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Friday, August 31, 2012

Heal Thyself

Sometimes there just are no explanations.

Last fall, my old beloved Canon Power Shot
camera stopped working.  Just . . . wouldn't.
He lay down and curled up his toes.

For awhile I bumbled along using Howard's big heavy Nikon DSLR.
Ours was an uneasy relationship, me and the giant Nikon.
There was some colorful cussing.  From both of us.

It took some nice pictures, mostly closeups, and
mostly by accident on my part.
But it ain't user friendly, at least not for this user.
And subtle?
Try taking discreet pictures in a restaurant. Can't be done.

At Christmastime, Howard got me the camera I asked for.
A Nikon Coolpix S9100.
Nikon COOLPIX S9100
I asked for it based on glowing online reviews.
That might have all been written by Mr. Nikon's mother.

It, and I, have never come to terms.
It's been an unhappy marriage for both of us.
I can't use it properly,
and it is most likely using only a tiny fraction of its superpowers.

All too many of my Nikon Coolpix shots turn out like this:
 Weird colors, blue look.  Some are way worse.
You can't use the "Auto" feature on this camera.  At least, I can't.
I get pictures that look like the Mars Rover has taken them.

If you fiddle with the camera, you can get this,
which is not great but is passable:
Christmas 2011, the Coolpix shot.
But I am not interested in a camera that needs fiddling.
I truly want to point. and. shoot. period.

Today, because I was stalking newer
Power Shots online, I decided to dig out my old Canon,
to see what model it is.  Kind of get an idea of how many
generations of Power Shots have passed since I got it.  (Lots.)

Christmas 2010, picture by the humble old Canon.

It's been in a kitchen cupboard since last November.
Lurking, loafing, lingering . . . or, rather, malingering.

'Cause guess what?  It's working again.
Even the batteries were still good.
After a minute's quick mental review of what does what on
the camera, I was snapping pictures again.  And they are fine.

No retouching.
The Coolpix shots always needed color or other help
before I could post them.
The Canon colors are true, which is something both of
our Nikon cameras, or their operators, have issues with.

A Canon shot in Macro mode -- below.  A moment of truth.
Sometimes it's a little too accurate; nice dust and fuzzy stuff. 

But look at this lovely true orange color in the picture below.

It's my newest toy -- a handheld electric sander.
You don't want to know all the details of my getting
accustomed to using this tool.
What sand storm?

Bottom line -- today I was reminded of how easy and good
this older Canon camera is.  It's back to work for the Power Shot,
for as long as it lasts.  
I have no idea why it cured itself.
Perhaps it just needed a good nap.  Don't we all, sometimes?  -- Cass


  1. Hi Cass, I have the exact same Canon camera, too. It takes amazing photos for the price. Mine has had some interesting quirks over the years also (refusing to function) but every so often it revives itself. In between times, it's me and giant Nikon.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ha Ha! I have the same camera, like four years now and I am happy with what it does and like it's size. I would really miss if it died. That's great that yours woke up from the nap! Amazing difference in the photos!

  3. Cass,
    I, too, have a Canon Power Shot and heaven help the fingers that even think of touching it. My first 2 digital cameras were Hewlett Packard then they stopped making them. I got a Nikon and we just never had a good relationship. It didn't like being in my hands and felt alien to me. The little Canon came out of my Christmas stocking one year snd we've been inseparable ever since. Take good care of your baby.

  4. I know exactly what you are saying. My camera and I have a terrible relationship. I am sure if I would learn how to use it properly it would help, but I was happier with my little point and shoot that got stolen last year.

  5. Oh- I am with you- I need a point and shoot. I am so glad your old one is working. It takes great pictures. xo Diana

  6. I am a Canon girl, too, Cass. I had a Nikon for awhile and the pictures were just not good. I know what you mean about pulling out the big old camera in a restaurant...I keep a small one in my purse and the big guy for when it's appropriate!

    Love that Mouse sander...I have one, too. Best invention ever!


  7. I love my Canon sooo much. I don't feel the need to try any other brands.
    You are so right about it.

  8. Oh, my. I guess I need to get busy with my SIL's camera that he is letting me use as my little camera that my Daughter let me use died. His is a Canon...hmmm. Maybe I will have some good pictures!! I'm just slow to adapt to change!♥♫

  9. Hi Cass! Go little Canon! I love Canons too and Mr. Precious got me a goodie a little over a year ago and I love it! :) I have a Mouse and just love it. What are you up to?
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)


  10. Maybe it had moisture inside which has now dried out.

  11. Cass,

    I have all Canon Cameras (and a Leica). Could not take a decent picture with Nikons - at least consistently - and always had to color correct!



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