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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back To The Beach House!

Guess what?
Our beach house is getting new carpet . . . on Wednesday, as in today.

So, leaving Howard behind in New Jersey to hold down the fort, Doggy Dion and I have packed our tents once again, slung them into my mini-van, and we're on our way back out to eastern Long Island.

Oh poor, poor us.  We'll have to deal with this:
Such a hardship, to tolerate these views from the windows and decks!
 See you Sunday, which is when I think I'll be getting home;
I hope to have loads of terrific "after" pictures to show you.

Meanwhile, I hope for a few more still, magical mornings on the inlet, like this one from last week:
Just like a mirror, that water.
That's lovely in the morning.
When it gets that still on a summer evening, watch out -- gnats!

That will be my Outdoor for the next few days.
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Have a great week, my friends; I will see you when I return,
loaded with pictures of our continuing beach house renewal.  -- Cass


  1. Oh you poor, poor thing! What a sacrifice you are making to go supervise that job! xxoo Diana

  2. Yep, dirty job but someone has to bite the bullet:@)

  3. What amazing views....Lucky you and Doggy Dion!

  4. You poor thing! Such a travesty that you HAVE to go back to the beach house, heehee! Good for you! I hope you have a great time and the carpet goes down without a hitch! Can't wait for photos!

  5. Aww, enjoy, I hope poor Dion doesn't have to work too hard! LOL!!

  6. Next time you are coming out alone, email me and I will meet you for lunch. Or if you want to come over here, I will cook for you!
    We are going over to the North Fork tomorrow.

  7. What a fabulous home away from home! Enjoy


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