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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Need A Little Silly, Right This Very Minute

Yes, I do need a little silly, and I need it right now.

Luckily, I am usually silly enough to supply it to myself.
Here goes.
Note to self:  If there's ever a next time for this, don't crinkle up your forehead
in an effort to lift your eyebrows.  Mistake.  Big, crepe papery mistake.

Yes, that's silly.  But it kept me amused while
Howard was shopping.

And then there is this...
Last summer, Anne fashioned a Jabberwock.
(Want to know why? Click here.)

It recently returned to That Old House,
and brave little Dylan Dog confronted it head-on.
 From Daddy's lap.

Okay, I'm starting to feel a little better.
Silly is good.

This weekend, we (if by "we" I mean "Howard") put the trees
up in the Parlor . . . 

and in the Dining Room.

They still need their fluffing and their ornaments.
Because, yes, they look awful right now.

But eventually, the Parlor trees will look like they did last year.

This is the first year the Dining Room will have an almost-full
sized tree, decorated with little tea cups and old silver spoons.
 And ribbon. Gotta have ribbon. And maybe poinsettias. And . . . .

Next weekend, we'll set up the fresh tree in the sunroom.
That tree is my fave, but don't tell the others.
We don't want hurt feelings.

Okay. Enough sillies.  Heading for my antiques booth now
for some holiday flufferating there.  And . . . News!
That Old House may be starting up another booth.
In another location.  Come back Friday and I'll spill the beans.

-- Cass

P. S.  Annie just looked over at the computer, and asked why I had "My Space" photos
         in the post.  Wow.  Is My Space still a thing?  My daughter dates herself.


  1. I need a shot of silly or motivation to get get started today. :D

  2. Yes but when you life your eyebrows your eyelids don't sag and you can actually see your eyes. (or its so in my case though I've been told not to bother, it looks too strange.) Congratulations on the second booth!

  3. I think we may have the same Christmas trees ... at least they look similar and have the exact same base. Our is assembled, and partially fluffed, but one section of lights isn't lighting. This happens every year, and every year I tell myself that I will mark the plug and the receptacles so we know exactly which ones go together without all the trial and error. Haven't even unpacked the ornaments yet.

    Sitting in the car taking photos of yourself is really silly. Making an artsy mosaic out of them on your blog is totally MAD and I think it's wonderful!!!

  4. Funny. Isn't it good to be middle-aged? Your previous tree shots are really lovely.

  5. Love your sillies. My little SweetCheeks says it all the time to me- Nana-you are SOOOO silly...but then she smiles and I know that silly is good. Silly IS good! the word to the "other trees". xo Diana

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA and LOLOLOLOL!!! "And why is my cleavage up under my chin?"

  7. I had a COMPLETELY differemt picture of you in my mind's eye. The reality is much, much better. For some reason I "saw" you with very dark hair! You are just lovely and the photos are fun! One thing though, better your cleavage up under your chin rather than down around your knees!! LOL!

  8. Cass..
    I too was picturing you with DARK hair..
    could be because your antics and personality remind me so much of another friend from New Jersey..Lenni!
    strange how our mind works isn't it?
    but you and Lenni are both beautiful and such fun!
    happy sillies!
    congrats on the latest endeavor!
    Puppy love to Dylan!
    Hugs and smiles..

  9. Poor Dylan -- first a squirrel and then a jabberwok! A dog's life is not easy! When I go shopping when Jim, I take a book not a camera so my time in the car is less productive? We're decorated . . . but alas, no tree -- we went to buy one and there wasn't any! We'll forage a little further from home today I think!

  10. I think that's what I need every morning, a shot of silly!! Love those pictures! (Hey, I never even HAD a cleavage!!)
    The look on your dogs face is priceless!!! I love your blog and read it often even though I don't always comment. Have a happy day!

  11. So nice to see your sweet face on here - you should post pictures of yourself more often :) Love all the trees! I can barely get motivated to put our ONE tree up and let the girls decorate it. Hmmmm.... does that make me a Scrooge? ;)

  12. You are so funny! Is there a house for sale next door; I can see us getting into a bunch of trouble together, lol



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