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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's BOO!-sday at That Old House!

It's a BOO!-tiful BOO!-sday in northern New Jersey.

I'm still quelling over the conservatory makeover I shared with you yesterday.
I think one reason I'm so pleased with it is that it is done. Finished.

I can cross it off my TBDBT* List.

Sing Hallelujah!
I used to do a lot of Halloween decorating.  Now, I'm more selective.
Mostly because a couple of boxes of Halloween stuff are hiding out
somewhere in That Old House, and we can't find them.

Thankfully it doesn't take much to put a room in a Halloween mood.
Take the sunroom . . . .
There's a goofy smiley Jack O'Lantern waiting at the corner window to light your way if it's dark.

Yes, that's a roll of painters' tape that's holding the heavy molded Jack O'Lantern on the windowsill.
Hey, whatever works, right?
 Just outside the sunroom doors, pumpkins and mums.

And on the round skirted table in the corner between the loveseats, there's this . . . 
How can you not smile back at this stack of goofies?
They crack me up.  They look terrific at night, with a tea light inside.

Across the room, on the old Southern pie safe, their big cousin holds up
the proud O'Lantern family tradition of making people smile.

 And over on the newly-painted bookcase next to my favorite chair . . .
a wee little pumpkin bids us Welcome.

A few Jack O'Lanterns, some autumn colors, some bats in the parlor
(which are much better than bats in the belfry!),
and That Old House is ready for the spooky holiday of Halloween.
Uh-oh.  I've been discovered by Dion, who is telepathically letting me know
it is much too fine a day to stay inside at the computer.

There goes the tail.  Okay, Dion, you are irresistible.  I'll wrap this up and we can
head out and bark at some squirrels.  Well, you can bark.  Barking makes my throat sore.
Live and learn, eh?

I'm sure there are loads and loads of Halloween and Autumn themed table tops
and vignettes over at Marty's blog -- A Stroll Thru Life.
Check out Tabletop Tuesday, click here!

 And Tam at The Gypsy's Corner hosts Three Or More Tuesday;
there are always surprises in 3s, or Mores!  Click here.
It's the 99th 3 Or More!

Have a lovely Tuesday -- make it a BOO!-sday if you want; kiss a Jack O'Lantern!  -- Cass

 *TBDBT List = To Be Done By Thanksgiving List.
I make one every year; I'm aces at making lists.
Finishing projects?  Not so much.


  1. Great Halloween decorations! Hope Dion caught his squirrel. Poor Ollie things squirrels are Cats with fluffy tails. We let him think so -- poor myopic Corgi!

  2. Go play with Dion! He is quite the character.

  3. Give Dion a hug for me...he is so photogenic!!! Squirrel chasing is a wonderful fall pasttime...says Zoe and Buddy!!! Love your makeover!!! Happy pumpkins all over and lets don't diss the blue painters tape...after all it is "marvelous"!!!
    Have a wonderful squirrel chasing day!!!

  4. My two dogs do the same thing! What would we do without them? Your decorating is so fun; I wish I had your creativity, talent and ambition. Congratulations on finishing the beautiful conservatory, what a wonderful room!

  5. I love your pretty fall decor and all of your pumpkins are so pretty. Not the average run of the mill. Beautiful. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. Cass,

    The room looks wonderful. The pumpkins are perfect.

    Sorry about your barking. It's so hard to get older! I can't gallop anymore.


  7. I really like your cute pumpkins. I have not put anything out Halloween related yet, just a few Fall decorations.

  8. Isn't decorating for Halloween fun? And you have such happy and pretty decorations!
    I just love your conservatory! What a special and very lovely place. Oh, and Dion is a treasure! Kisses from me to him! : )

  9. Fun, fun, fun Halloween stuff! I love those goofy pumpkin faces!!

    I went back to your last post to check out the conservatory. It turned out lovely, Cass. I love the carpet and wall color...such pretty views out the window. Fabulous!!


  10. Cass -

    Just got caught up on your posts. LOVE the sun room makeover. You are going to appreciate that Berber carpet. I had it in my last house and I miss it. The colors are great.

    You are right about your trio of stacked jacks. They do make you laugh!

    Your Friend,

  11. Cass, these all look great. What a beautiful view from your sunroom, which looks terrific! So nice to have it finished to enjoy for the holidays.
    The stack of jacks would put a smile on anyone's face. ~ Sarah

  12. What a pretty room! I love the view of the pumpkin and mums.

  13. Dear Cass - that look on Dion's face had me laughing and smiling in full recognition - ZebbyCat is very good at "that look" and he doesn't always win! At least Dion can do the full happy/annoyed tail wag. Cats just wave their tails in a distainful manner - "their humans can do better" type of a tail wave.

    The sunroom is looking so, so good with the new carpet and great wall piant. With the kitchen wallpaper up this will be a magnificent part of "That Old House" to spend time in. I would happily snuggle on a leather couch in the sunroom with Dion And I'm not a dog person at all!

  14. Cass, you are a hoot! Thanks for sharing your many cute (and scary) Halloween decorations. Your sunroom is to-die-for, drop dead beautiful. Enjoy!



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