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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Sweetest Words in the World Are. . .

. . . "Your Ebay Item Has Been Shipped."

Ah, sweet words indeed. Right now I am awaiting delivery of a package of dandy newfangled mirror hangers, meant for big mirrors. Big mirrors are what I need to hang.
One gorgeous monster (above, standing on end) will hang over the old marble-top buffet in the dining room. The mirror is ginormous, so I am grateful for these nifty mirror hangers, which allegedly can support about 786.8 pounds. About.

Probably mid-20th century, the mirror has a cast brass frame with lovely patina, and just enough age on the glass to look at home in a 19th century room.

It's a little out of character for me, all this folderol in the dining room -- the marble topped buffet, the crystal chandelier, the elaborate old mirror. I used to be more of a purist, more fond of pewter than silver, more likely to go for the "period" and pure in decorating. This old house has transformed me, forcing me to indulge in some house bling!

I always obey the house. It's much more fun, and you have someone else to blame.
"I'm sorry, but the house made me do it...."

(Above, the buffet, and the mirror standing to the left. We have already marked the locations of 3 wall studs but I'm a little nervous about hanging this behemoth!)

I think the mirror's brass frame will look good with the old brass pulls, don't you?

Our other big mirror is not as massive, nor as old, nor as interesting, but it's crystal clear, true and perfect glass. That's important, as it is destined for the upstairs hall bath, replacing the current un-lovely and un-loved oak medicine cabinet.

Meanwhile, this second mirror rests on our parlor mantel until our mirror hangers arrive.

Someday I want a round, preferably convex, old mirror over the fireplace, but a bargain one has so far eluded me. I will improvise until I find the mirror that proclaims, "I'm it!"

I will keep looking. The two big mirrors, and the old buffet in the dining room, were all great and cheap Craigslist finds.

Hooray for going Green and recycling household treasures!
Happy Birthday to my darling daughter, Alida Rose. 23 years old today; how did that happen?


  1. Hi Cass,
    I love those mirror's and bargains too! Wow is all I can say. Cindy

  2. Hi Cass, now I have visited both of your blogs! I still LOVE your old home! The mirrors are wonderful! You will have to show us a picture when you get them hung...also, I think I am also going with the gold curtains instead of the red (for contract)....either way, your room will look great!

  3. thanks, Mom! Amazing that you have a twenty-three year old daughter when you don't look a day over thirty-nine ;)

  4. Why you cheeky child! 35, love... not a day over 35. I was a child bride.... Love, Mama


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