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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Tureen Takes Centerstage

On Wednesday I showed off something I don't even own anymore.

It is a big ruby flash glass compote, and it lives in Greece now because I sold it, thereby deeply upsetting all my other dishes who now live in terror that they, too, will be wrapped up in plastic bubbles and stuffed into a USPS box -- without air holes! -- and sent to live someplace with a much better climate than New Jersey's, and really good food.

Anyway, blogging about that compote reminded me of how pretty it was, and when I moseyed into Goodwill this afternoon on my way home, guess what hurled itself at me, begging me to pay 99-cents for it and its brother, and bring them home

I don't think they are good wineglasses, but they are so pretty,
with the same sort of cut-out ruby glass look as on the sides of the compote.

Home they came, to play supporting roles in The Tureen's Tablescape.
That would be the Fitz and Floyd Town & Country pattern tureen from Wednesday's blog,
and it's taking centerstage in a simple tablescape for a quiet supper at home:

All red and white, with a little touch of yellow in the bowls.
Just some pictures (all taken at night, hence the odd lighting:

Bowls from The Christmas Tree Shop.  Love them and use them all the time!
Flatware is 1940s-era viande or grille style silverplate in Rogers' Exquisite pattern.
Don't you just love chickens?  S & P shakers, a gift from a friend.
Ah, my red party plates.  I got all 55 of them for $25 dollars last fall. Or was it $20?
They've been used at 4 or 5 big parties since then.
An old linen table runner, hand embroidered in brilliant red.  Lovely well done old fashioned cross stitch.

And that's it, my Tablescape.
I haven't participated in Susan's popular party recently, so this was fun!
At Between Naps On The Porch, it's a riot of fun and beautiful, creative and inspiring table settings.
Go see ... it's Tablescape Thursday.

Good Night! -- Cass


  1. Your new finds are beautiful, and they really do match your former compote residing in Greece. Oh, my, you set an exquisite table--too pretty to eat at, I'd just want to soak up the atmosphere!

  2. Well, one thing is for sure... you have much more backbone than I do! I'm not a "red" person so much but that was beautiful. And I really like your Fitz and Floyd piece too. Lovely!!
    Ladybug Creek

  3. So pretty!!! I love this table! Red is such a fun color, I think.
    The cross-stitched linen runner is wonderful...I am in love with it!

  4. Love "our" tureen! And it does make a pretty centerpiece filled with soup (or Old Settler's Beans) for a dinner for two! I love the red table -- but I'm a big fan of red!

    My tablescapes are "reruns" -- entertaining is hard when you're on a walker!

  5. What gorgeous colors. I am not sure you should have sold the ruby bowl. I would be afraid too, but these glasses with this table are fabulous. I love the bowls. They are so great.

  6. I think this whole table is really, really pretty. The tureen and other pieces are a gorgeous shade of red. I love it, and I LOVE the tablecloth. My grandmother made many like it. I cherish them.

    Great job!

  7. That tureen is looks like the same pattern on a candle holder I it Fitz and Floyd?

  8. LOL! I used to have a friend that we joked, if it wasn't bolted down, she would sell it. I love the red and that tureen is really something special that would look great on display at the Red Couch Recipes home. I also love the gorgeous bowls too. Joni

  9. I am a red person, and so enjoyed your table setting.....very homey and LOVE the table linen...wonderful keepsake.....Cleo

  10. Love the new finds!
    i wanted to say I agree with you about the red in my kitchen redo too... Red is my FAVORITE color! LOVE it! Makes me happy! Bold, warm, beautiful... love it! Thanks for your comment!

  11. I really like how well coordinated your 'scape is! That tureen looks perfect with the bowls/plates. Your chicken S&P's are very cute! The new ruby glassware matches so well.


  12. Its my first time visitng your beautiful blog... And I feel that I don`t ever want to leave!
    Its so welcoming and comforting!


  13. This is a very pretty setting! I love your new glasses, the runner and that great tureen!

  14. A BEAUTIFUL warm and comforting looking!


  15. I'm just waiting for you to wrap up those salt and pepper shakers and send them my way. Bubble wrap and all. They will be given a good home and you can visit them any time you like.

  16. Cass,
    Small world - I just bought the bowls at the CTS last week. Love your tablescape.

    Have a great weekend.


  17. That's a beautiful compote; I hope they paid you what it was worth!

    Love the glasses too, a very pretty ruby read. Oh, those chickens are the cutest! I've love my chickens, but am having a rough go of it with a nasty bacterial infection going through them all.

  18. Oh for goodness sake, of course that was supposed to say 'ruby RED'. (I'll blame it on my new glasses that don't work at the computer).

  19. Pretty!!!And great price on the glasses.

  20. I've only recently learned about ruby flash glass. I think I've been seeing it for a long time but never knowing it was something. Now I'm seeing it everywhere and getting a craving!! Threatening our stuff is not necessarily a bad thing--whoever is collecting dust goes next! Linda

  21. You had me at Ruby Glass! I love anything red.

  22. DeLovely indeed! **kisses** Deb

  23. Hi, Cass! I've never heard of ruby flash glass, but it. is . pretty. I love your tablescape and I think now I need to find a few reby flash glass pieces! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Gorgeous, I love red,something about the color,just brightens up my day.Thanks for sharing.


  25. Great table! I totally thought you'd hauled those bowls home from Italy, what would we do without the Christmas Tree Shop! (I know my windows, for one, would be much more naked!) And the tureen is splendid... though that runner really pulls it all together and drives home that great old-world feeling. Which I love!
    : ) Meg

  26. I really enjoyed looking over your tablescape! Your new red glasses are wonderful and the tureen is special. So interesting and beautiful. I love vintage linens and your runner is so pretty too! I love it when you can find a whole stack of great stuff for no money! Your red plates are probably a big hit at parties. Smart AND pretty!

  27. The tureen and the cross stitch - red and white - they put me into a very happy place. How sad is that?! Some people get all poetic over profound things like the earth, a sunset or the sea....all it takes for me is a little red and white.

  28. Hi Cass,
    It's good to see you participating in Tablescape Thursday again! I loved seeing your warm, dramatic table. The vintage flatware and table runner are great!

    Any chance you'd want to send me to Greece? I guess that would mean listing me on eBay. I'd be sad if there were no takers! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  29. Cass -

    What a beautiful table you've set. The soup tureen is lovely but I especially admire the vintage silverware and cross stitched table runner.

    I see Howard must be working late and it will just be us two. I'll bring dessert!

    Your Friend,

  30. Such a warm and friendly table, Cass..
    my favorite is the sliverware..just beautiful.
    xo bj

  31. Gorgeous tureen! Love the red~ Fitz & Floyd has such diverse & beautiful pieces :-)

  32. Haven't stopped by to see you in a while! Shame on me! I love your tablescape! It is so pretty! I need to do what you have done, and part with some things I no longer use, or even think about, for that matter! Have a good one!

  33. wow, i love all of your dishes! i don't blame the other dishes for being nervous, i would like to visit greece but i, like them don't want to reside there!

  34. There is such a warm, cozy feeling to this table. I just love your bowls and tureen. You can't blame the other dishes for being a bit nervous! :)

  35. Such a lovely, warm, welcoming table! That tureen is fabulous. I'm off to read that post next!

  36. Hi Cass! What a lovely tablescape! That tureen is simply gorgeous and I love the new glasses! Hmmm...wonder if I can be shipped to Greece for the winter? Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  37. This is such a warm, softer take on red. I really like it. The tureen made me sigh, and I adore the vintage cross stitch runner. I'm imagining the tureen filled with vegetable beef stew or a great pasta dish to be ladled into those wonderful bowls. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


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