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Monday, September 3, 2012

Introducing The Jabberwock

Raise your hand if you memorized Jabberwocky
from Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass
when you were a kidlet.  You remember . . .

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
  Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
  And the mome raths outgrabe.... 

Okay, so that's me with my hand up . . . and my daughter Anne
. . . possibly my niece Emily . . . and a couple of others.
Put your hands down, ladies.  That's enough confessing for one day.

Jabberwocky is a nonsense poem about
a mythical creature called The Jabberwock.
This is the original John Tenniel illustration of this monster.  
Note the vest and spats.  Pretty snazzy.
A dandy monster, our Jabberwock.
It's startling how, well, startling a monster from
your past can be, especially when it comes to life in your house.

On Sunday, when Howard and I were here:

 bidding on and even sometimes winning some very old furniture,

our daughter Anne was taking a pile of stuff,

and transforming it into this:
 Hello, Mr. Jabberwock!

Last night, after Howard and I were home from the auction,
and after dark, Anne came down from her second floor studio, and
waved this into the dimly lit room where we were watching television.

At least she hadn't yet put the batteries in its eyes,
so they weren't eyes of flame.  They will be.

Anne's Jabberwock will make its theatrical debut this week at
The Darress Theater   in historic Boonton, New Jersey.

The play is
Dorothy Meets Alice or The Wizard of Wonderland
and it's appropriate for all ages - and especially for children.

Anne is the costume designer.

And don't forget to click on Between Naps On The Porch
for Metamorphosis Monday.  Have a great Labor Day; don't labor!  -- Cass
 P. S.  About that auction?  More on that tomorrow.  Every auction I learn another hard lesson . . . .


  1. Oh, Cass and we'll be there AFTER! What a wonderful jabberwock. So what furniture did you win? Or is that another post?

    1. The auction post will be tomorrow. Or maybe Wednesday. It depends on my timing! Cass

  2. Hi Cass....I'm back to my blogger life...what an amazing post ... !! I wish to be in New Jersey to be in Darress Theater ...hugs, Flavia

  3. re: "The Darress Theater in historic Boonton, New Jersey"--I grew up in Boonton Twp. & always loved that we had one of the few "backwards" theaters in the country, where you walk in under the stage/screen & go up to your seats! Glad to see they have turned it into a real theater! Last time i was in NJ (2003) i think it was being renovated....
    May be back next year for the BHS 40th--we'll see!

    1. Hi Nancy -- The Darress is still undergoing renovation; these things take time and money so I guess it's a slow process. But it's in full swing as a "live" venue again. Thanks for stopping by That Old House! Happy September from one Jersey girl to another ... Cass

  4. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

    What a scary thing, I say!

    - Alida

    1. O child of mine, thou art so odd,
      methinks I got thee from a pod . . . .

      So did you also memorize Jabberwocky along with your mother and sister?
      Why am I not surprised?

      Much love to my California kiddo -- Mom

  5. Dorothy meets Alice happens every day at our house ... since our kitties were named after the characters. :)

    That Jabberwock head is awesome, BTW. Your daughter is uber talented.

  6. Oh yes I remember that piece of literature! She did a great job. What a wonderful "monster" and the kids will be delightfully spooked by it, I'm sure- xo Diana

  7. I hope Jabberwocky is finished with the play in time to scare some trick or treaters on Halloween. Would be perfect.


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