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Thursday, November 17, 2011


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So today is Thursday.
Which means that the next time a today is a Thursday,
it will be Thanksgiving Day.

Don't anybody panic!

Believe it or not, the To Be Done By Thanksgiving List at That Old House is quite modest
this year, compared to past years when it included such things as solving the conflict
in the Middle East and developing a vaccine for Polio.  What?  Really?  Okay, scratch that last one.
But you get the idea.  I often have very ambitious TBDBT Lists.

But not this year.  This year, simple is the byword.
There are just a few things to do.  I have a project involving this fabric:
 meaning that unless I conquer my paralyzing fear of my big fancy sewing machine,
the dining room windows will be nekkid come next week.  It's drapery sewing time.  Crunch.

If I can get Howard to wield the screwdriver -- a tedious job that seems like work,
so I pass it on to him -- I'd like to recover the dining room chair seats.  We've got 12, I think.
Some of them look like this.  Some are even worse.

Thankfully that's a pretty quick job.  Ha!

Our kitchen needs a lick o' paint here and there,
touchups and old holidays from last year's makeover.
That second coat on the backsplash that never got done.  Easy stuff.
I need to locate the old silverware and give it a shine,

and the Thanksgiving china, glassware, table linens,

the ice buckets, damask napkins, fresh candles, fresh flowers . . .
and make sure all are clean or polished or ironed or arranged -- that everything is ready.

Even the chandelier gets new bulbs.

Well, you know what it's like.
 There's a house to clean, food to buy, chairs to rent, menus to finesse,
recipes to check, a list of what-gets-cooked-when-and-in-what-vessel to make,
along with a list of what serving pieces will hold what food,
and then there are the prayers that for one more year, no one will be poisoned by my cooking. 

I just love this holiday!

Today, I am doing a Thanksgiving place setting.
For one.
No time to do the whole table; I've got other fish to fry.
I hope I remember to snap pics of next week's real deal.

This is not a fancy for-show table setting.
White china.  The food's the star on Thanksgiving Day.
These are the things that we really use on the day.  Every year.
Right down to the kitschy salt and pepper shakers.

What it is:
Dishes:  My 25 year old Della Robbia-style white china, from the old Bradlee's chain.  Used once a year; they'll last forever.
Flatware:  Our ca. 1912 Georgian silverplate.  With monograms, some of them even our own.  eBay finds.
Stemware:  Irish crystal, inexpensive, heavy, and great for parties.
Napkin:  Large vintage linen, hemstitched and mitered.  eBay, natch.
Crystal candlesticks:  Assorted, from Big Lots and Tiffany.  Not kidding.  
Frosted Votive Candles:  Wedding leftovers from June.  I could give them as door prizes, we have so many.
Salt and Pepper:  Turkeys, of course!  (A gift.)
Amber Turkey compote dish:   A cranberry sauce must.  (Another gift.)

Have a lovely Thursday -- Cass

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  1. I'm waiting for next Thursday too. I'm going to post my Turkey recipe too!! Even if I won't be in USA I'm going to thank anyway ...because it's important to say THANK YOU!!! <3 hugs, Flavia

  2. This is very odd. I was just looking at an estate sale that I want to attend tomorrow and they had a picture of one of the amber colored glass turkey things. Now you have one on your table. That must mean that I have to go buy that guy! Good luck on your to do list. It still seems rather long to me. The one thing on my list is to get my stove repaired so we can actually cook next week.

  3. I am sure Thanksgiving at,"That Old House," will be simply divine. Happy day! Richard from My Old Historic House.

  4. Sigh, I love your kitchen. I would be happy working there. As for the lightbulb exchange in the chandy--is that to give a brighter look? I suppose over time the bulbs do dim a bit. Now I'll need to check mine out!

  5. Funny how the holidays inspire or push us to get more projects done!! I remember your list from last year...didn't it involve making curtains, too? Love this fabric! The table looks wonderful and I love seeing your dishes stacked on that gorgeous buffet!

    I'm sure everything will work out always does and when people are having a good time, not much gets noticed!


  6. LOL Cass, this post made my heart race a little bit.. :-) it is my favorite holiday and I do the cooking and then everybody gathers at our house....ONE WEEK!!!! and somehow it always gets done.....

  7. I love the simplicity of your table for one -- a trial perhaps of the real deal? (Like rental companies do) --

    I hope you get all your things done -- your list is small, indeed.

    Mine is non-existent -- we're not going to be home!

    Have a good day --


  8. Wish I had some of doing and getting up and going power. I cannot even imagine trying recover anything. No talent there.

  9. Cass, I am with Pam, your list seems long to me too. kind of makes me want to lay on the sofa and nap because it it so daunting but you can do it I am sure. I can recover a chair but no not twelve. huggiebear♥O

  10. Yep, I know the feeling, Cass! I've been on my death bed for almost 3 weeks, before being gone on a long 17 day trip. My house is filthy! But I've crawled out of my death bed now and have to get in gear!
    I love your fabric and I know you can do it! You can do it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. My list is long, but I am not getting much done! Lovely chairs, they will be beautiful recovered. Happy VTT!

  12. Good luck with the countdown! It will all be lovely, I'm sure.

  13. Dear Cass, I love your table decor. Why is it I can clean like a dozen maids at my daughters...but bulk when it comes to my own home? But it's in line for a total know getting decorations out for Christmas. Good luck on your chairs and drapes. Smiles, Susie

  14. I have lots of housecleaning to do. I thought I had one more week and freaked out when I found out that the BIG day was next week!!! Yikes, where has the time gone??

  15. Your post is so funny and so true for so many!!! This table is beautiful! Have fun with your prep and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  16. Pretty whites look so elegant for Thanksgiving. Hey, we had those turkey salt and pepper shakers growing up!


  17. Hey you! I made those chocolate/chocolate chip cookies using the brownie mix. Delicious! I have named them Redundant Cookies! Thanks for the simple recipe!


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