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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thrifts, Gifts, And Clues For Youse

I'm about to have breakfast. All by my lonesome.
It's my first solo breakfast since last week,
because we had Blogger company at
That Old House, and at our beach house.

Can you guess who?
Now guess what?  Blogger Friend has let the cat out of the bag on her own blog.
There's a link near the end of the post.
Breakfasts this past weekend in Southold, at the beach house,
were heavenly pastries and breads from 
The Blue Duck Bakery in the village.  
Photo from North Fork Patch
The Blue Duck opened its first shop in Southampton on Long Island's South Fork
(yes, that Southampton, of polo ponies and mansions fame), and then they got smart,
paddled right across Peconic Bay, and opened another in an old painted brick building in our Southold.

Howard was our early rising hunter-gatherer,
and on Sunday morning he bagged this beauty:
Crumb Cake and Croissants and Scones, Oh My!

We sat with our houseguests -- Blogger Friend and Blogger Friend's Fella -- on the lower deck
of the beach house, with good coffee, pastries, crusty sourdough bread from The Blue Duck . . . 

all accompanied by one of Mother Nature's most perfect gifts of a September day.
Howard, basking in the sun like a contented cat, and waiting for another bite of scone.

Here's a glimpse of Blogger Friend, on the deck.  It's your first clue today, as to her identity!  :-)

She said The Blue Duck Bakery's blueberry scones were the best she'd ever eaten.
And believe me, that is high praise indeed from this Blogger.  (Another clue!)
Mmmm . . . .

More clues, but this time in my morning's breakfast table setting.

Blogger Friend gave me
a charming hostess gift when she arrived:

 A vintage silver napkin ring.
She clearly knows my taste!

I'm using it in a table setting that gives several clues
as to her identity, if you know her charming blog.

Join me at That Old House for
Breakfast at Tiffany's In The Sunroom

At the old oak table that was my great-aunt's, a breakfast setting.

For One.  Using:
32-year old Johnson Brother's Indies Blue made-in-England china,
including sugar, creamer and tea pot,
Reed & Barton Williamsburg Scroll flatware, a quilted placemat
that was cousin Janet's, a Czech crystal brandy snifter for juice,
a delicate embroidered napkin from a recent auction box lot,
a Staffordshire candlestick from a NYC antiques shop years ago,
a sprawly Pothos in an old silver Revere bowl,
the silver napkin ring, the gift from . . . Blogger Friend.

Indies is surely one of the world's prettiest china patterns.
Hahaha!  The camera strap is swinging in the breeze, lower right.  I'm such a pro.

The whole shebang is watched over by a little marble bird
that belonged to my cousin Janet.

And . . . the obligatory stomach's eye view of
the day's tablesetting.

The clues on the table are the silver napkin ring, the sunroom, the Indies Blue china,
the cloth napkin, and a breakfast setting that isn't a little cardboard box of cereal.  :-)
I'd include the pastries as clues, if there were any left.  But there aren't.
Click here to see who visited us!

So, you (might) ask, did you really eat your
breakfast gruel and crusts of bread at this lovely table?

Nah.  I lie all the time.
I was so busy at the computer this morning, that I never got
around to eating breakfast; now it's time for lunch.

And I have oodles more to say, but this is long enough
and you are probably nodding off, so . . . Bye!  -- Cass

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  1. I know who visited. The silver napkin ring gave it away for me.
    She's one who you have had tea with in Blogland before. Yep. And that's all I'm saying. Except her first name begins with M.

  2. I'm totally clueless on who your blogger visitor was :/ hmmm...
    but I'm in love with the beautiful table setting. What a glorious way to spend some time...if only you had! ;)

  3. My favorite dishes are the blue and white ones. I have many blue and white that always make such a lovely table. I also collect cobalt glass, which looks so pretty with the dishes.I have a variety of English Johnson Brothers, but it is a bit different than yours. Visiting from Katherine's corner.

  4. Oh how pretty this is. I think I just gained five pounds looking at those pastries!

  5. The plates and other stuffs are really nice. Hope someone will give me like that.

  6. OH my goodness.... thank you for all this eye candy. :0)

  7. What a gorgeous setting both surroundings, food and table.

  8. These dishes are beautiful. Your post is so pretty...a pleasure. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  9. Fabulous setting for breaking your fast!

  10. Love those dishes, so pretty! Looks like a wonderful breakfast!
    I bought bread at the Blue Duck here, good, but very expensive. Out of my range!
    You had beautiful weather.
    I am going with The Tablescaper Thurs to Jamesport.
    I was there Fri. Too!


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