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Saturday, April 16, 2011


It's Saturday, and we're out at the beach house, prepping for the painters
who will be knocking on the door at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning.

Yes, Sunday morning.  I wouldn't normally agree to a Palm Sunday start to the work, but we need the major beach house work done before the end of April, so we can devote May and June to That Old House, and our daughter's wedding. 
And there are churches out here, too.

Last weekend, when we were in Williamsburg visiting my brother and his wife,
the four of us stopped at a place called Charlie's Antiques, off Route 60.
I think my niece Emily of A Small House and a Large Garden blog
introduced them to it.  Well, it's worth the trip.  No, it is a trip.

I found some things I might like to use as we freshen up the exterior and yard at That Old House.

"Hey, has anyone seen the triplets?  I found their little overalls by the back door . . . . "
Bok-bok-bok-bok-bok-bok-bok . . . .
Who YOU lookin' at?

Hey, Boo-Boo!  Do you smell a pic-a-nic basket?

Okay, I did find something I would actually like to have in the yard.  No, not the statue.
This place was sensory overload.
There were zillions -- yes, ladies, zillions -- of great big heavy statues and benches and Buddha heads and
mermaids with unmaidenly attire and nymphs and cement tables and  piles of rocks & stones
and giant iron gates for $6500 and giraffes and fountains and planters and . . . these two lovely ladies.
If by "ladies," we mean "scary Victorian sphinx women."

If I had a pyramid to guard, they'd be my first choice, ja, you betcha.

I hope to be back from Long Island mid-week, and I also hope I can find a wi-fi location somewhere in the village so I can keep track of you all, and post some pictures of painting-in-progress.  I'm excited, and more than a little bit nervous.  Have a wonderful Saturday! -- Cass

PS  What exactly is "wi-fi" an abbreviation for?  Wireless ... what?  Fidelity?  Figs?  Fiduciary responsibility?  Fiddle music?


  1. OK Cass, those mani-pedi girl/lions are just creepy!

  2. Hi Cass..
    love your sense of humor on this cool morning..
    just what I needed..
    tried googleing Wi-Fi..
    only to be fed too much techno jumbo..
    it is a Trade name...
    so enjoy watching your painters paint..
    and here's hoping you find a "hotspot" to get connected!!

  3. I live in Richmond and have been to Charlie's and you are right- sensory overload. Alas, everything I liked was over budget. When I hit it big and buy that manor house- watch out! Huge marble benches and fountains here I come!
    Just found your blog and I am loving it!

  4. Great photos...I love to browse in places like this....but did you buy the bench?
    Mama Bear

  5. Hi Cass, what a wonderland of stuff to decorate the home and garden with. Love the Victorian/Sphinx Ladies, I can just see them guarding your Pyramid! (They are creepy, aren't they?) I love prowling around in places like this, too, but the price tags look a tad steep. Alas, I will not be purchasing the Giant Golfing Guy anytime soon.

    Hope the work on the house goes smoothly. (And I think wi-fi means 'Wireless Fidelity' that a marriage vow or what?)

  6. Love the chickens . . . the mani-pedi girls, not so much! LOL!!!

  7. Cass,
    Yes, I agree with your assessment of the diverse inventory in that wonderful shop!
    And your question about wi fi! Have a blessed Palm Sunday!

  8. I Love Charlies! I try to make a trip at least once a year just to check it out. I live in Richmond, so it's not too far. We have lots of great salvage places that are similar to Charlies, although, not one of them has a giant golfer!

  9. You made me laugh with your descriptions of some of those statues and things. Thanks for the laugh. Good luck with your painting, looking forward to seeing the progress pictures!

    New England Style

  10. Cass,

    Wi-Fi = Wireless Fidelity.

    You and Sue (Rue Mouffetard) always make me laugh. It must be a Jersey thing. The "scary Victorian sphinx women" are by far the creepiest things you shared. However, I love the caption under the 'triplets'.

    Hope all goes well with the painting project and that you leave the rain in New Jersey!

    Your Friend,


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