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Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday, Monday -- Oh, Well, It Happens

After a lovely weekend at home with Howard,
it's Monday morning ... and I am working today.

And while I knock back a second cup of black coffee at my desk in the study 
here at That Old House, I'm knocking out a quick post, just to say "Hello."

Grabbing some flower mosaics from years past,
but from the same time of year as now.

And what is a good flower mosaic, 
without a good looking insect?

Who doesn't love bees?

From last summer: geraniums, coreopsis, rudbeckia,
gladiolus, and ... well, some other stuff.

Today, I'll be flogging antiques and vintage stuff
at the antiques mall where I have a booth.

Wherever you are, I hope your summer is in full swing,
and that it is delightful.
Unless, of course, you are in the southern hemisphere ...
in which case, don't you get headaches from being upside down?

And ... I'm off, leaving my spaniels in charge of the house.
Eeeek.... Cass

Now go visit Mary at Little Red House, for her Mosaic Monday blog party.
Mary's own images are transcendent ... always.  Today's are of Chinese Dogwood.  Visit!  Click here.


  1. ...and a hi and bye to you m/f. :0)
    Very pretty photos..

  2. Cool mosaics!

    I am sure the pups will take
    good care of the house!

    M :)

  3. Cass, found you again after a year or so. I miss NJ and my home in Morris County and you give me such wonderful memories with your posts. And now NJ is ready to burst with all the wonderful tomatoes and corn !! Have you ever gone to the Ocean Grove house tour in July? I will miss it this year but it is a great tour. Susan VH

  4. Cass, discovered you again after a season or so. I skip NJ and my house in Morris Nation and you provide me such amazing remembrances with your content. And now NJ is prepared to rush with all the amazing tomato vegetables and maize !! Have you ever gone to the Sea Grove house trip in July? I will skip it this season but it is a fantastic trip. Leslie VH Spybubble Free


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