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Thursday, March 29, 2012

At Home, and Not

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood . . .

So Howard took his big scary camera outside early this bright sunny morning,
and snapped a few of our spring blooms in the act of, well, blooming.
 Who doesn't love hyacinths?

Dreamy colors, and a fabulous scent.

Down the border a bit, we find these:
"Hey, Bud . . . you're gonna be a yellow tulip!"

A little rose bush is blushing up its leaves.

No action from the grape vines yet; they are slow starters,
but once they get going, get out of their way.

Inside the house, in the sunroom, my Christmas cactus plants continue to suffer from identity crisis-es.
 These dudes bloomed at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now Easter.
They need a new union.

This wire patio set is going to the booth, and I've decided to give it a new, fresh
coat of paint to help it stand up to the elements, so it can live in plein air,
which is a fancy French art term for "outside."
In the meantime, the set is looking rustic and inviting, on the driveway level above The Old House.

And now, I'm off for a day of thrifting and antiquing with
my friend Emily.  Who knows where we'll go?
We hope Merlin, the GPS, will have some good ideas.

Have a lovely Thursday!  -- Cass 

P.S.  Don't tell Howard, but I think cleaning out the perennial borders is on our "to-do" list
for this weekend.  Who knows what we'll find under all the old garden schmutz.


  1. The forsythia is brilliant! Nice to have a hubby assist in your blogging!

  2. ....not to mention...the fragrance of those hyacinths. :0) mmmmmmmmm mmm GOOD! Have fun where ever you go.

  3. Seriously- Can you send your hubby and his big scary camera over to take a few pictures for me? I will feed him! Loe all those images..and the close ups are amazing! Have fun with your friend. I hope Merlin only takes you to GOOD know how bad those boys can be sometimes! xo Diana

  4. I love the white table, Cass! it looks perfect in your yard in front of that hug forsythia. Someone is going to get lucky!

    Love all of your blooms...I need to plant more hyacinths in the fall, they are so pretty and I had two measly ones this spring! lol!

    Have a great time treasure hunting!


  5. Isn't it wonderful how all the signs of spring make us feel more energetic!! It's great to see flowers and buds and leaves ... ahhhh!

  6. Spring has definitely sprung big time! And what a beautiful one it is most everywhere! Hoping your little adventure was fun!! It is always a joy! Your husband takes such good photos too!

  7. We're a bit behind you here in Central WI.

    Last year we were WAY behind this, so about now I bough several pots of tulips and hyacinths to enjoy indoors.

    Last fall I planted all the bulbs.

    I have some green sprouts coming up - - - I can even see a few buds on the tulips. Still wondering if any of the hyacinths "made" it.

    It's an ongoing enigma!!!

  8. Beautiful Cass! I am loving this spring...although it was a little too windy today. (How dare I complain!)

  9. Cass,
    Your spring blooms are looking beautiful. My favorite are hyacinths. Love the fragrance. So sorry to hear about your daughters' injuries. Hope they are both feeling better soon. I haven't been to Lafayette or Augusta in years. My great Aunt had a home in Sussex county and I had horses growing up. Augusta was the home of the state fair and many horse shows. I will have to plan a road trip. Those shops look like they are worth the gas!
    Your Friend,

  10. Cass, as long as you don't find snakes in the borders, it should be a fun time. I need to kick into high gear and get some outdoor work donw this weekend too.

  11. Have fun!
    Hope find some goodies.


  12. It is such a treat when the flowers begin to emerge. Every day brings something new. Your yard is beautiful Cass.


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