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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cookies, Coffee, Robert Burns, and Knock-off China

Come Autumn, sae pensive in yellow and grey,
And soothe me wi' tidings o' Nature's decay!
Ah, that ol' Robert Burns could turn a phrase, couldn't he?
Even if he did talk funny.   :-P                

Outside here, it's all gray skies, dark gray tree limbs, with a few
brilliant leaves still soldiering on.
Yellow and gray and pensive.

The perfect day for a cuppa and a something-else in the study at That Old House.
Sorry, it's not tea for me today; it's French press coffee.

I'm using pieces from a luncheon/dessert/tea service for 6 that I got two years ago at a hospital thrift shop.
It's an unknown manufacturer, but it's a dead-on ringer for Noritake's Adagio pattern.

This, below, is the real McCoy; it has silver trim; the imposter has gold.

I discovered Adagio as a newlywed, and thought it so graceful and charming, but we couldn't afford it.
I was delighted to find this knock-off at the thrift shop.  I like it as much now as I did 30 years ago!
Love the rust and blue and gray design.  Such good colors for November.

This isn't fancy, delicate bone china.  I don't hold my pinkie finger up when I drink from this cup.
But I think it's pretty and I know it's practical -- I put it in the dishwasher despite the gold trim.
How daring is that?

Now . . . about that something-else snack.  
I usually have Duncan Hines brownie mix on hand; I think it's the best of the bunch.
And you can make cookies with it.
You need:

And you follow these instructions:
For "other stuff" think: white chocolate, nuts, raisins,
coconut, dried cranberries, peanut or butterscotch chips . . .
pretty much anything but olives.
Use a meatball scoop to form the cookies, or a coffee scoop.
Be generous.

After baking, you end up with these, and boy are they good:

Confession:  I did not bake those cookies today (Sorry, Howard).
I baked them almost exactly two years ago, when I first used these pictures and recipe in a post.
Pictures of That Old House are from this afternoon.
Hey -- I'm busy with my TBDBT List!  I'm not baking until the day before Thanksgiving! -- Cass

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  1. It looks like a perfect day for tea and cookies, Cass! I love the china...the patterns are very similar!! Speaking of dishes...I have to pop over and enter your giveaway...sounds great!!

    The cookies looks delish! I love anything with a shortcut!! Thanks!

    Hope the rest of your day is lovely!!


  2. your too funny! Brownie cookies, my husband would love that because brownies are the only sweet he will eat.

  3. Okay, even if you did not bake those cookies, I am trying that recipe!! They look so good! This weekend I officially start Christmas baking!

  4. Love doctoring up the cake and other mixes! I'd go all out with that ingredient also known as "other"!

  5. Brownie Do you frost them? They do look wonderful AND so easy. I love the photo of the ladder by the tree. Your discription of Fall days was beautiful.

  6. Dear Cass, I am sitting here craving a York Peppermint Pattie which is not in our house, thankfully, and I open your blog and see your cookies. They look yummy. The china you have is very autumnal. My TBDBT list is short, make wild rice and mushroom casserole, and sour cream pound cake. We are going to Athens, Ga. to a family member's house. hugs♥O

  7. Oh how I'd love to be enjoying the Fall on that wonderful porch of yours eating brownie cookies and sipping french press coffee *sighs dreamily* What a perfect way to spend the day (Or at least a few choice hours) *winks* Vanna

  8. Mmm, brownie cookies and a cup of coffee sounds good to me! I really like your china and it sure resembles the Noritake! They're almost identical. How lovely that you have them; perfect for this Autumn season. I always leave with a smile when I visit you, Cass. Thanks for a very enjoyable post.


  9. I thought cookies came out of a box, hehe. I like your china pattern, the colours are perfect anytime of the year. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week:)

  10. Will have to make these cookies, they look great! and easy ;)

  11. Cass - I don't need another way to easily/quickly introduce chocolate into the house!....and I have the brownie mix on hand....

  12. Cass, I love your tea set of china. sweet. I have a french do you measure for one cup of coffee, please...Thank you for your help, Smiles, Susie

  13. I put my gold and silver edged dishes in the dishwasher too! Those cookies look yummy!

  14. Oh my goodness... this post brought back memories. Noritake Adagio is the china pattern that I received for my wedding almost 30 years ago. I still love it. Love your blog!

  15. Yum! Those cookies look so delicious! Your tea cup too is very pretty. I actually love the gold trim on your copy of the Noritake pattern. It just looks richer with the gold and it really complements the pattern colors.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us!


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