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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Of Eggs and Matzoh

It's Sunday evening, and I'm late in wishing you a Happy Easter. 

He is Risen!

 After church, we had our traditional family lunch of Easter eggs and matzoh.
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it; they go together remarkably well.

Our Easter eggs won't win any prizes for beauty, but they taste good!
That's Howard's rabbi egg on the left, in orange, and my monk on the right in yellow. We hope the glitter isn't poisonous.

We had our evening dinner at my sister's house.  My niece Maggie is in from Michigan. . .
with her nearly-7-month old twin boys!
I'd have walked there to see them.

Luke and his Mommy:
 But wait!
There are two babies!
 Calvin and his toys!  And his cool boot cut jeans and argyle vest.

Are these little guys adorable, or what?  You don't have to answer that;
they are adorable!  And not identical, in looks or personality.  What fun!

Also adorable is Ernie, Peg and Bill's yellow Lab.  Can't leave him out:
Ernie's a little confused by the two hairless puppies cluttering
up the house, but he's being a very patient and tolerant doggy.
And that's it.  I hope you too had a lovely Easter Sunday.
The Bunny Family and I wish you a wonderful week to come!  -- Cass
Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.


  1. Happy Easter - beautiful baby - and those were the prettiest eggs I've ever seen.

  2. What sweet little boys! My grandson is 7 months old too and I sure do miss him. I hope you had a blessed Easter. Pamela

  3. Great pictures, and love the eggs!! :D
    Glad you had a good day.

  4. But, do you dip your Easter eggs in salt water BEFORE you put them on the matzoh???

    I actually think it does sound like a great combination.

  5. Cass,

    Beautiful babies. Happy Easter. Have a wonderful week.


  6. Adorable babies...such beautiful eyes on the little blond one...
    Sounds like a lovely day all around.
    Mama Bear

  7. Wonderful pictures and the eggs are great. The baby pictures are so cute.


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