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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who Needs Words When You Have Teacups?

I am at my desk in the windowed Study nook,
brilliant sun in my eyes through the matchstick
blinds, and two dogs snoring behind my chair;
a peaceful Tuesday morning.

But my computer keyboard has gone haywire on me, spelling
words such as "Emily" in this manner: Emiiillylyiim.

Really, truly, I am not tipsy.  But perhaps my keyboard is.

At any rate, this is going to be a post short on words,
and long on pictures. 

In fact, I pretty much need just one word: Teacups!
At That Old House, we got lotsa them.  Here are some.

Colclough's Amaretto Rose:

Deep cobalt and gilt cups, from Japan.

Aynsley's Tatton Hall pattern:

Johnson Brother's Indies Blue:

Who hasn't bought Birthday Month tea cups?
This one, February, for daughter Alida.

And July, for daughter Anne.

Wedgwood's Patrician ware, painted in the Bognor pattern:
And except for the birthday cups, which I think we
bought years ago at Disney World,
all of these tea cups were ferreted out at flea markets,
thrift shops, Goodwill, or Ebay.
Pretty and cheap.  My favorite combination.
 Go ahead, put the kettle on. 
And invite me!  -- Cass
If we are lucky, someone else will do the cleanup!
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PS  I think I managed to find all of the wacky keyboard typos and boo-boos.
       Please excuse some spacing and other odd copy crazies -- it's the Keyboard, it's not me!


  1. I remember the cobalt and gilt Japanese ones from other posts.

    There's just something about a delicate and beautiful tea cup - - -

  2. Love the Japanese one and the Indies Blue. They are all pretty.

  3. Oh Cass! You're a kindred spirit!

    I love tea especially found the way you find yours!

    That Johnson Bros. Indies Blue is stunning!

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. I would certainly invite you...or invite myself to your house for tea. Anyone with some lovely teacups is my soul mate! One lump or two?

  5. What a pretty collection! I only have what goes with my china sets, no room to store anything here. :( Good luck with your keyboard.


  6. Beautiful tea cups! You have a beautiful collection.

    Jocelyn @

  7. What a wonderful assortment of teacups! Thank you for sharing with us the beauties!

  8. Beautiful teacups Cass. I really like the Wedgewood ones with the embossed edges. Thanks for sharing. Pamela

  9. Cass, I love all the pretty cups and saucers. The little hummel girl is adorable. You have found some wonderful things, and on a budget.xoxo,Susie

  10. What a beautiful post! Just full of gorgeous tea cups! I love every one of them, and that tea pot at the end is really amazing! I hope your key pad issues get cleared up. I know how frustrating it can be when you are trying to get a post done.

  11. Hello Cass,
    You have some wonderful teacups. I always enjoy seeing the birthday months. I think my favourites here are the JB Indies Blue and the Wedgwood Patrician. Your teapot is stunning and I know you hear that a lot! So happy you could join me for tea this week. Wouldn't it be lovely if we tea ladies could congregate for real in one place? Hope you're having a lovely week and the issues with the keyboard are a thing of the past by now.


  12. Very nice teacups, and you have to admit the birthday ones are always so pretty. Your orchid seems to like coming to tea as well.

  13. So many beautiful cups! It is hard to pick a favorite. Thank you for sharing them with us. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  14. Cass,
    A beautiful collection indeed and I know there are many more to be found at That Old House! I especially like the Johnson Brother's Indies Blue.
    Stay warm!
    Your Friend,

  15. You have an amazing collection of tea cups, Cass. I would love to have a few so that I could stack them under a cloche. The ones I've seen in shops cost an arm and a leg and I rarely see them at yard sales. I always thought it was so special to have hot tea when I was a kid. Made me feel all grown up. ~ Sue

  16. Your teacups are all stunning and I would love to have tea with you and just chat for a while. Beautiful pictures. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


  17. Your tea cups are so pretty, I use mine as often as I made a pot of hot tea.
    I never did buy birthday tea cups? why I don't know, I always like the ones with the flowers inside of the cups like the ones you have pictured, and of course the blue & white is always my favorite

  18. Those are so gorgeous! I particularly love the black and gold one (in the last pic).

  19. Maybe your keyboard is sleep deprived? I've been spelling my name like that too lately! PS I'm envious you've got your little Dylan to sleep through the night! - Emily

  20. Maybe your keyboard is sleep deprived? I've been spelling Emily like that too lately! PS I'm jealous that your little guy is sleeping through the night!

  21. where is my teacup?


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