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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Special Wish From Dion DiPoochy

Note from the editor:  First of all, thank you so much for your kind wishes and prayers for my Dad.  He was admitted to the hospital, thankfully it is not pneumonia, and he should recover from this latest problem.  But sadly he won't be with us for Thanksgiving Dinner.

However our dog Dion, an 11-1/2 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel, will be, and he'll be expecting wonderful things to come his way.  In fact, he is so excited about tomorrow, that he's sending a message to all his sweet dog friends out in Blogland.

Today, the blog belongs to Dion . . . . call your dog so he or she can read Dion's words of wisdom!
Our kitchen makeover reveal was Monday's post: click here.

Hello my Doggy Friends!

It's Dion, and I want to share some wisdom with you.

Back right after the world began, which was when I was born, I found out about a
magical being named Happy Frank. Every year, on the last Thursday in November,
this magical being brings gifts and presents and sometimes even freeze-dried
liver to lucky dogs. Lucky dogs who are GOOD.
Me, being good because I am asleep.
 This being is named Happy Frank, and that's why the last Thursday in November is
Me, patiently waiting for Happy Frank.
Even our humans join in the celebration. They cook giant parakeets, and make
lots of green things that no one really wants, and pies that people really DO
want, and they eat so much food that after the meal the men of that species can
only lie sprawled on the sofas, taking up valuable dog space, with their pants
loosened and their tongues hanging out of their mouths . . . which is not as
cute when they do that as when we do that. The tongue thing, I mean. We don't
wear pants.

That's because we are so much better looking down there, you know?
See how cute my tongue is?
But I digress.

Anyway, when I was a mere puppy (and all puppies are mere), I would hope and
hope and hope for Happy Frank to bring me gifts on his Giving Day.

But he never did.
I was just not good enough.
I tried.

But somehow Happy Frank must have found out about the time I ate Mom's homemade
gingerbread house, or the time I stole a bag of marshmallow peeps out of a
visiting kid's backpack and ate them all, or the time I ate the glass Christmas
balls, or the time I ate my pet girl's birthday cake, or the time I stole the
bagels off the kitchen counter and ... yes, ate them, or the time I opened and
ate a whole tin of something called Hershey's bars (which was deeee-licious), or
the time I ate a big canister of Poppycock, or the time I jumped up on the stove
to get the leftovers out of a pot of stew, or the time I pulled the pet girls'
Halloween candy off the piano and . . . well, I think I've said enough to give
you an idea of why Happy Frank has not showered me with gifts in the past.
Me, after eating the whole can of Poppycock.  For some reason, I didn't feel so hot.

But this year, I've been good. I mean, really good.
An unkind soul might say it's because I can't jump up on countertops and pianos
and stoves anymore but I prefer to think that I am mellowing.

Maybe that's the key. Maybe Happy Frank waits until some of the things a dog
does to make his dog's life interesting and fun aren't so easy anymore . . . and
that's when you get the Giving Day presents.

Kind of like being able to join AARP and get discounts. Compensation.

I think that tomorrow will bring a big surprise for me, a wonderful present from
Happy Frank.
Me, still being good.  I have not even molested that new carpet in the sunroom.
I know it will bring 30 people to our house so I hope Mom is making a really
big-butt parakeet, and I hope those people are messy eaters prone to dropping
things, and I think if I can get a shot at the sweet potatoes and marshmallows
when they're unguarded . . . .

Oops. Old habits are hard to break.

Happy Frank, ignore that. I do not plan to dive into any casseroles or leap up
onto the stove. I will do my sad-eyed sit-at-the-feet of the likeliest pigeon --
I'm thinking Cousin Judy is a soft touch, or Uncle Scott -- but I will not steal
food. I will not. Really.

I am a good dog.

And I wish all my doggy friends a very Happy Frank's Giving Day, and I hope
Frank brings you a wonderful gift.

As long as he doesn't bring you MINE.

Love, Dion DiPoochy
Rockaway, NJ, USA

PS -- about getting caught filching the leftover stew out of the pot on the
stove? Who knew that sticking your head in a metal pot and rattling it around
on metal stove burners made enough noise to alert the humans in the dining room?
Live and learn.
And finally, me.  Being molested by my sisters.  This picture was taken about a hunnert years ago.


  1. OMG-That is SOOO cute...yeah...where you been keeping that large parakeet all this time? Hugs & best wishes for a treat for your little buddy! Diana

  2. oh-forgot to say...I am so happy your Dad is going to be okay. Too bad he will miss Thanksgiving with you-but he is in a safe place for the Holiday! Hugs- Diana

  3. Oh Dion, Happy Frank's Giving Day to you! I hope you get many many treats and some Pepto! Cass, you are a JoY! Wishing you many blessing, and special blessings for your Dad. **blows kisses** Deb

  4. hope your father will get better.I wish you and your family a Happy Thamksgiving.And a nice present to Dion! Catherine

  5. CAss..I'm really glad for your dad.....hugs, ciao Flavia

    THIS IS MOU SPEAKING: dear're a lucky dog (as I am!!!) USA you have GOOD FRAKNK?S GIVING DAY.... I have to wait for Xmas, but do you Know?? My mom is going to cook gingerbread cookies too ..... :D ..... and this year we are going to travel to visit mom's parents....and I will run in the snow...and grandpa ...surely will give me...a lot of yummie presents!!!! ..... happy Frank's giving Day from your pet friends MOU!!!

  6. Love this post - so cute!
    Glad to hear your Dab will be ok.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  7. Dion,
    You are quite the puppy, aren't you? I know of a Cavalier that sounds just like you....her name is Sophie and I bet the two of you could get into BIG trouble! I do hope Happy Frank comes to see you! Anyone that has a face like yours deserves freezedried liver treats! Happy Thanksgiving to you Dion and your people! :) Sandy

  8. Dion,

    Surely Happy Frank wouldn't THINK of skipping you THIS Giving Day!!!!

    B & B

  9. Nyles, the Jack Russell says "I like it when they have the big tree in the house. It's nice that I don't have to go outside when it's cold but Mom gets really mad at me. I thought that is what I'm supposed to do, it IS a tree. I don't use it now unless she isn't looking but somehow she always finds out."
    Happy Thanks giving Cass and to all your readers! I'm glad you're Dad is going to be ok.

  10. I am so happy to hear your father is doing better! And to Dion, Happy Franksgiving!

    (My two little doggies love sloppy eaters here, too!)

  11. Happy Franksgiving day to Dion and all at That Old House. We will be visiting family close by (no nekked airport junk). Some of our important family members are turkeys:} hugs♥olive

  12. How adorable these puppies were.
    Loved Dion's whole blog and what beautiful pictures of him. :0)
    Definately a spirit lifter to read and see today. THX
    Oh so happy to hear your dad will come home soon.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours m/f.

  13. So glad to hear that your dad will be recovering soon...if it is allowed, maybe you could bring him a bite of the cooked parakeet to the hospital? :)

    Dear Dion and Other Family Members, Happy Frank's Giving Day to you and may your goodness be rewarded this year...and don't forget to KEEP being good because the big dude, Santa, will be here in another 4 weeks! Yes, doggy-life is not easy when the smells are so savory.

    Thanks, Cass, for a delightful blog-story! You just make me 'snort' out loud, laughing!!

    Do have a wonderful dinner and lot of laughter with your family and friends.

  14. Happy T-Day to Dion (and all of his humans)!

    (We had dogs for more than 35 years of our marriage, that's a LOT of dogs. The last died a year ago or so. We agreed not to get another. I pray that we are never ever exposed to Cav. King Charles puppies looking for their own humans. We would NOT be able to resist such precious bundles of fluff!)

  15. Glad to hear that your Dad doesn't have pneumonia, Cass.
    I think maybe our dogs are related:
    they are the same age,
    they do the same exact things,
    I keep waiting for mine to grow out of it, but I guess that's not gonna happen...

  16. Glad to hear that your Dad is on the road to recovery! What a blessing tor you.
    Dion you just crack me up!!!
    Happy day to all!


  17. He is just too cute for his own good!!!
    Reminds me of when I came downstairs, entered the kitchen to find our 54 lb. "Dudley" standing on the counters eating out of the stew pot! And the time he ate a pound bag of white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies over Christmas. After several hours he started trembling uncontrollably--We didn't know these nuts were toxic to dogs! A call to the vet and a couple Tablespoons of Pepto Bismol and he was fine! The vet said it reminded him of when his kids eat themselves sick at the fair!
    Hope I don't eat myself sick tomorrow! Anyway, hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and praying for continued improvement in your Dad's condition.

  18. Prayers for your Dad --

    Oliver hopes that Happy Frank not only visits Dion but himself as well -- he's never heard of Happy Frank (perhaps it is not a Welsh holiday?) but he is hoping for a morsel or two of turkey!

    I love your "new" kitchen -- what a transformation and it does look so much better than your old one! I love that wallpaper (alas, if Linderhof had more than 20 inches of wall space to paper) and like how your kichen looks so much like your inspiration kitchen -- isn't that terrific!

    Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving -- alas, no turkey AGAIN this year at Linderhof -- we're spending it with our son-in-law's family -- isn't it great that we get along so well with his parents that we're invited for Thanksgiving?

    Alas, no smell of turkey wafting up as I type -- but there will be food galore and I'm taking pies -- two pumpkin and a cranberry tart!

  19. You are adorable! I hope you get lots of treats to eat.
    Happy Frank's Giving Day!

  20. Hi Cass - I'm just getting to read your recent posts, as I'm on the road and can't get to the computer when I want. It's a combination of work and pleasure, as I'm in Ottawa and can visit my parents. I hope this note finds your dad recovering - the dinner will keep! Your kitchen is gorgeous. You did a great job!

  21. This post made my day! I am exhausted trying to get all the "fall" things back to the attic, in preparation for dragging the Christmas things in a couple of weeks. I am always behind the curve.

    Glad your Dad is recovering.

    Your "new" kitchen is enviable.

    And Dion is adorable as always. Even when he's getting into things, he's still cute!


  22. Cass -

    Your father is in my prayers for a speedy recovery.
    Please keep us posted.

    Dion is so sweet. It's no wonder he isn't overweight with 'that look' I bet everyone is tempted to toss him treats.

    Your Friend,

  23. Dear Dion,

    If Happy Frank doesn't show up with the goods next year, run on over to our house where it's Happy Frank's Giving Day EVERY DAY!!!!

    Lucy, Forrest Gump & Tuda


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