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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Going Batty

Last year, near Hallowe'en, I decorated our parlor in orange kitsch.
Plastic pumpkins, silly witch signs; I love that stuff, 
but this year I decided to go for a more dignified look
at That Old House . . . at least in this one room. 

But I couldn't resist going a little bit batty.

Once again, I invite you to step into my Parlor.

 What's on the wall over the parlor fireplace?
Well good grief!  Right there on the floor, a scrap of sticky dots that must have fallen.  Duh.

 Also a wreath, ribbon-tied to the old convex eagle mirror.  Candles, faux greenery stuff (ssshh don't tell the HGTV police!)
and a beheaded Shakespeare that didn't want to miss out on the fun.
The one Jack O'Lantern is a relatively tame little fellow, coppery and sweet.

 A bud vase, fashioned from an old hollow-handled piece of silverplate flatware.
A gift from my sister-in-law Phyllis.  She knows my taste!
 Not happy with my bat placements, but I think I can move them with those little sticky dots holding them up.

They are not at all like the real bats who live in the garden at That Old House;
those bats are much less manageable.  However, we have no mosquitoes. 

 Hey, who's this?
(Other than me, in the mirror, taking the picture.
Wearing my painting sweatshirt.)

 Mr. Jack O'Lantern has brought a bit of Orange.
After all, it is Hallowe'en!

Here's wishing you a fun October, filled with loads of candy and the color orange,
with silly grins and make-believe witches,
ghoulies and ghosties and all manner of long-leggedy beasties.

As for the things that go bump in the night . . . you are on your own. 

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Boo!   -- Cass

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  1. I love the bats...the ones hanging upside down are pretty realistic!!


  2. SO CUTE! I must say the hanging bats are my favorite too! They look like they could wake up and take flight at any moment!

  3. Thanks for the comment love today! I love your bats... can I say they are better than mine? I must steal the "hanging" bat idea. I promise to link back to you once I have a blog posted with them :+)



  4. Hi Cass...

    My friend, I remember your halloween decor from last was adorable! You just have so much fun with this holiday! Hehe...the two bats hanging upside down on the mantel...are a great them! Mr. Pumpkin that is hanging out on the mirror is adorable as well! You just gotta smile while looking at his silly grin! Cass, the silver vase that your sister gave you...gorgeous! The shape of it is really pretty!

    Well my friend, watch out for those bats! I hear that they can drive a person batty...mad! Thanks so much for sharing your fun and festive mantel with us...such a treat!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  5. Love your bats decoration, looks like real ones! Catherine

  6. The decorations are perfect ! I just love all of your bats, hanging every which way ;)
    Certaintly looks like Autumn around That Old House...

  7. You are sooooo fun!

    And now, when Halloween is over, you can let the bats live in the basement to keep the ghosts company!!!

    You are decorating - - - I am vacating decor and packing. Something is just WRONG with this picture!

  8. Very cute! Oh, I mean very classy! LOL! Love the bats everywhere, especially those adorable bats hanging upside down. The rest of your decor is simply beautiful too!

  9. The bats are really adorable, Cass, and they add so much to the h Halloween/Fall season. You beat out HGTV every time, they can't hold a candle to you!

  10. Too cute!! Going "batty" can be fun!! And I love Shakespeare's head, too. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!

  11. Love your bats! I especially love the ones hanging upside down. I haven't seen that done yet. So cute and clever. Happy Halloween!

  12. I love it . Bats, Bats and more Bats. Never to many.

  13. Love your bats!!!! Alas, Halloween comes to Linderhof only in the form of jack o lanterns on Halloween -- inside, it's just fall with pumpkins and bittersweet. How dull!

    Love that jack o lantern on the mirror!

  14. Hi!
    Thanks for the visit to the creepy spider mantle! Yours is fabulous,if I do say so myself!!! I added the name of the Party to my list....I get carried away and sometimes, don't follow the rules! lol....I still don't know how to link the name so that it goes to the blog or site! grrr.


  15. Hi, Cass! I love your bats!! The hanging bats are too cute! Thanks for showing us how batty your are!

  16. I love the bats! They are spooktacular! Thanks for sharing your mantel with us all.

  17. Cass, Those hanging bats... Oh goodness! They are just too much! Very very festive!

  18. Love the hanging bats!! They are spooky-fabulous!

  19. Those are my favorite kind of bat. The hanging ones are cool. The ones which find their way into our two chimney's at the old house I do not like at all. I had a friend who was re-doing an old house and took a bath with a bat! The joy of old houses! Now me I can talk spiders for days but will refrain. ♥O

  20. Thank you for coming to visit me! And I'll be sure to tell my mom that you want one lol she'll be happy to know others like it too!

    Also... your house. GORGEOUS. I'm so jealous.
    and i love the bats on your mantel especially the two that are hanging, so cute!!

  21. Really like your mantel decor and especially the wreath. That is the only kind of bat I would want around. :-D

  22. I had an unfortunate encounter with a bat this summer which sent me jumping and screaming as the critter dove toward me. I turned to run and smashed my face into a parked motor home. Broke my new glasses.

    But your bats look friendly :)

  23. Oh my gosh! Those hanging bats are hilarious - LOVE them. And that silver vase from your sister-in-law is amazing. I never cease to be amazed at the creativity of artisans.

  24. I love it..did you make the bats? And the swag, it just suits so well, doesn't it? When can I come for a visit.
    Mama Bear

  25. Your room looks gorgeous! I always have trouble finding balance between looking good, and adding the halloween touches. You did it beautifully!


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