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Friday, November 19, 2010

How Many Days?

Do you see what it says at the top of this blog?

6 Days Till Thanksgiving.

Six Days. 

Count 'em . . . 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6.

Six Days until this:
 turns into this:

to be carved up by this:

Howard, November 2008, sporting his traditional Thanksgiving plumage: The Turkey Shirt.

But this year, I'll be cooking and he'll be carving in a rejuvenated kitchen.
The 2010 version of this picture will have Howard, The Turkey Shirt, the turkey, but this new background:

Yes, the kitchen is done -- painted, papered, newly knobbed.
Messy still, and disorganized.  But done.
 It's not quite ready for all of its closeups; I've still got organizing and putting-away to do.
The soapstone needs oiling, everything needs a good cleaning.
Things need to be put up on the walls.  Pretty things.  Practical things.
 Our tools are still in the room.  Yes, that's a level on the jam cupboard. 
And everyone who lives in a very old house is now snickering
at the thought of using a level in a house where ain't much level anymore.

Switchplates and outlet covers are not all back.  Indeed, one has gone missing entirely.
The dishes that live on the faux-Welsh-dresser-thingy
-- aka Jabba The Hutch --
are still stacked on a table in the study.
 But all in all, we're pleased.
It took much longer than we thought it would.
Partly because Life kept interfering.
Partly because we forgot how very fiddly it is to paint kitchen cabinets.
And to wallpaper.

A full reveal, with all the bells and whistles, on Monday.  

And I can scratch KITCHEN off the T.B.D.B.T. List!


Here's the thing about the To Be Done By Thanksgiving list -- it's all about motivation.  For me, for Howard.
Our guests may say, "Oh, the kitchen looks nice!"
Maybe a couple will notice if we get that new fabric up on the windows in the dining room.
But I'm the one to whom it's important, and using the deadline of Thanksgiving as a motivator works well for me.
And if you ask Howard, he will wisely say it's important to him, too.

It's a self-delivered kick in the pants.
Note to self:  stop wearing those steel-toed boots.
But I'm really glad we turned a 1980s-looking kitchen into
a more appropriate 1880s-looking space.

Have a lovely weekend.  I've got a shopping list a mile long!  -- Cass

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P. S.  Anyone interested in nice solid brass cabinet knobs?  I know where you can get some.


  1. It looks just beautiful, Cass! You should be very, very proud of yourself for undertaking such a monumental challenge and accomplishing such a wonderful outcome! Bravo! Have a happy Turkey Day...

    Wendy Madden

  2. Love your kitchen!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Rocking the casba you are! You must call the hutch Jabba the Hutch from now on or I shall be dissappointed.

  4. Olive -- Done! Jabba the Hutch it is. -- Cass

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous!!!! Nothing like a looming deadline to get things in high gear! LOL...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in your beautiful kitchen :o)

  6. I am so envious (and happy for you!) of all the work you have done. My entire house could use your creative touch. The kitchen is fantastic. Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. What is important to Cass is doubly important to me.

  8. OH Wonderful! I know you are feeling so relieved about now. You have been very busy and now you get to enjoy the rewards or all your hard work. It looks fabulous!

  9. Your kitchen turned out wonderful! I LOVE the wallpaper. Is it Waverly by chance? You guys did a terrific job. I bet you're so glad to be down to just little details. I can't help but laugh at all those solid brass knobs. I have a tone of them too from my kitchen and bathrooms. Seems a shame to throw them out but I don't know what to do with they sit in the garage!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I simply love the look of your kitchen! Mine is done in 70's Harvest Gold and Orange!! Would you care to come and redo mine? PLEASE? Howard's TG shirt would fit in nicely! (Love that, too!)
    You really did a lovely job ~ enjoy many years of cooking in it!

  11. Cass....what a wonderful job!!!! You and Howard are really great!!!! ....Have a nice shopping weekend!!!! Hugs, Flavia

  12. Cass,
    I just remembered you'd be posting kitchen pictures to day, so I RAN to the computer. You did not disappoint!
    Great job!
    It's so very very beautiful!

  13. Cass- It is absolutely beautiful! I love it. Can't wait to see the full reveal. You have got a lot done in a short time really~ Hugs-Diana

  14. Wow!~! I love it! You did it! Bravo!


  15. Beautiful! I'll patiently await your full fledged reveal on Monday, but it is looking pretty good to me right now. And that shirt your husband wears is quite fancy. I don't want to ask where he bought that because then my husband would want one too!

  16. Your kitchen looks great. As someone who recently just finished painting unfinished oak cabinets, I know how tough that task is!
    Great job.

  17. What a treat to have your kitchen ready for Thursday's big meal. And a few days early at that! It all looks beautiful. Enjoy! ~ Sarah

  18. Cass,
    Just gorgeous! You must be so happy (and tired).
    Have a great turkey day.
    Love the shirt!


  19. I'm ever so glad that Howard is not going for a NEW turkey shirt just because the kitchen has had a redo.

    Some traditions are just too grand to be messed with.

  20. I notice the Jack Daniels is gone and replaced by a lovely french press :)
    I do beleive your kitchen would be MY inspiration picture if only the fiance would let me wallpaper. Excited for monday!

  21. woohoooo! it's gorgeous! I knew you'd beat me! :)
    You're going to have such a fab t'giving!
    I can't wait to see the bells and whistles monday!

  22. Soooo much work but so much pride in getting it done! I can't wait for your full reveal:@)

  23. Love the new kitchen! This is my first visit to your blog and I for sure will be back. Especially for the full reveal. Tell Howard, I love his turkey shirt and what a great tradition!

  24. You did a gorgeous job on your kitchen!! Its a dream kitchen!! How beautiful!!

  25. It looks GREAT!!! Your hard work paid off. Hope your Dad is doing well. Happy Thanksgiving!!


  26. That shirt - I will definitely be keeping this, and all other posts featuring the shirt, from The Great Dane. He doesn't need any encouragement, and I just know he'd be on the hunt for just such an extravagant garment!
    Can't wait for the full reveal!

  27. I love the soapstone. Much more fitting for an historic home than granite which can be too gaudy. Soapstone was used in high-end homes at the turn of the (last) century, so yours look authentic!

  28. Hi Cass! you did a very good job, i like the colours of you new kitchen, but the poor turkey has just got a few days left before Thanksgiving!but in looks good in the dish too! Catherine

  29. Your kitchen is beautiful!! Love it all! And your house?! Gorgeous! I don't live in an old house, but I adore them, and I am working on giving old house character to our new suburban home. Hope that our house can someday look half as beautiful as yours. :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  30. The kitchen looks wonderful, but I am actually drooling over your new fabric for the draperies. Love, love, love it!!! Have you got it up yet? I didn't say do you have them made?, but have you found a way to rig them up without sewing for Thanksgiving? :) Would love to see the pics!


  31. Your kitchen is looking fabulous :)

    And I'm sure your new drapes in the dining area are going to transform that space totally, the fabric is so rich, and a perfect contrasting frame for the garden beyond. My comment about no-one noticing was very much 'tongue in cheek' Cass so I hope you didn't take it to heart :) And I totally get the 'self imposed' deadline strategy. I need to think of one to get me 'over the line' with a quilt I plan to make for the cottage in New Zealand, so far the fabric has been sitting in the box for t-h-r-e-e years! If I don't get it done soon I'll have totally changed my ideas for the style of the room and it'll be time to re-decorate again!

  32. Looking good! It's exciting to mark something off THE list!
    Have fun.


  33. Oh Cass, how wonderful!!! I think the best part is that you and Howard are still married after all that! teehee! Poor poor Tom Turkey, although he does tan quite well. Happy preparations.
    **blows kisses** Deb


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