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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Mama at That Old House

So what do you do when Cavalier Rescue is looking
for a good home for a breeder's retired mama dog,
and thinks your home would be perfect for her?

Well, you agree.

Meet Emunah (which is Hebrew for "faith"),
a ruby-colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Sorry about the fuzzy pictures!
She is 8 years old, has had many litters of puppies,
and is a little like that aunt who always gave you
crunching big hugs, and asked about your love life.

Emunah came home with us today from her foster home . . .
the same foster home that sheltered our Dylan Dog.

Dylan looked askance at the interloper at first.

"Get lost."
But after a surprisingly short time, Emunah left the sanctuary
of Anne's lap, and joined Dylan and Stuffed Chicken on the study sofa.

Dylan is a little leery still, but since Emunah shows
no interest at all in molesting Stuffed Chicken,
we are not expecting major conflicts.

Just the usual sibling stuff.

Actually, I expect Emunah will treat Dylan much like
she probably treated her puppies, with Tough Love.

In the long run, despite any early bumps, it's good for most dogs
to have another canine in the house, someone who speaks the same language.

We are seriously considering changing or at least modifying
Emunah's name, as even we are having trouble remembering it.

Any suggestions?
It can't be Emma; there's a new family baby
about to be born with that lovely name!  -- Cass


  1. She's adorable! That's so nice of you to give her a home. Too bad Emma can't be used.

  2. Awww! Thanks for giving that sweet furbaby a good home. Love those sweet faces.

  3. She is lovely. I know how that adopting new pets goes. My neighbors seem to think I am the local drop off spot for Rhodesian Ridgebacks and cats. I must admit it is really hard to turn them away and so I don't but oh my can they be work. Thankfully I have found some new homes for many of the cats so I don't have to go broke getting them spayed and neutered.

  4. She is just gorgeous and I have always felt that they always need a companion. It sounds like you want to stay close to her name for her new name so as not to confuse her, what about Emmie. Maybe it's too close to the new baby's name??? Enjoy you new furry pet.

    Carolyn/A Southerner's Notebook

  5. I was also thinking Emmy. Or how about Nala?

    She is very pretty.

    M :)

  6. Lovely little dog. I know that Dylan will eventually get to like her and as a Mama she'll take Dylan under her wing. Thinking back to "old" rockers/folksingers (Dylan after all -- BOB Dylan) -- how about Joan (as in Baez) or Grace (as in slick) or Buffy (as in St. Marie)

    And yes, I agree -- if you have one you really need two. It was so much easier for us when we had Dolly and Ollie. Now that Dolly's an only . . . . I'm thinking but I have to convince Jim who likes onlys.

  7. She's so pretty! They look so cute together. Have you thought of just calling her "Faith?" Whatever name you call her, she will get used to it. Especially if you combine the two names and call her Emunah Faith for a few days or a week or so, and then drop the first part and just call her Faith. Of course, that's up to you. Or you could google "Faith" in other languages and call her something from there. Emily would probably be too close to Emma but if Emma doesn't live there then Emily would work.

    I think it's very nice of you to take her on. She's worked hard and deserves a rest! We love having two dogs (a beagle and a poodle). Have fun!

  8. Unless you want to do a "D" thing.

    For some strange reason our dog names have always begun with an M and we didn't even realize it at first. Right now we have Max and MacKenzie (although we call her "Kenzie.")

    But we've also had Molly, Maggie and Madison (we called her Maddie) over the years.

  9. For some reason, she looks like an Esther or Estelle to me. Both mean "star" but from different language origins. She is a little darling and looks like the faithful evening star. After working so hard with all those litters, she should get the chance to shine.

    On another note, since I don't blog or facebook or any of that stuff, I just wanted to let you know I do enjoy reading and learning from your blog, check it everyday. Thank you.
    R Smith

  10. Aww she's a cutie! Glad she ginally gets to retire. How about Emily? I's close to the start of her old name and would be a bit easier for her to adjust to.

  11. Cass- if you add the name you like to her existing name, such as Emma-Emunah (just for example) for about 2 weeks and then drop her old name she should be used to hearing the other name enough to catch on. So happy she has a wonderful home now.Hugs, Deb

  12. she's a beauty and very lucky to have found a wonderful new family. since she's had that name so long I'd just use the nah part- like "nah nah" easy to say and she would recognize that..

  13. I think she looks like a "Dolly". I have no idea why. But anyway....she is very adorable.
    Congrats on the new addition. Looks like a great fit.

  14. She's adorable!!! How about Evangeline? Or Eva for short? I'm sure she'll enjoy her new life at That Old House!

  15. I've lurked on your blog for an embarrassingly long time, but this post has finally caused me to comment on a blog for my very first time. As a Cavalier mom I mourned Dion right along with you and was thrilled when Dylan came into your lives. I can't think of a better household to rescue this adorable lady. I've often heard ruby Cavaliers have a similar temperament as a human redhead. They can be very headstrong! It will be interesting to follow her progress. (I've had every color except ruby) I'm so excited for you and thank you for rescuing another of this wonderful breed. Oh, and I think she looks like an Amelia.

  16. Oh, and my name is Karen. I warned you I'm new to this blog stuff...Lol.

  17. She is suggestion is Mandy!

  18. We lost our Chauncey a few weeks ago and poor Baxter has been lost ever since :( We're thinking of getting him a sibling. As to Emunah's name, Luna is the only thing that comes to mind - it has a similar sound which may not confuse her much. Good luck!

  19. Yours is one of my favorite blogs that I am always happy to see on my Google Reader. As a happy owner of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Toby!) I have enjoyed reading your posts about your sweet dogs - so sad when little Dion passed on, but happy to see Dylan finding his way to your hearts. I also keep an eye on the Cavalier Rescue site and remember Emunah's story and picture - her name certainly is distinctive! How nice for her to join you at That Old House - lucky doggie and fortunate new owners. I agree with a previous post - Nahla would be a sweet name. Have fun with both pups - you will always have someone on your lap with two Cavaliers!

  20. Oh- How sweet! You will be blessed many times over..and so will she- xo Diana

  21. Hi, How about just calling her 'Faith'? She's beautiful.

  22. As she is very obviously a cultured lady and quite refined, how about Miss Em?

    (she's a beauty!) If she is already 18, her time in your home may not be long, but it doesn't take long for doggies to find a place in your heart.


  23. Oops! Misread the 8 years as 18 years!! Sorry. Well, that's much better anyway!

    (Time to get my glasses checked, I think!)


  24. Hi, I am commenting again with another name suggestion from my husband who says how about
    calling her Naomi...since she is a mother?

  25. I thought of Hannah since it is also a Hebrew name and of multiple syllables, and with similar "vowely" sound.

  26. OH my gawd! You two are my favorite kind of people!!! Big hearts you have m/f.
    This kind of story never fails to renew my faith in mankind. Thank you for being you. :0)
    Not knowing how her name was pronounced makes it a little more difficult to select a name for her, but "Emily" seems like a nice name for such a sweetie.

  27. Cass, you and your family are angels. Not only have you given this sweet little lady a comfy and loving home, Dylan now has a companion. Lots of love in your home :-)

  28. She is so very beautiful... I used to know some Cavaliers... what lovely little dogs, and yours are both nice.

  29. Cass - what a beautiful red headed darling you have added to your caring family. Following along from "Emma" you could try Mia or even Mina. Whatever name you decide on, I know it will be just right for your wee girl.

  30. I vote for "Faith". -- Rod Russell

  31. Oh, my goodness. Dylan's expression is priceless. Priceless. In the initial shot, and in his bath scenes.
    I'd just call her Moony. She is delightful. Being a female, she may decide to be in charge. Being a male, Dylan will probably just go along with it.

  32. She's such an adorable dog! Seeing as how she has lived with the name Emunah all these years, I agree with some of the others in picking something that closer resembles her original name. I like Luna.

  33. Oh Cass..
    you wonderful lucky folks!!
    what a gorgeous addition to the family!!
    I would call her Mona!
    it fits her perfect elegance and worldliness!
    i can see the four of you heading to the beach house..
    oh by the way..who is the expectant mommy???
    warmest hugs and bigger smiles..
    love to all

  34. Cass,
    I agree -- a dog needs a dog. We have been searching for a suitable match for Scout. All the local shelters have Pit Bulls (too big) or Chihuahuas (too small). We are searching for just right. :)
    Emunah is beautiful and I think she would make a wonderful companion for Dylan. I suggest calling her Ruby or Rosie.
    Your Friend,
    PS Check your email!

  35. Yes, I love it when doggies are a couple. I'm jelous of your KCS dogs, I think they're a gorgeous race. I had a pug, who died at 13, 2 1/2 years ago and I still miss him! Thank you for such lovely visit to my post, I really appreciate it. Big hugs,


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