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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Soup, Sandwiches, and SUN

Pssst. . . lean in.  I don't want to speak too loudly.
Just in case Mother Nature is listening.
But as of noon today, we have not had any rain.

When you have had rain every day
for longer than you should have rain every day,
this is big.  Say hallelujah!  Sunshine.  It's a Good Thing.
So is lunch.
Come join Rudy, Howard, Anne and me for lunch in the Sunroom.
Rudy the Ghost is our collective conscience.  Click here if you want more on Rudy.
  Back on Sunday, Anne made lunch for us.
Now this is a real tablescape.  Not one put together for a blog post.
(Which most of mine are, but shhh don't tell.)

She fixed The Great American Lunch:
A mug of Campbell's Cream of Tomato Soup, and a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

This is pretty much the only time we use American Cheese.
'Cause it makes a lovely, melty grilled sandwich, well done, on rye.

Howard not being a fan of American Cheese, Anne put provolone and
hard salami on his, and I have to admit that it looks pretty dang tasty.

"But why," I asked my daughter, "did you cut them lengthwise?"

"Most people (meaning me) cut sandwiches cross-wise."

"Because," answered my logical and creative-thinker daughter,
"these pieces are longer, thinner, and therefore easier to dunk."

And so they were.  They fit beautifully into the mugs of soup.  No mess.
I never would have thought of this.
Having grown children can be quite humbling.

On the table - pumpkin lunch plates from WalMart, woven pumpkin place mats from ???,
Halloween napkins I sewed back in 1874, my favorite green plaid mugs given to me by a
high school friend of my daughters, a soup spoon from our Williamsburg Scroll flatware,
and on the right of this picture, Howard still in his suit and tie from Sunday morning.

I really am enjoying my new baby Canon camera, so I'm taking lots of pictures.
I am out of Nikon hell.

OH!  One more thing.
See that chair across the table?  It's one of four we bought last year,
for one dollar apiece, and they are really nice, sturdy shield back chairs, by Drexel.
But . . . they are old, and their once lovely finish is pretty kaput.

I am planning on painting them a creamy white, and then I've got a plan for the seat covers
that involves vegetables, and the borrowed talents of daughter Anne.
She hasn't committed to this project yet, but when she sees me fumbling along on my own,
I have confidence that she will take pity and pitch in.

I fibbed.
There is one more ONE MORE THING.
On Sunday, Howard jotted some notes on the morning's bulletin.
I will pay ONE MILLION DOLLARS to anyone who can
accurately translate all of his chicken scratches.

Okay, I fibbed again.  I won't pay anything.
But seriously . . . 

Back many years ago, when Howard and I were working as reporters,
I asked him for some information he'd jotted down in his notebook.
"Sorry, can't give it to you," he said.
"Oh, come on," said I, "you can't be that competitive!"
"No," he said, "but it's been too long since I wrote it, and now I can't read it."
The kicker?  He had made his notes the day before.

To whomever invented the typewriter -- bless your heart.

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  1. I laughed reading where Howard could no longer read his notes. I just ran across a note I jotted down about something a few days ago and I can't for the life of me figure out some of the words. :-D
    Those grilled cheese sandwiches look so yummy.
    Waiting for the rain to stop here, so I can run errands.

  2. For what it's worth I wrote this on Sunday and can still read it.

  3. Great find on your chairs at only $1 each! Those grilled cheese sandwiches look so good. I love to use gruyere cheese. Those are some major chicken scratches to decipher, good luck to you!

  4. Watch what you offer; nurses can read handwriting like that. I'd guess the first words are saying something about Scarlett being sexy. Hmmm. Quite a sermon? ! Your chairs will turn out quite nicely I think. And the great American lunch--mouth watering, and just as attractive.

  5. Tomato soup and grilled cheese is my daughter's favorite meal. She is in college and now you have made me miss her although she calls me all day long. He does have awful writing. I can read doctors writing but that is bad. xo, olive

  6. Hehehehe of course we have had weeks of sun & now it's raining here in So Cal--seems like the ol' USA has done a flip-flop
    Grilled cheese looks soooo yummy I like cream cheese & slivered onions on rye ;-)

  7. What a great post! The perfect comfort food meal...just got home from shopping with cheese and tomato soup in the bag. How fun! And I absolutely love the glass pumpkin! Lovely! Happy VTT!

  8. If you get more rain then you need send it to Texas. We cannot get any. I would certainly enjoy having breakfast at your place.

  9. I think that there are going to be more people now cutting their sandwiches lengthwise, for dunkability!
    And the words that jump out of Howard's notes include scarlett and SEXY. Hm.

  10. Perfect lunch! We have been having a lot of grilled sandwiches, too. I like trying different cheeses.

    Nope, can't read the note. I should be able to, my handwriting is much like Howard's.


  11. I see that scarlett and sexy, must be thinking of you dear Cass!
    Fun getting caught up a little here.
    Cute tablescape, love your humor!
    Glad you got some sun too!
    Hugs friend,

  12. You have a beautiful house! And the toast looks delicious and easy to prepare ; )

  13. Yummy! I love grilled cheese and tomato soup lunches, too. I cut my sandwiches on the diagonal but I don't dunk. Smart thinking on your daughter's part though ;)
    Uh yeah, I'd say Howard does alot of chicken scratching! If he ever needs anything important written his will...he'd better have someone else do it for him LOL.


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