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Friday, December 2, 2011

Furniture Finds and a Junking Jaunt

Do you realize that while we were busy blogging,
sneaked up and slid into home plate?
I had no idea . . . .

Now, for some furniture and a junking jaunt!
Would you buy this wing chair?
(Pardon the image, swiped from the Craigslist listing.)
I did.  For 30 bucks.
And it turns out, it's a Baker Museum Reproduction chair.
Hiding in ugly but excellent condition upholstery.  The whole chair in in excellent condition.

There is a pair of this same chair, in blue damask, for sale at a Connecticut antiques shop.  See?
For Sale in Connecticut, by an antiques dealer I can only think
is delusional, who has listed them for $3,750 the pair.

They look gorgeous, and I'd love to know if they eventually sell for that.
Because if so, wow.  That dealer is magic.

Anyway, I originally bought this chair thinking I'd pop it into the booth,
but this one's a keeper.  I'm also now shopping for an upholsterer.
I can't let this one go.  Anyone know a good upholsterer in New Jersey?
Remember this demi-lune table
that I picked up awhile back from a refinisher who got bored?
It's the one on the left, and it was stripped of its old finish and left very "raw" looking.
It's an old Aesthetic Movement table, with a dab of Moorish influence tossed in for good measure.
Or it could be Renaissance Revival, or Gothic Revival, or even maybe Eastlake.
Oh, those Victorians & Edwardians loved their whimsy!

I got busy with a really great product called Feed N Wax (thank you, niece Emily)
and now it looks like this:

I love the detail on this table, and now the wood shows beautifully and the piece has a soft mellow glow. 
"I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille!"

And it is going to the booth.  Fare thee well, quirky little table!

This is one of those days that I toss caution to the wind, and venture forth to meet a total stranger.
And hope I don't end up in the chest freezer in his basement by dinner time.

I'm going to pick up service for 8 in Theodore Haviland Varenne pattern china.
It's flowery, scalloped-y, and gilt-ed-y.  What's not to like?
Picture borrowed from Haviland Online,
a very complete website with loads of great information.

And what price for this set of china?  Same as the wing chair.
Worth the hour's drive, don't you think?

Happy December, my friends.
Such a restful, placid month. . . .

And those of you with your houses all decorated by now?
Wow.  I am amazed, humbled, and as always suspect we are not the same species. -- Cass

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  1. Your chair is fabulous. I love it, can't wait to see it all redone. Super buy for both the chair and china. Hugs, Marty

  2. Beautiful chair and table! Where do you get your knowledge of furniture? You always seem to know the names, especially the antiques and dishes.

    Yes, December creeped up on me, too! No decorations yet, hopefully this weekend!


  3. I love that chair . I'd be into your booth like a shot if I lived near you .
    That a nive blue and white tureen on the table

  4. Fantastic chair! What a difference some TLC has made to the table. Hope you don't end up in the freezer!

  5. Cass, it's time for you to take your booth on the road. No, it doesn't matter that you only JUST opened it. I love that little table and it wants me to have it. Wish you lived in Southwest Michigan........then again, if you did, I'd never find the good bargains before you snatched then up. Shoot, I'll just have to dream about that table. On the positive side, I'll be looking for that wonderful product that you used..... I could use a lot of it right now. I haven't started my decorating but will this weekend. Hurry up and give me some more ideas will ya!!!

    Love that chair also. I'll be watching for a photo when you post about it.


  6. I could cry!! That's anamazing deal on that chair! (And the other dealer is delusional IMO) I've been searching for a matched pair like that one for what seems like a million years *winks* And absolutely YES! It's worth the one hr drive for the china! The eastlake table turned out beautifully too......I'm green with envy! *winks* Vanna

  7. I have never really liked wing chairs, wonder why? I o like the little table. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  8. The quirky little table is just quirky enough.

  9. Hey Cass - yep I kept telling everyone, but they just wouldn't listen:)

    Love the wonderful deal and I would have snagged it too!


  10. Cass,
    Like I said - I have to swing by your booth one of these days. And I am not one of those people who has finished decorating yet. By the end of the weekend I hope to have most done but we won't get our tree for another week or two!

  11. That sweet little looks wonderful after using the Feed N Wax, which I had never heard of. Off to google it right did we ever do without google??

    Please be careful out there with those Craig's list loonies?

  12. Hahahahah...its a "Howard" product!!! how appropriate! *giggle*

  13. I love wing back chairs and have one now I am getting upolstered in very large red & white check. That way I can move it around my house to my kitchen or bedroom or living room.
    It's a thomasville chair i bought in the 90's

    Love your old house also (if only) however i love my little house also

  14. Cass, you have made quite the scores lately! The chair is gorgeous, the table is wonderful. I'm a big fan of Feed n' Wax - great stuff. Oh the still my heart!


  15. you betcha I would drive that far for the china! oh is beautiful. the chair was a great find too!

  16. Fun following this adventure with you! We were antiquing with our kids (they are getting more interested in antiques now that they have an old house) and I was amazed at the quirky wing backs they bought--not quite like yours and not identical to each other either. They are going to reupholster in bright and contemporary fabrics. Should make a real "pop" in their house.

  17. Those were awesome refurbishing, love them!

  18. Very nice! Love the table and the china!! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  19. I love that chair, what a lucky find for you!

  20. Geez laweez!! That antique dealer is extremely optimistic to say the least. You have to look past the not so pretty fabric and look at the beautiful details to see that it is worth buying...especially for $30!!
    And that beautiful little Victorian or Edwardian table...mercy me!! I love all the details...too bad I don't live closer :) And thanks for the heads up about the Feed N Wax. I've got several pieces that could use some of this product!
    AND....the dishes! I love the delicate design on these. Again, for only $30??? I need to follow you around!
    Oh, btw, I've almost got all my decorating done, but not quite. ;)

  21. I love you Cass, you didn't paint the table! :-)


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