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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dion, Marshmallows, and Howard's Piggies

Tuesday night, by some unknown nefarious means,
our dog Dion got hold of a bag of marshmallows, opened it, and ate them.
By the time Howard caught him, Dion had happily gummed his way
through all but 3 of the puffy white goodies.

It is a law of nature that a whole lot of these:

do not belong in the tummy of this:

Partly because it leads to this:

A dog who cannot move.
I like to think that regret is written all over his face, but I doubt it.

There's another reason you don't want to fill a 20-pound Cavalier with dozens of marshmallows.
Eventually, those marshmallows need to make their escape.
And the wise pet owner knows that Mother Nature, being the merry prankster that she is,
might choose a pretty spectacular means of accomplishing this.

If you are from the New York area, you know John Gotti as The Teflon Don.
Let me introduce Dion DiPoochy, The Teflon Dog.

The dog who, his first Christmas, climbed into a box
of broken glass ornaments, and merrily munched on the shards.
And on a recent Christmas, ate the entire contents of a huge can of Poppycock caramel corn.
(The people at Poppycock were so impressed with Dion's feat that they sent him another can!)

The list of Dion's unauthorized consumption is long, but this time -- as always --
everything ... ummm ... came out just fine in the end.

You'd think a dog of almost 13 would be wiser than to do this anymore.
You would be wrong.

And just when I thought we had no pictures from Thanksgiving,
this one turns up on my niece's Facebook page.
So I steal it.

Uncle Howard, two-fisting pigs in blankets, slightly dark on their little bottoms.

I noticed for the first time how well his Turkey Shirt is made -- look at the matching of the print
along the placket.  Nice work, Chinese factory laborers.
Can you imagine how nuts they must think Americans are, to wear these shirts?
Well, one American, at any rate.

Tomorrow -- some furniture finds, and kicking around some Christmas decorating ideas. -- Cass


  1. Hi Cass,
    I love Howard 's shirt! i hope you enjoyed thanksgiving together. I have been busy lately, my son is gone to work in Dubaï and has left on Monday... we won't have him for Christmas this year. Happy December, Catherine

  2. Our dog, gota love them. Richard and Sissy Dog.My Old Historic House.

  3. Your dog has the best facial expressions, the pics really made me laugh.
    That shirt is priceless!

  4. Poor Dion - I bet his tummy did hurt. Mine hurts just thinking about eating that many marshmallows.

  5. Dogs are wonderful creatures and can be extremely bright.....except when it comes to things that fit into their mouths! We, too, had a dog who ate randomly and inappropriately any time he had the chance, especially at holidays! He ate candles one year, another time he at the better part of the turkey carcass awaiting clean up after Thanksgiving dinner (that was fun!), and yet another year he found a glass ornament that had fallen off the tree and shattered on the hardwood floor. He gobbled that up like it was a hot fudge sundae with extra whipped cream! He never seemed to suffer any long-term effects but clean-up was always...uhhhh...a challenge. He, too, was a long-haired canine.

  6. We have those same doggie problems, but on Dion it looks adorable,
    Glad to know ours are not the only ones that scare the death out of us.

  7. Oh, Cass, I've missed you since setting up the antique booth! Poor Dion, he just couldn't stop at one. Unfortunately, I know just how he feels, especially after Thanksgiving feasting. Glad it all came out well in the end.

    Love that shirt, wait til I post a picture of my Christmas gift to my father-in-law, the infamous John Deere tractor shirt. (But first, I have to sew it.)

  8. Dion looks so pitiful in the last pic. Hope he is feeling better and Miss Scarlet says to say "HI" to Dion. Oh, she would have loved to have shared in those marshmellows with Dion.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  9. Cass~..
    at Dion and his consumption of holiday NoNo's!!
    lovingly admiring the beautific smile on Howard's face..
    from the piggies? the beautifully made shirt?
    or because Thanksgiving is just one of those special FAMILY times at your place?
    I sure am happy to be considered Family..
    (sister of the heart does count!)
    glad everything worked out all around..
    warmest hugs.
    laughing smiles too..
    in snowy Denver..

  10. Oh my had me laughing all the way thru Dion's escapade with the marshmallows. Having had our own share of puppy escapades over the years, we certainly can appreciate one thing - you just can't predict them!

  11. Poor Dion, that little stinker! Glad everything came out in the end! :) from the end!!! :)
    He is so adorable!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Was that a turkey shirt? lol

    And our dog Disco - got into a bakery box of huge sugar cookies a month ago. He ate nice huge cookies of out 12. He only weights 16 pounds. He was so sick the next day. His stomach looked dissented for days.

    I guess he is in your club!


  13. Holding a pin in the blanket in each hand balances him out nicely or he could tip over.

  14. Oh dear Pig in the blanket. My lack of being able to type is caused from a cat laying on my right wrist!

  15. There's my favorite shirt! Hope Dion is feeling better.

  16. I tried not to laugh, but that Dion is such a scoundrel!! I hope he is okay!

    I think Howard's shirt is very cool. It looks like he does, too!


  17. Gotta love a dog like that! My hubby and him are probably related somehow....except that my husband feels NO remorse when he eats the whole bag of marshmallows!;>)

    That is QUITE a turkey shirt. One turkey in every crowd-that's what I say! xo Diana

  18. Cass can you tell Karen I would trade the turkey shirt for a John Deere tractor shirt. That sounds AWESOME.

  19. OMGosh, that face on Dion says it all!!!

    Personally, I ♥ Howard's shirt! LOL My DH would wear one just like it...proudly!


  20. I was reading this to my husband as he plowed through his plate of biscuits a while ago, and he said, "And you call ME a threshing machine!"

    Hope Dion feels better soon.

  21. Oh Dion is soooo not alone!! Lol! But what a perfect expression he has to show for his marshmallow feast. My 2 yr old pit mix loves to eat his bedding...Why?...I have no idea. And then he leaves (sorry to be gross about this one) soft serve piles of fluff in our backyard....Teflon stomach indeed *winks* Vanna

  22. You are so funny! I have to tell you that I read what you wrote about Dion and the marshmallows and shared it with my husband. We got such a good laugh out of this. Dion is just adorable!

  23. Poor Dion. It always seems like it's worth it at the time though.

  24. Good grief!! I thought my little pooch was bad about eating things he wasn't supposed to. Dion has him beat by a long shot. :/
    Yes, you'd think that by now he would learn that there are certain things that do not belong in his stomach.
    You hate to see him have a tummy ache but it almost makes you want to say.."serves you right!" LOL
    Only certain people are brave enought to don such a shirt but hubby seems to be proud of his wardrobe. hehe


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