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Monday, November 14, 2011

Dishin' On A Giveaway

What better way to start the week
than with a Giveaway?

You want just the facts?  Here goes!

Who:  That Old House, of course!  It's not a spectacular giveaway
but it's just right for curling up in cold weather with a (pretty) cup of tea.

What:  T.O.H. and I are giving away a brand new copy of this book:
and it's all about -- you guessed it -- dishes.

When:  The winner will be drawn from among entries
on Monday, November 21st.  

Where:  It all happens right here, in this post,
and in next Monday's.  No need to visit any other websites or pages.

Why:  When I did a blog post on October 19th that included this book, here, some of you were delighted with a book that boasts hundreds of pictures of hundreds of dish patterns, along with random tidbits of info about those same gorgeous plates.  

So I ordered a second copy of Dish, and as even using both of my eyes
I can only read one book at a time, it is time to give one away!

How:  Easy as pie.  No hoops to jump through, no complicated 
"do this, do that, then stand on your head" rules.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this very post.  Simple.
One comment = one entry = you're done!

Entries will close at midnight EST on November 20th.

If you are a new visitor and would like to become a Follower,
I'd be delighted, but following is not a requirement for winning.

If you want to mention this Giveaway on your own blog,
or link to it, that would also be very welcome, but -- not required.

I'm trying to make it easy for one of you who loves, loves, loves dishes to win this big, beautiful, fun book.
Good Luck!  -- Cass

P.S.  Just a reminder -- I need to be able to contact whomever wins Dish.  If you comment anonymously, or have "no reply" with your comments, or don't have a link to a blog or website, or don't have your email in your profile . . . you may win, and never find out!  Some commenters are already in this position; I'm talking to you, Nancy Lee and Susie!  :-)  If you see this, please send your contact info to me so I can reach you if your number is pulled.  Thanks!


  1. Well~ You and I BOTH know that #1 NEVER wins but I am signing up anyway- I would LOVE this book...maybe I can identify some of the plates I have....or maybe not!;>) xo Diana

  2. Nor does No 2 -- nor do I ever. You can have a hundred slips and my name is on 99 of them and someone else's is on the other -- they'll win every time -- The Great Scott, however,ALWAYS wins -- but not the Lady from Linderhof!

    But it looks like a delightful book and so like NanaDiana, enter my name please!

  3. Would love this! And thanks for the no hoops opportunity :)

  4. Perhaps #4 will be lucky.....just in case I need a little extra luck, I am standing on my head as I type this. I would love, love......did I say LOVE to win this book. I am afraid though if I am picked, I will become addicted to beautiful plates, thus requiring the need for more fun money......bring it on!

  5. I can't join to this givea2way, but anyway...have a great week, hugs, Flavia

  6. Dear Cass,
    I think it was on your site that I read that the Washingtons had 7 sets of china. When I visited Mount Vernon...I did not make it to the museum, so I did not get to see any china.They had very little in the actual home. Bummer !! Love the dish book though. Smiles, Susie

  7. I surely would like to have that book...thanks for doing the giveaway..

  8. Well you know by now I LOVE dishes and you can guess I would LOVE this book, and further, I LOVE this no-hoops-to-jump-through give away. I LOVE that it's just a plain and simple from-the-heart gift to one of your readers. And happy Monday!

  9. This is a giveaway-come-true for this dishaholic!! Thanks so much for this giveaway ... keeping my fingers crossed. :-)

  10. i have never stolen anything in my life..anything! however, i always joke with my family..that if i am ever will be for stealing a dish or plate...or a cup. :P lol

  11. Such a great giveaway. If I win I could possibly identify some of my single, lonely dishes.

  12. Wow. I had not heard of this book but it looks terrific. I'd love to win it! Thank you!

  13. I love your blog!! And that old house!!I'm wondering if some old dishes I have would be in that book.... thanks for all your hard work and creative writing, Alison

  14. I have a serious dish addiction. At last count there were six full dinner services in various cupboards - and we won't even think about the tea services and all the stray bits and pieces!

  15. Maybe having a book with dishes in it may help curb my overwhelming desire to hoard dishes in real life. There was a FANTASTIC set of Coalport at a thrift shop this afternoon ... fortunately, it was way out of my price range, so I was safe for now.

  16. I would love to win this book. I absolutely love china. I have 4 sets of fine china and adore them all. Thanks for having such a great giveaway. My email is

  17. Hi Cass,

    What a great idea to giveaway "Dish" a colorful book, from a colorful lady! I got my fingers crossed to win. I enjoy your blog and learn something fascinating with each new post.

    Mrs. D

  18. Cass, I just picked up this book from the library & it is Delicious! How very nice of you to give away a copy to some lucky winner!

    I posted about it on my sidebar. I am SO glad I signed up to get your postings via email, so I'm not missing anything anymore. You cracked me up with " Go get your own! You know where the kitchen is." LOL Sounds just like home. *wink*


    p.s. I told Cherry Kay about this book & she ordered it that very day. You should get a commission from the authors!

  19. I agree with Hartwood Roses, maybe having the book will help with my hoarding dishes! I love, love, love dishes and apparently glass bowls (which my husband said I can't have any more ;) )

  20. I love pretty dishes but don't have space for more. But, I do have room for a book showing lots of pretty dishes. I'm someone else who never wins, but as fhe song days, Maybe This Time!

  21. Hi! I'm new to your site. Came across it by accident but love it. I too am an old house lover. We bought our first old house about 2 yrs ago and are still in the restoration process; not living in it yet. I would love to have a copy of the DISH book...hope I'm lucky. Also, I saw a beautiful picture of the pink print fabric with the peacocks. I have wallpaper in my dining room that is almost identical to this print except it is blue with greys and silvers. It's beautiful, was put up around 1949. Unfortunately, some of it has been torn down. We have been trying to find the pattern to repair the paper and keep it in our dining room. Pls let me know if you have any info on old walpapers. Thanks!

  22. I would love a chance to win this book -- I have not yet seen it, although I have seen a few mentions of it. It looks like a dishaholic's dream.

  23. What a great, fun, fun!! Please drop my name in the hat!!


  24. Oh my goodness! I already have seen a couple of my favorite pieces of china..
    I didn't have any idea they made faux of different patterns. I thought that would be a problem with the copyright of the pattern.
    It looks like a gorgeous book. What a nice giveaway!

  25. I love dishes - especially ones that have been passed down through my family. I would absolutely love to win this wonderful book!! Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  26. What a beautiful book and how generous of you to give one away. I'd love to win it!

  27. This is a book I could spend hours and hours looking at! Please enter me and I will keep my fingers crossed! :)

  28. I love china and would love to win the copy of Dish!

  29. Very, very cool book! This would be an awesome resource, does a woman ever have too many dishes? I think NOT! Donna

  30. I need to get my name in the pot for this book


  31. Cass!!!
    the book has my name all over it..
    well at least in my mind it does..
    sure hope this becomes a reality!!!
    warmest hugs,,

  32. Wow what a cool book. I have several old dishes from my grandmother that I would love to research. That looks like an awesome book and thanks for offering it.

  33. I'm 59 years old and can finally afford to look at buying some china that I love. I would love to look and drool/enjoy! Thank you for your kindness in offering this giveaway!

    Donna H.

  34. What a beautiful book! I could read and dream for hours...

  35. Dear Cass - I have been following your blog for several months but never left a comment - the Dish give away has been incentive to do so! I think we may be "kindred spirits" on many levels! My husband and I just moved from one old house where we raised our family for 24 years to another even older house. We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Dion and our Toby could be brothers (both Bleinheim). Your beautiful table settings always inspire me, especially your love of blue and white china which I collect. My husband is a private pilot (you mentioned your husband taking lessons), I have two girls (with a son through in in-between!), my Mother's name is Kathryn (different spelling, same name!). You showed one of your bathrooms in a recent post and I spotted a paisley like towel - same towel I have in a bathroom. "This is getting creepy", I thought - but in a good way! I am not, however, a blogger, so I am relying on you to supply me with lots of old house inspiration - which you always do! Carol (even our names start with the same two letters:)

  36. HI Cassie! I don't know how I missed your giveaway and I hope I'm not too late! Now I don't know what # I am, but put in my tiny name and remember me!!
    Pick me!! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  37. Just discovered your site, your house is beautiful. I would feel very fortunate winning this book. I would be able to "own" many patterns without taking up room in my house, a win/win situation, wouldn't you say?
    Got my fingers crossed.

  38. I could give this book a wonderful home! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  39. I hope the pages are drool-proof as any dish lover is likely to make a mess while going through this book!

  40. Beautiful book! I love dishes, especially vintage. I have bits and pieces of a lot of different patterns. Putting it in a book makes me fashionable & fancy rather than "the nutter with all the mismatched plates" lol

  41. This would make a lovely gift for someone to read and learn so much! Thanks for your giveaway


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