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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The T.B.D.B.T. List Shrinks

To. Be. Done. By. Thanksgiving.

The T.B.D.B.T. is a list I make every year, to try and ensure that by the time guests
are arriving mid-afternoon on Thanksgiving Day, we are (somewhat) prepared.

The T.B.D.B.T. always includes the painfully obvious:
Fresh linens, alarm clocks, and water for guest rooms.
Polish silver.
Borrow folding chairs from church.

It includes the wildly improbable:
Make and hang new draperies in the dining room.
Reupholster old camelback loveseat.
Facilitate peace in the Middle East.

And it includes some things that fall into that Great Gray Area of it-could-happen:
 Touch up chipped woodwork paint.
Put privacy liners in Pink Guest Room shades.
Finally finish the kitchen makeover begun November 2009.

As it draws nearer to November 25th, the T.B.D.B.T. gets smaller
as I become more realistic and focus on the essentials.

For instance, I've crossed out "Facilitate peace in the Middle East."  I know my limits.  Mostly.

But that kitchen makeover?  It will be done.
(Pictures tomorrow of it finished.  Really!)

And . . . providing the stars line up and the Force is with me, I will -- sort of -- have new draperies in the Dining room in a week.  I am not exactly going to make them, if by make we mean sew.


Back in September, I blogged about my T.B.D.B.T. List, and subjected you to several
thousand pictures of fabric swatches for new dining room draperies.
Because I never much liked these draperies, made back in 2008:

Among the brilliant fabric candidates, I chose swatch #5.
 But I didn't order it.
Sometimes (sometimes?) it takes me a long time to decide to spend money.
Even to spend only $8.95 a yard for first quality drapery fabric.
Then Fabric Guru, my favorite online fabric source, ran a 20-percent off sale.

I took the plunge.  How could I not?  I ordered just in time; there was barely enough yardage left!

A bolt of Mill Creek Ladbrook Tapestry fabric in Poppy arrived yesterday.

But to replace these,
 with this:
 to cut and trim and seam and sew in the lining,
and handsew onto the drapery rings, takes time and,
in case you haven't noticed, it's only one week till The Big Day.

 I'm going to have to take this fabric:

 and find a way to make it look as if it has been sewn into new draperies,
when it has not.

Stay tuned friends.  This could get ugly.
But I hope it will get pretty.  -- Cass
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  1. Cass, how exciting that the kitchen is complete! I look forward to viewing the end results. The fabric is gorgeous. I suspect with your ingenuity, the temporary drapes will look stunning.
    Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Sarah

  2. I remember your selection process. I'm so glad you got the fabric you wanted. I'm sure you've already thought of this, but it's doubtful anyone will notice they are not "done" if you clip and tuck artfully ;). Blessings, Kim

  3. Cass,
    The new fabric is beautiful. The existing drapes look really good too, btw.
    Anyway, can't wait to see the kitchen. How exciting!

  4. Good luck dear, I have faith in you! The fabric is to dye for! hehe
    And just remember, whatever doesn't get done your guests will still marvel at your gorgeous home and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Cass,
    You know, of course, that you are torturing us!!! We cannot wait to see your new kitchen. You still have a week so maybe the mideast is a possibility...


  6. Can't wait to see the new kitchen! And I love the fabric you chose for the new seems like a pretty good price too! Thanks for the link to the Fabric Guru; I've been talking about making new drapes for my parlour for about 2 yrs now but have not found the "perfect" fabric yet....or a price that I can live with!

  7. I can't wait to see pics of the new kitchen...I can only imagine how excited you must be :o) Love the new drapery is gorgeous!

  8. Cass you always make me smile...thank you!!!!Ciao Flavia

  9. Hi Cass...

    Love the new fabric and can't wait to see what you whip up. The cottage here is tiny so I have to cut that kind of thing out on the floor.... I have nowhere else to do that job, so I really hate it.

    Thanks for the store tip. I'm zipping right over to check it out. What a bargain!

    Warm blessings,

  10. cass... good luck! What a list! My goals (list) is getting split into "before" thanksgiving and "before" Christmas! :)
    can't wait to see the kitchen and how do you the drapes.

  11. Our To Do lists have a way of making us do things that we would generally stretch into infinity...that's the plus side. The down side of course is that it is just too much pressure. Do what you can and on the big day, pour a drink and toast to that fabulous kitchen!


  12. Great fabric. You could always get out the stapler for the curtains. Ok, maybe tape would be better.

  13. Love the fabric Cass, I am sure you will solve the drapery problem and it will look fantastic. Hope to see the kitchen before the big day!

  14. Oh Cass! I love that fabric...and I can't wait to see the "almost sewn" drapes...but even MORE I can't wait to see your kitchen! Uh-HUH! Hugs-Diana

  15. That fabric is gorgeous. Your drapes will be beautiful. I wouldn't worry about getting it done for Thanksgiving. Wait until you have more time. Love & blessings from NC!

  16. Good luck to you and the list.
    We are going to in-laws(Brother)for the
    holiday and so I don't have to worry about anything but pies.


  17. What an entertaining post:)

    I do feel your pain, but will anyone actually NOTICE that you have new window coverings on the "big day" - it's all about the turkey isn't it?? But then what would I know, I'm way down here in Australia, no Thanksgiving holiday to worry about - for which I am truly thankful - Christmas is quite enough drama for a totally undomesticated gal - and now that I think about it another thing I'm thankful for is that Christmas is midsummer down here so we can just have a beach bbq, all paper plates and no washing up :)

  18. Peace in the middle east? yeah/no... love the fabric for your drapes, really lovely. I bet you are so excited and READY for your kitchen to be done. Good for you and Howard. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  19. So beautiful...the fabric is to die for!

  20. You are THE BOMB! All I am doing is making lemon butter cake. Love the fabric.

  21. Did you see my DIY window treatment from last week? Super quick, looks great and no one knows! And then, if I get fickle and change my mind, I don't have a ton of time wasted. lol

    Can't wait to see your photos!!


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