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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Past Almost Perfect

Trying to follow doc's orders to keep my left arm
still, so I am typing with one hand.  This is not fun,
as I am a fast typist; slowing down makes me 
think too much.  And too slowly!

So I am re-posting from October 2010 --
our conservatory makeover, one of my favorite projects.


This little ghostie guy is named Rudy.

I bought him many moons ago at a craft fair
at our daughters' nursery school, back when our daughters
were themselves still too young to even go to that school.

Rudy was named for former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani,
whose administration tidied up a City that had gotten, well, distinctly un-tidy..

Our ghostie Rudy took on the same role.
He was our conscience.
If Rudy appeared, it meant that a room in our house needed attention.
There was a quality of life issue to be addressed.

Well, Rudy turned up in our conservatory some time back.
Probably shortly after this, below, happened to the white plush carpet . . . in 3 places.
Yes, from a dog.  But not our Dion; he's innocent..
Not to mention traffic patterns, oddball spots . . . .and that white plush is the world's
absolute worst choice for a sunroom carpet.

Well, Rudy's word is law around here.  Our girls used to clean their rooms when Rudy showed up,
so we knew it was time to replace the old white carpet (installed by the previous owners),
and on the walls . . . the gold paint had to go.

(Sorry -- it's hard to find a sunroom shot that shows the real wall color
because the room is so light.  This one is pretty spot-on.)

It doesn't take much to make me happy.
New carpeting, in a dirt-color textured Berber that looks like Triscuit crackers,
and a new wall color -- Sherwin-Williams' Biscuit.
Triscuit and Biscuit, and crisp white trim.

These aren't earth-shattering changes.
We kept the same sconces and the oddball chandelier, kept the same furniture.
Same people.
Same dog.
But I really like how this room turned out.

Loads of pics coming up -- you can click once, then again, to get bigger images if you wish.
New Blogger editing doesn't allow those nice big pictures right on the blog anymore.  Poo on New Blogger.

This is taken from the study, into the sunroom:

My favorite chair.  Next to the book case.  Cell phone, coffee mug, and a box of tissues.  Real life.
Look to the left of the skirted table.  Can you see something hiding?

Peek-a-Boo!  The can of Biscuit paint.  :-P  
We had dinner guests Saturday and Sunday nights, so I tucked the paint out of sight but close to hand,
as I've got the holidays still to tackle.

Howard did the upper reaches of this wall; I don't do ladders.
Oops.  Breakfast clutter on the hutch!

More oops -- a peek from the sunroom into the kitchen, still in its old gold paint.
There are Howard's shirts, waiting for me to chauffeur them to the clearer.  And more paint!
I am going to be very happy when we're done renewing the kitchen.

There are wallpaper and paint swatches all over the kitchen walls.  Its makeover starts next week.

As for the shirts, the breakfast clutter, it's all part of life, and nothing's perfect at That Old House.
Or any other house, for that matter..
Look at the sign on my kitchen sink window:

It has a different sign on the flip side.  The flip side of "Good Witch."
Howard likes this side, as he's met the other side upon occasion. 

What do you call a sunroom when the sun is down?

A moonroom?

 Whatever . . . . taken last night, after our guests left:

When we first lived here, I was slightly spooked by the big expanses of glass at night -- like big black holes in the walls.  I am thinking of putting up some sort of sheer draperies to pull across at night, or on those mornings when the sun is just a little too intense . . . but I'm no longer spooked by all the glass, and I love seeing the lights reflected over and over and over again.  And again.  And it's great at Christmas!

I hope you aren't disappointed by this fairly mild makeover, but if you could see it in real life, not thru my scatty pictures, you'd see it really does look different, and pulled-together, and clean . . . oh, especially
crisp and clean!  -- Cass
Thanks for visiting -- I'm back in October '12 now.
Daughter Anne has lunch ready . . . and my
right index finger is getting tired of being the pinch-hitter typist!

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  1. Hi Cass,
    Really enjoyed the look back, especially the photo of Dion. Such a handsome guy he was. Hope your arm is good for Anne.

  2. Ah, that sunroom . . . it is perfect now! Love what you did to it! And it was great eating meals around that table! Take care, dear friend, and hope you heal soon. Our prayers are with you. And aren't daughters wonderful -- shhh -- don't tell them that -- we don't want them to get swelled heads!

  3. Love that little ghost in the first picture :) I'm a new follower and would love if you stopped by!

  4. Rudy is a terrific idea. I'm wondering how I could incorporate something like that around here...but it probably wouldn't work. I've walked right past Mister doing things like, carrying a huge TV, putting out ALL the trash on a Sunday night, and buck naked, without him noticing.
    I could go on, but you get the idea!
    Hope you will be typing fast again soon! and I know what you mean about the carpet. The previous owner used the same cream carpet here in the FR and MBr. Are you kidding??? Can't wait for it to go.

  5. Hi Cass, that Rudy thing is too cute, what a great idea! I think I had better get me one of those! Awww...Dion. I know you must miss him soooo very much. I hope your arm heals quickly. Have a nice weekend. Gina

  6. Love the photos of your beautiful home. The sunroom looks so inviting! New Follower.


  7. I love Rudy!! LOL
    And I love your sunroom, too! I don't think one like yours would do very well where I gets really HOT in this neck of the woods. But I have been wanting a screened in porch. To get away from the bugs and 'skeeters' that are so annoying in the summer. :)
    Hang in there girl! You'll be out of that cast before you know it!

  8. Wow, wow, wow. The sun/moon room is lovely, Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to stop by and say thank you. xo

  9. Most sunrooms are painted with light colors, if not white. The design would mostly depend on the shape of the glasses and the windows. I particularly like the fact that you have such huge windows over there, and that you chose to go with slightly transparent roofing for that portion! The design definitely maximizes natural lighting as much as possible, and the white paint amplifies the light even further!

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