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Monday, June 23, 2014

Craigslist And Estate Sales Are My Friends

Yes, indeed they are.

I needed to refresh the stock at my antiques booth,
so a couple of weekends ago, my daughter Anne and I hit up several house sales,
and picked up a washstand, ca. 1870, from a Craigslist posting.
(The washstand in our sunroom, awaiting
its beauty treatment.  The top drawer is out.)

We stuffed the minivan; Anne has excellent packing skills.
But we had to pass up an Eastlake bed.  That was painful.
A very BIG Eastlake bed, it was in excellent, gorgeous condition, 
with rails, and already converted to queen size.  I know!

Why didn't we take it?  
I negotiated the price from $275 to $100 
-- it was the last day of the sale, and I was buying other things -- 
but when I stood next to the bed, and realized that it was taller than I, 
and certainly wider than 48" . . . I knew I couldn't fit it into the minivan.

But we got an adorable old cherry one-drawer stand, with uber-patina.
And an antique repair to its top.  
(Please excuse the sneakers, dog toy, and vacuum in the picture.
Real life is messy sometimes.  Or, always.)

Not a very professional fix-it job, and it may win the prize for 
most nails used in any furniture repair ever, but I just love it.
It cracks me up.  It would have given my father fits.

Also in our house sale haul, a wonderful old chestnut drop leaf table, 
with three original leaves.  A rare bird, indeed.

The picking gods were with us that day.  It has not just 3 leaves,
but a holder to keep them protected.  I never saw one of those before.
It's possible I have lead a sheltered life.
Haha ... those are Howard's feet on the left; we were in the parking lot behind the shop, 
delivering these things to the booth this past Sunday.  

I have shrunk my booth down to 1/2 its former size, 
so it was a tight fit to get the new things tucked in.  But we did.

The rustic little one-drawer stand sold today, one day after its arrival.
And someone put a "hold" on the drop leaf table.
Yup, house sales are my friends.
And ... I just noticed my giant handbag on the drop leaf table.  Well, at least I didn't leave it there.

The house sale also netted us a nice sturdy country Windsor chair,
and a sweet pine desk/vanity/hall table that needs a teensy bit of TLC
before it's ready for its closeup, Mr. DeMille.

Sunday was such a lovely day.
Maybe Howard and I should have had lunch al fresco in the parking lot!

Side note:  A couple of days after I got the washstand from a home in Chatham, NJ, I got an email from the owner; she had found the bail of one of the brasses in her garage.  Did I want it?  Yes!  I was ready to hunt for a replacement.  Instead ... this lovely lady mailed it to me.  I know people worry about Craigslist dealings, but so far I have only met the very best people in my Craigslist purchases, or sales.  Even the hermits.  :-)

And it isn't much of a collage/mosaic that I've done, but even so ... 
I'm hitching it to Mary's Mosaic Monday at Little Red House.

Confession:  It's been SO LONG since I've done a blog party linkup that I forgot how.
A mind really is a terrible thing to waste, isn't it?  See you soon! 
-- Cass


  1. You really did score! To bad you had to pass on the bed - any way to go back with a larger truck to pick it up? Looks like you have your booth space very well organized.
    Hope this comment posts - having "blogger" issues as reading list not working properly. Maybe that is a sign I need to do something beside play on the computer. LOL Actually found out it is a wide spread problem and "they" are working on the situation.
    Hop you are having a great week.

  2. Haven't you ever heard of a moving blanket and a couple of bungee cords....You could have gotten that bed up on the roof of the car...for $100 I would have carried it all the way home.....and my mother used to have a drop leaf table like that only in maple...when she moved to Florida I think she sold it for $30....

  3. What a shame about the bed -- but you got some beauties. That table is just gorgeous.

  4. You found some really beautiful pieces. The holder for the table leaves is pretty neat.

  5. Sounds like the two of you had a great time!

    M : )

  6. What beautiful Old house in your header. Such a wonderful day to share with your daughter. .
    I especially like the rustic little one-drawer in your collage!
    I wish you both a fabulous summer together!

    Eva Jorunn Norway

  7. What a lot of fun you've had, and what an interesting post you've written about it. Your business sounds amazing. I loved your finds, and am delighted that you managed to sell some of them so quickly. All the best, Bonny

  8. You need a roof rack to haul beds home! And while I am at it, I would like to introduce you to Victoria Elizabeth Barnes. She's me with a wicked sense of humor


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