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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Color My Worlds -- Part Two

If you look at her from a distance,
she doesn't look bad for her age.

Which is nearly 180 years old.

I mean, any one of us, after that amount of time out in the baking sun without sunblock, battered by the wind and the rain and the snow, wearing only a couple of coats for protection . . . and they are made of paint! -- well, any one of us would look somewhat the worse for wear.
Shutter missing on 2nd floor; attic shutters falling apart!

Worse for wear describes her accurately, when you take a good look.
Shutters missing, and badly fading paint on the north-west side of the house.
Missing shutters on back, with cracked and fading paint.
Yes, definitely the worse for wear!
Ouch!  That looks painful!  (Hey that's a bee in mid-flight on the left!)
So how many shades of green have these shutters been painted?
 It's time.

It's time for That Old House to get the architectural equivalent of the full Elizabeth Arden makeover.
We've put it off long enough, and now, finally, she's telling us that she is tired of wearing
her same old housedress from decades ago.  She needs new clothes!

So . . . what color?

 She's been yellow with green shutters for years, but before that (I peeked!) she was white.
A leaden grayed-out white, with even darker green shutters.

White works for Greek Revival houses.
It would work for That Old House.
I've been dreaming of painting her white, both clapboards and trim, and with black shutters.
But whenever I mention this, I'm usually greeted with "No!  Keep the yellow!"

The surrounding houses are mostly shades of tan or gray.
There is one little white one on the corner.

I think That Old House would look pretty spiffy in white, with black shutters.  Rather elegant.
She hasn't yet whispered to me what she wants to wear now.
But we know she wants a kickin' front door ... maybe deep chrome yellow.  Or orange.
Turquoise.  Possibly Purple.  Flag Blue.  Something rich and sassy.

What do you think for the house itself? White?  Yellow?  Any other color?
We want to get her painted before Alida's June Wedding, so we need ideas now!  -- Cass

Choosing colors for the beach house; I'm obsessed these days.
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Play nice this weekend!  We'll be gone for a 4-day mini-break in Williamsburg, VA, visiting my brother and his wife.  I've got my camera.


  1. I have the same dilemma with our house. Figuring out colors is such an over whelming task! Yours looks pretty good still- I will not even think about showing the pink peeling paint on mine!

  2. I would absolutely go with white for that house and, if not, a nice grey, either of which would give you a great background for all kinds of possibilities for the shutters and trim. I love a white house with black shutters and a red door but I'm biased -- that's what mine is.

    Enjoy Williamsburg! It should be gorgeous this time of year. If you want an interesting experience, try A Chef's Kitchen near Duke of Gloucester street for dinner. It's wonderful!

  3. I vote for white......and have a great weekend!

  4. Yellow for me but it isn't for me so you paint it any color you like as long as it is "appropriate" for a lady of her age.

  5. Cass,

    We have to get the Fairfield House painted soon. The paint is sandblasted off the clapboards due to the wind, the price of having a house in the middle of open farmland. All the original, working shutters and hardware have to be stripped and repaired as well as the gingerbread and corbels; you know in all our free time between renovating. The fun never stops.

    Everytime I mention another color, people react in the same manner: "NO! Keep the yellow!" I think I will change it though, put my mark on her! White would never work here. It would look gray within thirty days.

    There is an application where you enter a picture of your house and you can 'paint it' to get an idea of what it would look like. I will send you the link via email.

    Your Friend,

  6. White with black trim and a popping turquoise door sounds like fun!!

  7. I vote for white with a funky front door color! Yep, white house with black shutters and bright red gernaiums on the front porch with your American flag flapping in the breeze.

  8. I love the idea of white with black shutters! I would even add a red door with that too. Or, as Pam said above - with red geraniums. I think the yellow looks great too but I have always had a thing for black and white houses!

    white has no personality, no warmth, no charm, no welcome home, it is just BLAH.

    paint it your favorite color! or drive around older neighborhoods and find a house that calls out to you, one that pulls at your heart strings.Visit the paint stores they have brochures with color combinations to help visualize combinations!
    Please no white for that pretty lady :-(
    She deserves a pretty dress and some pizzaz!

    I know its a big commitment and a hard decision, with so many options out there.
    I too have to come up with a new color scheme for our victorian!

    Good Luck,

  10. Hi Cass, yep, the house is whispering white. Regal, elegant, just right. Missed seeing you.

  11. forgot about the door. Orange, brilliant orange.

  12. White with black shutters. She is so pretty.

  13. When we purchased our colonial it was the same as yours- yellow with green shutters. We repainted it white with black shutters & black front door, and I love it!!! So much so, that when it was time for a second repainting, white again. I am now playing with the idea of a periwinkle blue for the door, something playful. I think your home would look fantastic painted white- GO FOR IT!!!

  14. Well Cass, I am in awe of your 180 year old house, mine is not even 40 yet and looks much older. I like the yellow very much and also have a 'thing' for white (since our little hut is white). I know the feeling of getting ready for a big event, it spurs you to look at everything and want to spruce it up, but try not to be too stressed--I think That Old House is so beautiful, it could be painted any color!

  15. White with black shutters. What awesome colors. The Old House would stand out for many more years. I luv it.

  16. you had better keep it yellow or i will never find it, hahaha! although, now that i am thinking about it, i almost went to that other yellow house on the same road for your father's 90 birthday party, lol. so maybe another color would be in order!

  17. Man, your house is GORGEOUS - weathered or not. LOVE the conservatory.

    Now as far as color. I am soooo partial to pale yellow houses. Mine is! Awhile ago I was faced with a similar dilema as I too had hunter green shutters. I kept my yellow, but made the shutters black. Everyone loves it, but the real crown is my PINK front door.

    Good luck choosing. Would love to have you with us again at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  18. I love the yellow, but I can understand wanting a change. Maybe you should keep it and change the shutter colors? My house is beige stucco so all I can do is paint the trim, right now it's purple!

  19. No black shutters. That is so
    out dated.


  20. I love yellow and hunter green with white just like it is or colonial blue/white and rusty red shutters...I just love colors. I know the white and black would be very elegant though!!

    Whatever you decide ...your house is and will be beautiful!

    Miss Bloomers

  21. Paint it how YOU want, it's YOUR house after all. I think your idea of white with black shutters would look good,it's a timeless combination.


  22. Those photos is a great masterpiece. What a beautiful world when you have a beautiful house.


  23. If this old lady was MINE..she would be sparkling white, black shutters, that flag flying, big green ferns hanging, porch swing, all the goodies I could possibly get on her porch.
    She is a beautiful that dreams are made of. All women would KILL for such a lovely home....or at least, I surely would.
    xoxo bj

  24. Cass,
    Yellow and green, white and black, you can't go wrong. She'll be gorgeous either way, and is gorgeous now!
    Yellow is my favorite color. Have painted our last 2 houses yellow, so you know how I'd vote. But I do love white clapboard!

  25. Yellow is working for the house, but white would work as well. Not black shutters, but a green so dark it's almost black. You know how I feel about black, Momma, it doesn't occur in nature, it shouldn't be on your house! Anyhoo . . . no dayglo front doors. That would be very sad.


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