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Monday, April 23, 2012

Top O'The Evening To You

I had plans to visit our family beach house
on Long Island this past weekend.

Ah, plans.
As always, subject to change.

On Friday my sister Peggy and I went to Philadelphia on a family matter;
when I got home and pulled into our little dead end street, I was struck by the evening sun, 
just touching the tops of the trees with a clear gold shimmer.

We grow our trees big in northern New Jersey.  Deep soil.

The small new leaves of the maple at the end of our driveway look lit from within
against the dark of scraggly pine at the corner of our front porch.


I sat for a few moments in the car, enjoying this fleeting light show.
Then, tired from what had been a long day,
I got out and walked toward the steps down to the house.
And smelled lilacs.  Lots of lilacs.

There they were, spilling over behind the house, up along the driveway level.

I should have had pruners.  But I didn't.
And I thought, "Oh heck, I'm tired, and they'll be fuller tomorrow.  I'll cut some then for the house."

Ah, plans.
As always, subject to change.

By Saturday, I was in the throes of a nasty virus,
and in no condition to clip lilacs, or ride to the beach house.

And then Mother Nature piled on masses of rain all weekend,
and the lilac trees bent nearly to the ground under the weight of their sodden leaves and blossoms.

But rain is kinder than snow.
Last year's Halloween snowstorm broke the heart right out of our largest lilac.

Not so the rain.

My lilacs are still there, waiting for me and my pruning shears.
Maybe tomorrow, after they've shaken off their droplets.

Right now, I think a cup of tea is in order.

I hope your weekend plans turned out the way you hoped.
Tomorrow our daughter Alida comes for a whirlwind visit from California, to see her sister Anne.
If you have a sister, it's important to cherish her.

And Peg, this doesn't mean I have to buy you lots of presents.  :-)  -- Cass


  1. I can't tell you how many years we had great budding lilacs -- and then it turned cold! Sigh - no lilacs!

    Hope you are feeling better -- of course, a visit from daughter always makes one feel better!

  2. I know- I saw that on the news that your area got hit hard. I hope you can get a few blooms to fill the house with. Mother Nature always seems to have an extra trick or two up her sleeve, doesn't she? xo Diana

  3. Sorry you are under the weather - hope you feel better soon.

  4. I truly thought you were going to say you had snow next ... but instead, a virus. hope you are better now. Your lilac shots are beautiful.

  5. Cass,

    I miss the lilacs. I had lots in Maine. Hope you feel better - there are just so many things "we" need to do to get sick. And sisters are the best!


  6. Mother Nature giveth and she taketh away. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Those WERE some gorgeous lilacs. (((hugs)))Pat

  7. Oh Boo - I'm sorry you didn't make it to the shore! It restores the soul, the ocean does. Feel better! Our house has been hit by a very bad case of tree allergies. I sneezed 24 times in 2 minutes 27 seconds here at work. I attracted a crowd. ;)

  8. Oh SO beautiful! I love how you just got closer and closer to the lilacs. I could almost smell them. Feel better soon.

  9. sweet Cass~
    I'm smelling the lovely scent of lilacs..
    wafting through the open windows..
    temp when last checked.. nearly 87 degrees!
    supposed to break records today..
    sending prayers your way..
    of the Chicken soup,crackers,Sprite..
    loving, healing variety!
    get well soon!
    warmest hugs..
    and lopsided smiles..
    all straight from the heart!
    I cherish my bio sister Di..
    as well as all the other mer-sisters of the heart!
    God was good when he blessed me with such an abundance!

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    There must be some gunk going around.

    Take care.


  11. It wasn t a good weekend out here, cold and rainy, so it is a good thing you didn't come!
    Hope you feel better! I will be in Jamesport this week, gson making his First Communion next week and I get the flowers at Gabrielson's.

  12. We don't have good weather here! but your pictures are very nice, the lilac too.We don't have yet here.
    Good week, Catherine


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