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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ack! Leg Up, Computer Down!

I'm feeling almost as old as That Old House today --

I've still got my leg elevated for my knee (which I sprained on Sunday evening). It is getting better -- yay! -- but I've got some enforced inactivity -- and no computer to enjoy it with.


My not-so-trusty desktop went kaput on Monday, and is back at the Mothership being probed and prodded and hopefully fixed. This is the 2nd time in it's 15-month life that it has done this. Not encouraging.

I am reduced to using a laptop.

I loathe laptops. They are capricious wee demons which delight in random pranks and inexplicable actions; this laptop has already deleted most of this post 3 times, moved parts of sentences willy-nilly to other paragraphs, and turned all the type orange, so I am going to try and finish this up, and then hobble as far away as I can.

Because this is not my laptop (thank goodness for small favors!), and because this particular wee demon is supposed to be used for business and not for playing Blog Lady, I can't put up any pictures.

No pictures. Oh, the horror! I received a box in the mail yesterday from my mother in law of vintage table linens and they are gorgeous . . . but you are going to have to take my word for it!

Because I have no pictures for you!

Do you know what I tried to do with this laptop?
I put it on a table and pretended it was a real computer, but for some reason, the mouse would not work.
Then I figured out why. . . .
I was using my cell phone -- rubbing it all over the table, trying to make the little arrow move on the screen.
Please, I beg you, don't tell my kids. They have already seen me try and change channels on the TV with the cordless phone.

Howard said he would get me a laptop for my birthday, which is tomorrow. I took that as a threat. I sincerely hope he was kidding. -- Cass


  1. Happy birthday Cass, and quick recovery for the leg! I too hate hubby's laptop; I know what you mean about randomly moving text. But I've never used a cell phone for a mouse ;)

  2. Happy almost birthday - hope you get something you really want. Funny about the cell phone/mouse - but I've done things just as silly. Like looking for my glasses when I was wearing them. Hope your day improves.

  3. Oh I think we have all done the mouse thing.
    Little piece of advice for you not so keen laptop users.
    The main reason it is acting goofy is that your wrists are hitting the little mouse pad thing on the keyboard. It doesn't even have to be right on the thing.
    I never address an email until after I have written it because it will accidentally send before I am ready.
    I use my laptop all day long and I love it. I never use it on my lap though. It gets too hot.

  4. Happy Birthday tomorrow Cass! If you do get a laptop, get an Apple. It's easy peasy and it doesn't pull tricks on you :)

    I had a great time catching up with you! That Old House looks beautiful :)


  5. Happy Birthday!! Yes - baby that knee for a while so you don't have problems later. I thought about getting a laptop when mine kicked the bucket, but changed my mine. I laughed about the remote control story - I am so glad others do things like that. :-)

  6. I've been having picture woes of my own up here in the northwoods. I finally made a picture post today, and have enough pictures resized for ONE MORE - - - - I really MISS my blogging!!

    Hope your knee is all well soon.

  7. Oh, Cass...I feel so bad about your knee. Who needs to be cooped up in the middle of summer? Have you had an Xray??

    You know, I use a laptop all the time (regular computer has been broke for awhile) but I use it at the table~it's too hard jiggling around on my lap. I use the touch pad on the keyboard, no mouse. It is much easier. I know every laptop is different. My daughter just got a Sony and I love it, but of course it took awhile to get used to it.

    Now you take care of that knee. And if you must combine your pain medication and blogging, you risk mistaking the cell phone for the mouse! ;-)


  8. Are you sure you don't want a laptop for your birthday? I found a really nice one. There are pictures on my laptop but mostly of stuff like corporate logos. If that works for you...go for it.

  9. Happy birthday & get well quick wishes. Dying to se the linens. TTFN ~ Marydon

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  10. Happy Birthday! Hope your leg gets to feeling better quickly, and that your computer situation is resolved quickly as well.

  11. Holy Smokes....please don't tell me your out of half and half for your coffee or that will put me over the edge! I will take your blogging sans pictures (not that I don't enjoy them and love your outdoor patio BTW) because it is you Cass, and your gift of writing that keep me coming back for more and more! Hope they are waiting on you hand and foot!

  12. oh, goodness Cass. A bum leg and a bum computer!
    Wanted to make sure you saw my comment the from Thursday about the Honest Scrap award! Pop over to my blog and read on!

    Hope you are feeling better.
    Happy Birthday to an awesome woman!


  13. Cass, Hope your knee starts to heal fast! Sprains are a bear- I know- I sprained both ankles 5 years ago, and I wish I had broken them instead. Soft tissue damage continues to have issues down the road... I hobble if I've been sitting too long and get up to walk. Look like Grandpa McCoy when I walk. LOL

    Re; your use of the mouse and the tv.... I often have my laptop on the desk where the PC is. I have mistakenly attempted to use the laptop mouse on the PC. I just sit there cursing the d*#@ mouse wondering why it won't move anything. DUH.....

    Hope your computer woes get worked out... hugs, Sue

  14. Well, hope you have a wonderful birthday!It's nice you are able to retain your sense of humor. Would love to see the vintage linens you got!

  15. Hope you enjoy a wonderful birthday and your knee gets to feeling better!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Ha ha ha, he he he, you are precious! I would do something like that too :) I use a laptop all the time but it definately takes dexterity!

    Hope the knee improves SOON.


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