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Monday, November 7, 2011

Death of a Camera, Birth of a Business

I knew it was coming.
For several months, its pictures weren't as sharp as they once were.
Its Macro setting would no longer Mac.
Its batteries lasted 12-and-a-half minutes before draining.

But on Sunday, when my little Canon Power Shot digital camera would not
take any pictures at all, insisting that every card I inserted was locked . . .
I knew it was time.
Goodbye, old friend.

And a temporary Hello to my nemesis, Howard's Nikon D3000, which I try my darnedest to use
like a simple point-and-shoot, because that's my level of expertise with cameras.
Admit it, that's one scary looking camera.

It's heavy, it makes me use the view finder thingy, it's cumbersome, it asks me to think . . . 
but it does make that nice, satisfying chunk-chunk sound when the shutter opens and shuts.
Like a real camera.
 So, you say, what about this Birth of a Business stuff?

Well, you see, it's like this.
I really enjoy the hunt for old stuff.  Furniture, mostly, which is why right now there are way too many legs
in my sunroom, and only two of them are attached to me, and only four are attached to the dog.

The others are attached to oddball pieces of furniture that I brought home
because I couldn't not bring them home.
Does that make sense?
Dion DiPoochy, lower right, is not so sure about all of this.
 Last Thursday I went to Pennsylvania and brought home 3 small tables
and one old nursery rocker with a splint seat.

On Saturday, Howard and I circled New Jersey, and came home with a wrought iron patio table and chairs.
It's in storage now, but it will get fresh paint before Spring.  It is an old, very heavy set.

At that seller's, I spotted a huge and weighty old serving tray, silverplate, with gorgeous curves,
that had been painted white and was serving as the cover for their outdoor recycling bin.
The owner was very surprised when I wanted it.  Did I mention it was covered with mud when I spotted it?
Yes, it came home with us.  Wait till you see it; no pics yet, it's too gruesome.

Also found on Saturday: a small kitchen table, and four chairs that we are using
around the oak table in the Sunroom.  But that small kitchen table?  It's in storage, too.

On Sunday, we picked up some estate-sale leftovers.
Are you getting the picture?
From my PA trip -- a one-drawer stand with reeded legs.  Will be painted.
Also from PA -- a small table; it too will be painted,
but the top will be polished and waxed, left natural.
Not all veneer is bad veneer!
From PA - I love this table.  Arts & Crafts?  Asian?  Rustic?
Whatever it is, it's getting sanded and painted.  Black.
From the estate sale "dregs," a small trumeau mirror.
I can't bear to tell you how little we paid for this sweet old thing.
Yes, it needs a good cleaning, both glass and frame.
I will leave it in the old gold color - I think it suits.
Also from the estate sale leftovers - a professionally framed picture.
Ink and watercolor.  Just needs a bit of cleaning.

What brought us out spelunking for junk on Sunday was this table, found on Craigslist: 

 It's not often that my heart flips over for a Craigslist find, but this one was special.
It was listed at $25.  I called right away.

When I saw it, and realized that the top is just 3 wide boards -- one for each leaf, one for the center (although sadly
the top has a split for most of its length) -- and that it's got the wackiest pattern of use & abuse from decades past,
along with a fabulous color and patina . . . well, I had to have it.  This old gal is old.
"How much?" Howard asked.
"Ummm . . . twenty?" said the seller.

I haven't yet turned this table upside down to get intimate with her and learn more of her story.
But I will.
Am I nuts that I love those old scars?
Don't answer that!  :-P

So, what about that business tease?
I'm doing what I need to do so as not to end up on an episode of Hoarders someday:
I am taking a booth at an antiques mall not far from here.
This means that I can continue to hunt and bag trophies, and choose to either keep them
or pass them on to someone who will love them, too.

I'll share my process and my set-up with you; right now I'm still figuring out
how much I can fit in a little 6-foot-by-9-foot space!  Howard just shakes his head.

Happy Monday; I hope yours is sunny and your only blues are in the sky!  -- Cass


  1. $20 for a drop leaf table... what a steal you got on that! Cannot wait to see what you do with it!

  2. I love that drop leaf table too -- I am getting "pickier" and "pickier" about the real old stuff -- THAT's what I WANT!!! And I love patina like that! Really love it!!!!

    Alas, Linderhof is like TOH -- no more stuff to bring in -- if I do, something has to go!!!!! But I figure there is ALWAYS a better treasure out there and when and if I find it . . . right now I'm looking for some English chairs for the dining room -- mine are 30s/40s shield back and passable but I'd love to have some Edwardian or earlier English chairs (and I think I passed up a set sometime or other -- drat -- not sure if it was the price or just felt tht I HAD chairs!!!

    You found some lovely treasures as well and there are so many good things in your neck of the woods -- I envy you -- I LOVE that little mirror -- I think it fits in well at TOH -- it is truly a gem!

  3. BTW, that's the camera I have and absolutely LOVE it!!!! I like seeing the picture through the lens instead of holding it out at arms length and I like the click!!!! It DOES take good pictures!

  4. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your venture, Cass!

  5. Beautiful camera Cass. You'll have fun trying to figure it all out I'm sure. I love all the furniture pieces you've collected especially the green rocking chair and that gorgeous seriously distressed dropleaf table! Have fun with your new business venture.

  6. Wow, you found some great beautiful treasures! It would be so hard for me to decide what to keep and what to sell ;)

  7. The drop leave is a dream, you did so good. have a great day. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  8. Some great finds!!! Love the drop leaf table. Good luck with the booth. ps fabulous camera, just run it in Auto and you will get some great shots.

  9. Oh, You HAVE been busy, haven't you! Wish I lived closer to you!

  10. Oh, I would love to do what you're getting ready to do! I have always had a love of old things. Perhaps I will next year. And I look forward to seeing your pictures made with your new camera.

  11. How exciting!! I really like the arts and crafts style table!! All of your finds are wonderful and I know you will do well in your business!!


  12. I hope you have a fantastically successful business. You know your stuff and should do well. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  13. I hope the new business goes well! It looks as if you are on your way with all the wonderful finds!

  14. Good luck with your new venture! I am sure it will be successful, if I lived near I would definitely be a customer!! xx

  15. Cass, you just need a bigger house! LOL
    I wouldn't be able to get rid of any of that stuff. You have a great eye for quality.

  16. I have that same camera, as does my cousin! Her husband dropped her the other day and so she is also looking for something new, and believe me change and her do not compute.... I basically had some of the same trouble, but I was NOT ready to go big time like you yet.....and being older...I wanted to find something Canon so I wouldn't have to learn a whole new frustration level is right below the surface! LOL I got a Canon PowerShot SX130IS.....I love it, someday if patience and calm every come into my life I will try one of those big babies!!!!! Hope you have many happy years togethere! :) LOL Sandy

  17. This is an exciting new venture and I am sure you will be very successful! My husband's name is Howard, too. I have an easy camera and I love it as it fits in my pocket. What are you going to do...just use Howard's?


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