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Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Friday

I am still not used to Howard being back to work after 5 months at home.
Friday has more meaning than it did!  Suddenly we have weekends.

It's almost chilly here today; Fall is making itself known.  It's time for changes.

The front door wreath?
Gonna have to yank out all the white and put in some autumn colors.
Oh heck, I could have trimmed the dead fronds off the palm.  That's my miracle plant; it actually died totally, and then sprang up anew in the middle, and is doing well.  I've been afraid to touch it.  So, don't look at the dead fronds, the chippy door paint, or the package the UPS guy just dropped on the porch, there on the right.  OK?  Thanks.

The asparagus ferns will continue to thrive for weeks to come, bless their little green hearts.

So much in the garden is now ka-put -- the dry hot summer just scorched everything except weeds.  And the asparagus ferns.

Our Autumn Joy sedum is turning pink, attracting zillions of bees, and one very pretty butterfly
who visits every afternoon.  I wish it would invite its pals to come, too.

Howard will be home at about 10 tonight; I am still not used to his getting home so late.
At 7:00 I am checking for headlights in the driveway.

Lots of fiddly things to do this weekend -- go to our favorite wholesale grower and get some mums.

 Pick up two tables from among those Craigslist tables I shared with you last Tuesday:

Same seller, so I'm taking both.  I really can't wait to paint that first one.

We'll travel up to Westchester for another couple of tables that are an eBay auction win.
They are sweet -- think tiers and scallops -- but I don't have a good picture yet.

I also hope to venture into my sister's hometown for this chair -- $35:

Craigslist, of course.

By the way, Howard doesn't yet know any of these plans, but if it means I am not asking him to weed, he'll be OK.

 I'm linking with three lovely bloggers, who are hosting parties today.

See you tomorrow -- Cass


  1. Man, I wish I lived closer!! You get the best stuff!!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. I just this morning started dragging out my fall decorations...and then I drove past(and turned around to stop in) the local garden center and they had pumpkins and mums... so I grabbed some and put them around outside. I know it's early...and so said my neighbor... but it just felt right :-)

  3. I am not ready yet, waiting for the last minute.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  4. I also have a wreath on my door with white flowers & a bird, that needs to come down. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the table. I am not a hoarder, but I do have a tendency of hanging on to things with a "might need that someday" attitude.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Love those tables. I need to sell a few things so I can buy more also. I see a pattern here! :)

  6. I lovced your front door picture. I can totally relate...on all accounts. Why don't we see it before we take the picture, I will never know!

  7. I have an asparagus fern and I have NEVER known what it is!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for the giggles! You have the best sense of humor. Love all your finds, with a bit of envy.
    Sounds like the perfect weekend. **blows kisses** Deb

  9. Ok...I can ignore the dead fronds, the chippy door paint, and the package the UPS guy left but why do you have what appears to be house numbers on both sides of your front door???? ;-)

  10. Hi Cass,
    Sounds like a busy weekend! Those little tables are cute. Can't wait to see them painted!

  11. I love those tables, especially the first one. I can't wait to see what you do with them. Sounds like a fun weekend coming up...

    I am ready for a new wreath, too. I have daisies hanging on the door. But then I'll stop until it get's cool. Mums dry up so fast and the squirrels eat the pumpkins. Your palm plant will probably last awhile. We've brought ours in over the winter and though they look like they are ready to take their last breath, a green frond pops up!! Have faith in it! ;-D


  12. Have fun with those tables - and at the sale too, where you'll make room for still more fabulous $10 finds. You are the Queen of Craig's List!

  13. Between Ebay and Craig's List YOU DO find the best stuff!!!! Our nearest is KC and not so many great bargains as the East Coast And although Linderhof is full, I continue to look!

  14. I don't know how you find this stuff. Our CL is terrible with things priced like they were still in the stores.
    Fridays do take on a whole new feeling when one works M-F.

  15. Gorgeous house, beautiful asparagus fern and you found some great tables! Have fun selling your finds, that's what I'd like to do one day soon too!

  16. Boy oh boy, you are busy with furniture and fabric.
    Can't wait to see how things turn out.


  17. Such a lovely house! Your asparagus fern looks great! Do you fertilize and what do you use? I have one that grows hardly at all, perhaps it is in need of a transplant.

  18. You can always rent a storage unit for that stuff you just can't pass up. LOL We belong to the same club [THE ALMOST HORDERS CLUB] and I think were not a lone. Thank you for the laugh. PS. I also have asparagus ferns outside, but last winter they froze along with my spider plants. By spring they were back. WOO HOO Do you cover yours or take them in for winter?

  19. Cass,

    You had me laughing this morning as I sipped my coffee regarding your "Howard doesn't know but.." comments. I do exactly the same thing! I'm sure the neighbors think I am having an affair with the UPS man.

    Your Friend,

  20. your flowers are very pretty!!! thanks for flaunting with me


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