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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Fine Romance

When last we left our cast of seedy characters,
Gilda The Housemaid was spotted
cozying up to the master of the house.

But, sly minx that she is, that was only a smokescreen.
Her real target was not The Colonel.
No, it was the ne'er-do-well, wastrel son of the family, 
Dylan DiPoochy.

I caught them this morning in flagrante delicto.
(Well, actually, in the Study is where I really caught them.
We don't have a Flagrante Delicto at That Old House.)

   You think I haven't noticed what's been happening, you two? 
Ha!  It takes more than smokescreens and red herrings
to fool a canny old woman like me! 
"Don't be mad, Mom!"

While I can't say I am thrilled at this May-December romance,
at least I know there won't be any grandchildren.

As for The Body in the Library,
who was it who lay, lifeless, in that big red bag?

Well, silly me.
It was one of the Indoor Potty Christmas Trees.
 And now there's another one just like it, and they're both
hanging like giant bats from a cellar joist.
 That's enough silly for today.
 But we have to do something to 
jolly up this time of the year!
 New York is one of only two metropolitan areas
in the USA that receives more than 50-percent
of its annual snowfall after Ground Hog Day.  
Well, isn't that special?

Time to hunker down -- Cass 
"So, is it my fault he licks himself there?  Men!"


  1. Bravo! A little Thursday morning melodrama.......followed by applause and smiles. :-)

  2. They are the most beautiful companions!

  3. Good luck with the storm! We are not going to get antyhing from it but mixed percep tonight and rain tomorrow. Daughter in Connecticut, different story. I want some snow!!! Make sure your favorite snacks are in the house donna :)

  4. Those bats hanging from the cellar joists will keep the hungry ghosts company.

  5. Your pooches are adorable!
    Your same storm is headed my way too. UGH!

  6. Oh, Cass! You just make me laugh and laugh! I am however, not laughing at the storm heading your way. Hunker down and be safe. And take lots of pictures!


  7. Well, I never! The shamelessness of those two! ......*thud*

  8. Your little doggies are beautiful. This was so funny. Thank you!


  9. Those two - well, it just goes to show that age is no barrier to True Love.

  10. Cass,
    Loving your little adventures with the pups.
    Be safe in this storm. Sounds like a doozy.



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