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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Kitchen, Revealed and Back In Business!

I am probably as tired of writing kitchen as you are of reading that word.

But it's done.  Or, near enough.  There's always something;
a bit of molding to be reattached,
a small triangle of wallpaper to be patched,
and those inevitable holidays that make you realize that no matter how hard you try,
you are going to make mistakes.
Which is all right; mistakes mean you've done something, and that it can be fixed.

But here are our pictures, taken this afternoon.  

I meant to glamorize the kitchen by taking the oddball magnets off the fridge, moving the dish detergent under the sink . . . but this is a working kitchen, and I'd taken the pictures before I remembered to stage the room.

We started out 2-1/2 years ago with this, the kitchen as it was when we bought the house:

Last year, I saw this picture in a design book:

I liked the look of this kitchen -- sort of a casually formal look, a look that might be at home in an old country house.
I knew I couldn't copy this kitchen, but it was my jumping-off point,
and it gave me the courage to put up a black and white toile wallpaper!

I never intended to make our kitchen period correct.
Our kitchen is in the newer half of That Old House, and no one would want to work
in an authentic kitchen of the 1880s.  But I hope we've achieved a warm and old-fashioned look.
It's not chic or cutting edge.  But then, neither am I.

Okay.  On to the pictures.

 Spot the doggy?  Lower right hand corner.  I didn't realize he was there.
 The kitchen opens to the sunroom.
 Oops.  A basket of clean cotton blankets waiting to go upstairs to the guest rooms.
 Oops again; a piece of oak molding left standing up in the far corner, near our coat hooks.

 Looking into the kitchen from the butler's pantry.
Another oops -- molding on left side of stove area needs to be re-attached.
 Taken from the area of the old oak table in the sunroom.


There's still decorating to do.  Curtains to sew.  Plates and a clock to hang.
Some order to be brought from the chaos on parts of the counter.
And that counter needs an oiling!

The soapstone counter, the cooktop, and the big sink were done just exactly a year ago;
days before Thanksgiving.
The rest of the kitchen was paint, wallpaper, our own sweat equity, and a bottle of Advil.

Some details . . . .

You can click once, and then again, to make any picture really big.

And it's back to cleaning and counting linen for me.
Actually, I need to hit up WalMart for plate hangers and giant safety pins.
Giant safety pins?
Oh yes.  Stay tuned! -- Cass

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  1. So lush, Cass! Beautiful decor, love the wallpaper. You did a fabulous job.

    Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Congratulations Cass, it looks wonderful. Oops and all, and if I have my druthers, I prefer rooms with oops because it's "REAL".

  3. Yay, you two did it and it looks eight kinds of awesome. Jabba the Hutch looks good with the wallpaper...could not help myself had to type that! Do not over do it Cass, try to rest some. hugs♥olive

  4. Very Pretty! That black hutch is perfect in the spot!

  5. Cass, you worry to much. We would not have seen the "oops" without your pointing them out.

  6. Safety pins for the drapes ... temporarily, or at my house, possibly permanent. The kitchen looks absolutely wonderful. So much of it is like mine (color scheme) that it feels very familiar and homey. And I love that it's a working kitchen. You did a lot of work but it paid off in a beautiful place to work and live in! Have a happy thanksgiving.

  7. I meant to put a question mark after drapes ... it was just a guess. :-)

  8. Cass- It is absolutely perfect! I love blends the old and the new seamlessly. It is great how it opens to the sunroom...and the wallpaper....the painted cabinets...perfect! Hugs-Diana

  9. Omigosh, Cass, it looks FABULOUS!!! You guys did such a beautiful job! You know I love soapstone, and with the white cabinets and that lovely black and white toile -- simply gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Every single INCH of it looks wonderful, Cass & I never would have noticed a single oops if you hadn't said anything. Hug Howard & everyone else who helped get you this gorgeous space to feed your loved ones. What a view while you're cooking!!

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, Honey!!


  11. {{{{{{{OOO, CASS}}}}}}
    I sucked my breath in so hard when I saw your new kitchen, I can barely type.
    IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL. !!!
    It's just perfect for "that old house".
    Ya'll did sooo good.

  12. wow! You've outdone yourselves! I can just see family gathered there for years to come celebrating holidays and other festivities!
    great job!
    mine is "done enough". It's never done, is it?
    ps happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Beautiful! I love, love, love your kitchen! You've given me the inspiration to get busy on mine! Great Job! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh my! This is better than better! I love it! You are SO going to enjoy cooking your first holiday dinner in this 'new' kitchen. Have a wonderful time!


  15. the kitchen looks wonderful, Mom! :) I can't wait to eat food that has been cooked in it :)

  16. You have a beautiful kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. I absolutely love it! That hutch is awesome. So much display space which is always good if you have a lot of stuff like I do!

  18. You must be very happy to have such a beautiful new kitchen! I love your dishes in the hutch too.
    Lovely to have it by your sunroom too.


  19. Oh, it's so gorgeous!!!! You did an amazing job - I love the wallpaper and the colors of the cabinets - it just came together beautifully!

  20. This is perfect for a farmhouse! I just love it and your vision worked great!!!!! I am curious as to what the giant safety pins are for! Thank you for all of the posts on this room and for us being able to see how it turned out! I am happy to read any post from your blog! :) Sandy

  21. Cass, it looks great and I know you are glad to have the hard part behind you.

  22. Oh Cass Sweetie...
    Everything looks so beautiful. I love the cabinets with the white color, and the dark handles. Then that wallpaper is exquisite. Does it ever pop.

    I really love that little nook over your sink area that you hung your pans in. That is really cute and so handy to work with there. Love it.

    Your hutch is just gorgeous. I love the color. And they way the top is extended where it has a chair at the end, is darling. You have thought of everything.

    A beautiful job sweet friend. Your dream vision has became a reality. Love it.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving sweetie. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  23. Will I'm impressed! That is really a change and a good one. Love the color change, countertops, undercounter sink, and hardware. also like the way the stove cabinet offsets. Would love to have that upgrade for my kitchen! Really like it.

  24. Wow.....what an improvement from where you started! And I love the look you chose for your is exactly what I would pick for our 1886 house!....wonderful job!

  25. So Very Pretty! I have really enjoyed reading all your posts about your work in progress. Thanks for sharing it all with us. The detergent bottle and magnets on the fridge - that is keeping it real. :D
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  26. Oh, oh, oh! So exciting! I am so glad for you guys. You did such a terrific job!
    Kudos.....and have a wonderful holiday!

  27. Wonderful job. The paint and walllpaper really make such a difference. I want your soapstone countertops. Oh and while I'm at it I want that cabinet that has the mirror over it.

  28. Cass, your kitchen is gorgeous. I used Vermont soapstone on my kitchen countertops too and I have never regretted it. I know you must be so happy that it is now complete. Enjoy your new kitchen.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  29. The transformation is just beauitful! When do you sleep...your tireless efforts are so evident in your home and posts. Enjoyed watching you add to your kitchen over the past year! It looks incredible!

    Miss Bloomers

  30. Oh Cass, girl I love it...all yours and Howards hard work just shows...Girl you guys did an awesome job on this kitchen redo and I adore the toile wallpaper as I'm a wallpaper freak girl just love the stuff...Oh I would love to see this in person...May you and your Dad and family have a GREAT Thanksgiving my Dear friend...nothing but Blessing to you girl...Love ya my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  31. Oh Cass...your kitchen is better than the one on the magazine ...... and it's also "alive"...good job!!!! Now have a very nice Thanksgiving..I'm witing for pics of next thursday.....hugs, Flavia

  32. Cass,
    Just beautiful. You all did a great job. Have a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving.


  33. Finally! So gorgeous and comfy. My favorite is your hutch of course and the mirror area. What a nice added touch. Everything is just wonderful, inspiration pictues be darned! That is always what gets me into a project! Enjoy Thanksgiving.

  34. What a big kitchen ~ you are so lucky! The transformation is amazing and just beautiful. I love the brightness it brings to the whole area and the wallpaper is just perfect.

  35. Hi Cass,
    I just adore your new kitchen! All of your hard work really paid off! I just think the hutch looks amazing!
    and your wonderful decor really adds that crowning touch!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  36. Absolutely stunning!!!... you've done an incredible job.. love all the details, the colors.. the wallpaper, that hutch!... the dishes!!.. the stove that looks out over the sunroom when you're cooking so you have things to LOOK at when you're stuck at the stove.

  37. Gorgeous! You did it! Really, you've done such a wonderful job and I really love the white cabinets contrasted with the black hutch. Congratulations! Now, you're ready for Thanksgiving.


  38. Absolutely gorgeous! It has warmth written all over it. I love that hutch and my favorite is how it opens up to the sunroom. Beautiful!!! As always, I so appreciate you including the imperfections. It would not feel like a home without them. Who needs another magazine shot of a lifeless room? Thanks for sharing.

  39. great job! the kitchen looks great. i demand a good meal when the weather gets warmer because i AM your friend for the longest time and i DO know all your secrets.

  40. I lOVE your kitchen!! Great job! I'm especially obsessing over your wallpaper! Who? What? Where? Details?

  41. I think it is so warm, so, well, so perfect! I think your floor tiles are exactly like ours! But I do wish I had your other lovely touches! I plan to work on all that this coming year and YOUR kitchen will be my inspiration!

  42. I love every inch of it, a fabulous job. Congratulations!

  43. **clapping of many hands** Fabulous. Truly fabulous. Enjoy! Love, Deb

  44. Hi Cass,
    Wow, your kitchen turned out great. It does seem homey in a very classy way. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hope your father is able to enjoy his day as well.

  45. Beautiful, Cass! Happy Thanksgiving to you and the whole family! Prayers that your Dad will be well soon.

  46. Wow, beautiful! I love your style. Great job!

  47. Your kitchen looks great, Cass. So inviting and that black hutch is just stunning. I have loved that since you first posted it. I love the lighting you have added and of course the wallpaper is perfect. Great job! Give that puppy of yours a big hug for me. Deb=^..^=x5

  48. Cass,

    Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the wallpaper (I'm sure I've mentioned this in each of your kitchen updates!) I am amazed you got it completed so quickly.

    Your Friend,

  49. I LOVE it-it looks so cozy! I love the wallpaper.


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