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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Where've I Been? Right Here!

Happy Summer!

Well ... it's been a long time since I've updated That Old House. 
Since 'way back in February, in fact, when we still had
several feet of snow on the ground, and ice-encrusted windows.

It's a prettier picture now, isn't it?

(Even with all the weeds.)
Confession:  This picture is more than a month old.  The garden is much
advanced since then, but I am too lazy busy to take a new shot.

Mr. Dylan DiPoochy, dog-about-town, is happy
that trips to The Great Outdoors no longer mean a freezing bippy.

Mrs. Gilda-The-Red, pictured in that snowy shot above,
luxuriates on the Grandma swing in the garden.
Gilda is a Great Outdoors kind of gal.
Dylan?  Not so much.
He likes a nice cushy sofa better than
a patch of warm earth.

To each his or her own, eh?

And that's it for today.
Many thanks for the sweet messages I've gotten over the past
few months, for your wonderful kindness,
and I apologize for just disappearing with no explanation.

Because ... honestly? ... there really is no explanation.
I just ran out of steam.
But I think my supply of hot air is bubbling up again.
I'm back.  :-)
See you tomorrow, my friends!
I'm off to re-stock my antiques booth today.  Pictures to follow!

Love and blessings to all; I wish you a wonderful Sunday ... Cass


  1. Cass -- glad to see you posting again! Ollie was like Dylan -- INSIDE is much better than outside! Dolly, just the opposite!

  2. Oh Cass, I'm so glad that you are okay. I thought that maybe you were sick or on a great vacation.
    I know how it is - we get so involved with so many things at home and time just fly's by.
    Your dogs are so cute. I have one Waldo, that likes outside and Lili who would rather be in. She just runs outside and does her business and back in again.
    Happy Summer and looking forward to your future posts.

  3. Good to see you back again Cass. I've taken a break or two as well - to re-stock the idea-larder. I look forward to more posts from That Old House!

  4. Glad to have you back!! Missed hearing about Dylan and Gilda. My cocker spaniel doesn't like the outside in summer, but then it's usually 110 out here in the desert.

    1. Hi -- I don't have any way of contacting you personally -- so just wanted to say, "thanks for visiting" and I'm glad to be back. Happy Summer! --- Cass

  5. Nice to see you back!

    And I agree that the summer is so much prettier than the winter! Summer rules!

  6. awesome seeing you here again!
    same thing happened to me..
    just got so busy with living life..
    not enough time to sit still and BLOG about it!
    so glad you are fine and dandy!
    love and hugs.. Loui

  7. Yea, she's back! So good to see you.

    The dogs are looking well.

    M : )

  8. Glad you are back - I kept checking in from time to time and wondered. Now, on to read today's post :)

  9. Yay, you're back!!! I thought I'd seen your name come up in blog list and then thought, no she must be still buried under the snow. Glad it's melted and you have your steam back.


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