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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling On My House

What's that old saying on the salt box?
"It never rains, but it pours."

Well, after weeks and weeks of never raining, it is surely pouring here at That Old House this week.

Day after day of rain.
Howard got some pictures from inside the sunroom.

He better enjoy his last few days of freedom; the new job begins bright and early Monday morning.

Join Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.  It must be sunny somewhere!

Yesterday's That Old House got posted late . . . not long before midnight!
It's about a dressing table and a newly employed husband; click here!   And, stay dry! -- Cass


  1. Cass,,
    Enjoy the rain..
    and having Howard home..
    thanks for his photos..
    reminds me of a Monet/Manet painting..
    sit back and watch Gene Kelly singing..
    and dancing in the rain!!
    warm sandy hugs..

  2. Enjoy the rain! We don't get much on this side of the world. And when we do, it makes an awful mess. These concrete buildings crack and settle each year. When it rains, you find out where all the cracks and leaks are! :/ Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  3. I didn't know you were getting all this rain. The picture looks pretty. We sure need it here in Chicago.

    Stop by...I'm having a giveaway to Target ;-D


  4. We need the rain -- it is so dry here and the heat has really done a number on everything! My garden, alas, is full of weeds! And it was too hot to go out and do anything about it!!!

    Did you know that weeds grow without water and when temps are 100 plus and heat index is 115? Nothing else grows but weeds do!

    Enjoy the rain!

  5. I would trade you happily! It's going to be 109 here today and it is so so hot and sunny. Rain sounds like a wonderful thing to me right now :)


  6. Been a while since we have had rain here. We either get to much or not enough. Hope Howard enjoys his new job.

  7. We've been getting here in the Hudson Valley, too. No rain most of the summer and now the deluge! I'm just happy our well is being replenished.

    And it rained again during the night!


  8. Cass,
    It is raining here in Maine too. We need the rain and as long as it doesn't rain for weeks (like it did last summer), I love it.


  9. Oh Cass enjoy your wonderful day, rain and having Howard home! Those photographs are awesome.


  10. That's great news about Howard. I'm sure he'll be much happier not working for the old "Cootie Company".
    It's been raining for the last five days here in Sunny Florida but that's okay because it's kept the temperature down to semi-liveable.
    I'm sure you'll miss the DH but it looks like you'll have plenty to keep you busy. Thanks for sharing your pics with us today.

  11. Hi Cass,
    It was so nice to hear from you!
    Looks like a day to stay cozy inside the house.
    Hope hubby is happy in his new job too.
    Well take care my friend,

  12. Congrats on the husbands new job,rain and cooler weather. Send some our way. I need job,rain and cooler weather. The pictures of the rain look wonderful!

  13. It finally rained here today in Texas! Broke the 100 degree temps too. Not buckets, but at least dusted everything off. Enjoy

  14. Oh...we can only dream of rain here. It is hot and dry all summer long. Actually, this has been a pretty mild summer heat wise until this week...but rain...none until November maybe.Rain means winter here.


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