiful table setting! I love the fish!

    Hope your dad is okay. We've had to deal with lots of that lately too :(

  13. I love your watery and sand table, Cass. I am so into those blues and greens right now. I also love the hotel flateware.
    Hope your dad is better real soon.

  14. Hope your Father is doing much better. Pretty table setting.

  15. Hope your dad gets better soon! I do love your table, So fresh and beachy! lol I adore the butter plates,and the creamer, sugar pattern! So pretty! I need to get Hubby to let back in Dollar Tree! lol He says it is a dollar, but you spend more there than Walmart. lol I love the napkins! Give it up! Where do you get your napkins? I find some I like, but I always think I have to have 10-12 for family dinners! lol I have a hard time buying four! lol I love this setting! Now to answer your question, we have never had good luck with tomatoes. So hubby made a tiny separate garden, where he had cleaned the barn with sheep and goat manure. He bought Marion,Celebrity, Early Girl, and some of the cherry Tomatoes, I have forgot the name of. The most thing was! NOTHING WITH BOY name. For we never ever had a good crop! We were not prepared for such a wonderful crop! With the new little garden. Love the colors of this Tablescape! I could take this and design a room! Its all Hubby favorite, He loves the beach!

  16. What a charming post:-). Your tablescape is lovely and your photos of it are beautiful. I hope all is well with your father. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  17. I hope your father does well. Enjoyed your serene tablescape. I have lots of Syracuse China too but not that particular pattern. I love the little shell plates--charming. I don't think the dollar tree items look cheesy at all. You have place them very appropriately. Your big fish is that touch of whimsy every table needs. Love your old house too. Happy 4th!

  18. This is a table fit for a tiki hut! I absolutely love the shell dishes from your friend and my big dog will love the recipe you share. Mine also sits patiently by my computer while I work and blog for hours on end, so he is in need of a special treat.

    Hope you father is feeling better soon and bless you for being there with him.

  19. Beautiful tablescape! I love Dollar Tree-we just had a super-duper one open about an hour from here (we are far from EVERYTHING!)that is so worth the drive!

    Hope your dad is doing better today, Cass. It's always better to be on the safe side. Glad he went in the hosp. for observation.

    Blessings, Misha

  20. Love the table setting and adore the fish! Thanks for the treat recipe, I am going to make these for SKYE. Have a great 4th of July

  21. Very elegant and inviting with the view of the outdoors. Love the shell plates! Hope your dad is better.

  22. So Cass, I didn't know that your dish addiction was inherited. It is always the mother's fault isn't it?
    You have done a beautiful job on the tablescape. My dog (read pig) would gobble those up in a second.

  23. I love the dollar store too. Goodwill is also a great place to pick up dishes in just the "right" color for pennies. We will be seeing more aqua palettes in the coming months.

  24. What a gorgeous tablescape! I love it. It really is nice and beachy.

    Those canine cookie treats look good enough for the rest of us to eat! What a fun idea.

    P.S. Hope your dad is feeling better soon.

  25. LOVE your tablescape! I hope things are going better for your Father.

  26. Did you say Dollar Tree for those beautiful robins eggshell blue bowls!??? Fabulous!
    Have a wonderful week end and a fabulous 4th!
    ~Really Rainey~

  27. What a beautiful tablescape! I am going to have to make a trip to Dollar Tree!

  28. Enjoyed the pics of the beautiful tablescape. Hope your dad is having a better day today :o) Diane

  29. I just love the way everything came together with the beach theme. Hope your family is well and that you have a wonderful 4th!

  30. Sure makes me want to ne at the beach! Hope your dad is better. I can definitely relate. I'm starting a Crock Pot Wednesday series in August. I hope you will join me.

  31. When I finish this book, I'm treating myself to a trip to the Dollar Tree. Love those dishes and the wonderful beachy details. Your furry friends are adorable. I hope your dad is better.

  32. Love the blue and aqua dishes, your table is stunning.

  33. This tablescape is beautiful, very fresh and welcoming too.
    I hope your Dad is doing OK.

  34. I felt like I was at the beach - and Miles will have a big sloppy kiss for you! Hoe your Dad is doing well! ~ Robyn

  35. Haha, that fishy is darling, really makes the table!

  36. Your tablescape is beautiful! It is so soft and relaxing - makes me wish I could be at the beach!

  37. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I' ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.


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