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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fingers Crossed

Want to see our kitchen makeover completed?  Click here!

Here it is, 2 days before Thanksgiving,
and my Dad has gone back into the hospital.
We are not sure if it is pneumonia or something else.

I am abandoning my Thanksgiving preparations today in order to be there with him.
As my Mom used to say, "If it doesn't bleed, don't worry about it."

I was so sure Pop would be able to be with us on Thursday.
He is 90, and each celebration with him is a blessing.
I am going to keep hoping that he can be.

My Dad, below, enjoying our family grape harvesting
back in September, behind That Old House.

 And eating grapes!

So I'll un-cross my fingers long enough to type, and make a few phone calls,
and drive -- but prayers and good wishes are much appreciated for his recovery.

-- Cass


  1. Lots of prayers and good wishes coming from here for you, your dad and your family!

  2. I am most certainly praying for your precious father. Stopped by to wish you warm wishes for Thanksgiving. Blessings.

  3. Sending you and your Dad lots of good wishes.

  4. Cass,
    Prayers are being said for your Dad right now!

  5. Your dad looks AMAZING for his age!
    Where are the wrinkles???
    I would take a guess that he never smoked as that does put the age lines on you.
    I hope you will still be able to hold your planned meal at your house and pray your dad gets home to you soon.
    (((warn hugs))) to you and yours

  6. My fingers are crossed for you is such a blessing to have parents with us during the holidays..

  7. Cass, praying for your dad and you lovey.

  8. Oh Cass you know how we are all thinking of you and your family and rooting for your dad. Big hugs.

  9. Praying for your Dad Cass and that you will have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  10. Didn't you have someone in the hospital just about the same time last year?

    I'll be thinking of you!

  11. Your kitchen remodel is gorgeous. Hoping that your father will be with you this Thanksgiving. It's so important to be with family.

  12. Oh Cass Sweetie...
    I am so sorry to hear that your sweet Daddy has taken ill. Pneumonia is nothing to shake a stick at. It took my voice permanently in May, and I will forever be leery of any colds that come my way. (I will be storming the heavens with prayers for your Daddy sweet friend.) Please keep us posted. Remember now, this is only Tuesday and Thursday is still 2 days away, we will pray he is home in time for Thanksgiving dinner with you all. He looks so good in the photo to be 90. What a blessing he is Cass.

    I will be watching for an update. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  13. Cass~
    prayers from my home for speedy recovery of your dad..and for you, the loving daughter..
    hopefully all will be well by Thanksgiving!
    much love..warmest hugs..

  14. Oh Cass- I know you must be anxious and sad about your Dad's health. I am saying a prayer for him right now. I hope he is out and can enjoy Thanksgiving with you. Don't worry about having everything done and having everything perfect...time with your Dad is more important than anything. Hugs- Diana

  15. Hi Cass...Sending positive thoughts your way and good wishes that Dad will be home in time for Thanksgiving. So much to be Thankful for.

  16. I'm crossing my fingers for your dear dad..... hugs and a blessed Thanksgiving, Flavia

  17. I am so sorry about your Dad. Just forget about Thanksgiving for now and spend time with your Dad. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

  18. You got them! Sure hope he has a fast recovery.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  19. Cass,
    Prayers going out for your dad! Will continue to do so as well.

  20. Life has a funny way of keeping our priorities in their proper order. I hope that your Dad, who is such a blessing in your lives, will recover quickly. Hugs!

  21. Many prayers coming your way, Cass.


  22. Aww, your poor sweet Daddy. Hope he feels better soon. Prayers going up!! Hope you can both find a way to celebrate a little Thanksgiving together.

    Blessings and love,

  23. Cass, I so hope your Dad is home soon. It is always so rough when a loved is hospitalized. Especially at the holidays.
    Your family will be in our prayers.

    xo, misha

  24. We sure never know what a day holds, do we? Hope you can still celebrate together, and even more, that your dad can be with you all.

  25. My prayers are with you and your dad for a fast recovery and a Happy Thanksgiving.

  26. Oh Cass, I too have my Dad in hospital, he took a heart attack last week. I know how you feel, while saying my prayers tonight I will add you Dad. Take care, Jen

  27. Prayers and positive visualization for you and your Dad. I hope he can come right back home.

  28. My prayers are with you and your father dear mom is 90, and I know how precious he is to you. I hope all will be well.

  29. So sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope all is ok and he is home soon.

    Good Luck and keep us posted.
    Best wishes and prayers being sent to you and your Dad.



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