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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Teas

I am very good at making lists.

My To Be Done By Thanksgiving List is necessarily shorter than normal this year.
Because I've got another list in the works.  It is my To Be Done For The Booth List.
(What booth?  Click here.)

I need to get to work on that today, because if my booth is empty I probably won't sell much.

But I wanted to do a tribute to my old, fallen comrade -- my Canon Power Shot camera.
It took some good pictures in its time, and here are some of them, mostly '09 and '10.
In the Parlor, a quiet tea for one.  That would be me.

I think these shots show that my old digital camera has been failing, as recent pictures are not as good.

A few of these pieces may end up in the booth.  But not my Meissen tea pot!  A gift from my in-laws.

This tea set is from Nepal, a gift from our daughter Alida to her sister Anne.

Felicity's cup.  Who has a colonial American Girl doll?  I do!  I do!

In the parlor, again, this time with Wedgwood, and a big wild sunflower tea pot, a gift from my girls.

Patrican pattern, with Bognor decoration.

Still going with the Brits on the china ... this time, Aynsley's Tatton Hall.  Tea pot from Windsor Castle gift shop.

I think this china, a thrift shop find of mine a few years back, will go to the booth.
I rarely use it.

And that's it for today, Tuesday, or Teas-day.  -- Cass

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And now it's time for me to get my kiester off The Yellow Chair and start
really getting ready to stock my booth.  Tomorrow . . . a final acquisition adventure!

And now for something completely different -- a drunken perspective on a sober tea scene.


  1. Love all of your teapots -- and tea vignettes. You are a master. And such a pretty orchid too!

  2. Such lovely photos and beautiful pieces for tea!
    Happy TEA day!

  3. I can't wait to see what this new camera comes up with.
    Great idea for the business venture. I never thought you were a hoarder Cass (much)....just that you were working your way towards a antiques booth. Honest.

  4. You have such a relaxed way of setting up your tea, I really love it. And you have some beautiful pieces!

    Wishing you all the luck in the world with your booth!


  5. I'm wondering if my dissatisfaction with my little point and shoot is that it's wearing out, or if I'm getting used to seeing the spectacular in others' photos with the super cameras! Good for you on the new business venture--it sounds perfect for you!n And you can enjoy a piece at home for awhile and then, sell it! I almost did this once. And maybe some day ??? Have fun!

  6. I had no idea you had so many teapots! WOW! You have some gorgeous ones...and the fun one is the sunflower one from the kids!

    I SOOOO need a decent camera! xo Diana

  7. A fantastic collection of tea pots, my favourite is the tea pot from Windsor Castle gift shop. Cameras do get tired I find.

  8. Cass,
    I did this a few years back. It was fun. I bought a lot of stuff from the other booths!!!

    I don't have a doll yet but I just might soon.....


  9. Hi Cassie Pooh! Oh, I love seeing all of your pretty tea pots! Now bye bye to your camera and good luck with the Nikon! Oh, how exciting about your booth too! Can't wait to see it all fixed up with your sales items.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Those are some really fabulous photos. Love all your tea cups, and tea pots. Thank you for sharing with us.

  11. Hi Cass,
    I use also a Canon powershot and mine isn't exact anymore. I need to get that fixed. Your fotos are great and you have a lot of fine china. Thank you for sharing your treasures.
    best greetings, Johanna

  12. Those are lovely - especially the embossed one. Thanks for sharing.

  13. such pretty teapots, I am ready for some tea!
    Sorry about your camera, i have been shopping for a new one. I loved my cannon that was a film camera, it took the best pics

  14. Lov e all those teapots and of course I adore the Meissen.Fabulous photos.. Thanks for sharing ..Hugs

  15. Love them all...but especially the one with the pansies!
    I think your photos are awesome!

    Thanks for being a part of 2nd Time Around!

  16. Wow...beautiful teapots and pretty cups! And such different designs and patterns. I used to drink tea years ago but not so much anymore and never from a teapot/pretty cup.

    I am in love with the square tablecloth you have in the first picture!!

    And the last picture...that's a hoot! ;D

  17. Hi: I just love your post today. That tea pot is amazing. I would love to touch it. I am going back for a better look. Thanks so much for sharing these beauties. Blessings, Martha

  18. Hello Cass,
    You have some very nice teapots and teacups; love the Patrician teacups and the Meissen teapot is stunning! Thank you for sharing your pretties. I really enjoyed seeing them. Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  19. Cass, you're going to open your own booth? Oh, you're going to have some very lucky customers! I love antique malls and just bought a little phonograph cylinder cabinet for probably way too much, so...if you have people like me for clients you are going to turn a tidy profit. This is a perfect idea for all your finds; I only wish I lived closer so I could shop your stash.

  20. Dearest Cass,

    Oh my .., I'm so very late. What a week last week was!

    I just loved your amazingly exquisite array of teapots and orchid. I hope that the show went well and that all those lists proved most helpful as no doubt they did!

    Thanks so very much for joining us for last week's tea parties dear lady, we always so very much love having you join us for the fun!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee


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