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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's A Beautiful Tuesday! (World's Latest Tuesday Blog Post!)

And why, you ask, is it a beautiful Tuesday?

1)  It is no longer steaming hot, the AC is off, and the windows are thrown open to fresh air.
2)  I am no longer under the weather, and feeling good beats feeling crummy; antibiotics are my friend.
3)  Howard is no longer unemployed.

Yup, after 5 months of having hubby at home and underfoot (which I rather enjoyed!), Howard starts a new job Monday with Fox Business Network.  I will miss the old pest the dear boy, but a regular paycheck is a thing of beauty.  That Old House has a mortgage.

Downside:  I will have to make my own breakfast again.

The other downside is that I'll have to actually DO something.  I've let my projects mostly slide here in favor of hanging out with Howard, but he'll be gone for 10 or 12 hours each day, and I can't spend all that time blogging!

Welcome to one of those neglected projects.  Meet the Pink Room Vanity.

I think most women have a fondness for vanities, or dressing tables.  Who doesn't love
a piece of furniture dedicated to holding all the stuff that makes us smell good and look pretty?

There's no room in the master bedroom for a dressing table, but there is space in the Pink Guest Room.
And enough of that room's chosen fabric to make a skirt for the table.

It's got one of those tops shaped like a kidney bean, but the top is in kinda rough shape.
I will either paint it, or give it a good sanding and a coat of wipe-on poly and see how it looks.
The wood is nice, if I can restore it, and it will be more durable than a painted finish.

It has arms!

Those arms swing out, so you can get to the drawers hiding underneath
the beautiful skirt that the piece should be wearing.
(The missing knobs are in the drawers.)

I love the scars of past lives on the old things we bring home.
You can see the marks of old tacks and nails, where skirts were attached in years gone by.

This is the fabric I will use for the skirt.

I got this fabric originally for the dining room; it's all wrong for there.
Luckily one of the pinks in the roses is a sweet match for the Benjamin Moore Shell Pink of this room's walls.

I think it will look terrific as a dressing table skirt.
And curtains.  And maybe a dust ruffle.  Or a loveseat slipcover.  We'll see!

Note to self:  Get sewing machine serviced.  It's not working. 
I hope Tam at The Gypsy's Corner will forgive me for my goofy Three Or More List at the top of the post;
hers was one of the first blog parties I was brave enough to join!  Visit The Gypsy's Corner for more.

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And at House Of Grace, you can see who else is a Twice Owned Queen!
 And if you are wondering what my new old dressing table has to do with thrifty finds . . . 
well, it was a Craigslist bargain and cost me all of $20.  Sweet.  -- Cass


  1. Congratulations on all fronts, the cooler weather, so glad you're feeling better, and hubby's new job. Those are all wonderful things. Hurrah!!! The dressing table is so pretty and your fabric is wonderful. I look forward to seeing it all done. Hugs, Marty

  2. Congrats to Howard.
    Love the vanity! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


  3. Congratulations on Howard's new job!!!!

    I love vanities -- mine at Linderhof is a favorite -- it's actually a drop leaf Duncan Phyfe sofa table and is perfect as a dressing table.

    I think that the top should be wood -- and that fabric will be perfect as a dressing table skirt!!! Now for a fancy mirror to hang on the wall behind or put on the top and it will be perfect for all of your lotions and potions!

  4. Congrats to Howard. I know you all are excited!! And I love the dressing table. It will look gorgeous skirted in that beautiful rose fabric. Can't wait to see it. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Congrats on hubby"s new job!! Bet you are all breathing a sigh of relief!!
    Love the vanity and can't wait to see the finished product

  6. Hi Cass,
    Well that is a bunch of good news! Glad you are feeling better and glad your husband will soon be employed. Wonderful news! The dressing table is really cute, can't wait to see it prettied up.

  7. Great news about Howard's new job. It you have to spend 5 months out of work the timing was good in that Howard got to spend so much time with you and with Anne over your summer.

    The dressing table is going to look so lovely once you've finished with it - haqve fun! Sending huggles and care to you all, Michelle and a snoring Zebbycat, "downunder in NZ"

  8. Many Congratulations on DH finding work!! That is not easy in this economy....
    Love the dressing table & the fabric is sensational! Can't wait to see it when done!!
    Have a Great Day!

  9. First of all CONGRATS to Howard and your mortgage company!!! I am so thrilled to hear the news. secondly, yes, my friend you do have your hands full with things to do, me too. Would love it if you would take a look and perhaps follow my newest blog
    thanks so for taking a look.

    have a glass or two of a good champagne

  10. sorry for the confusion. as you know, I am confused... lol

  11. Paychecks do come in handy. Yay!! I can't wait to see the finished project, love the fabric. We broke 100 degrees yesterday. Meaning the streak of about 24 days.... it only got up to 94!

  12. Oh so much to be thankful for, so happy for you and Howard! Time to celebrate! Cass, what an awesome vanity and I love that fabric, it's really beautiful! Can't wait to see it draped on that vanity!


  13. Happy to hear that Howard got a new job...that's great! I have my SIL's old dressing table and it looks a lot like yours...had it in my daughters room for years but now it's not being used. Thanks for coming to my PARTY!!!


  14. Cass,

    Congrats to Howard on his new found employment! Love that fabric and look forward to see what you do with it!

    Your Friend,

  15. pretty it will look.
    Making me remember fondly the one my great grandmother owned. :0)
    She slid a padded bench under it & it had no skirt as I remember it.

  16. Oh Cass that fabric is so vibrant. I love it. Great that Howard is back at work. I would have to harm my BB Guy if he were home every day when I was. Love him my "me" time.
    I didn't know you will not well. Sad face. I hope you get all better.

  17. I have the exact same little piece, bought in Pennsylvania over 30 years ago. It sits in the dining room corner, holding the silver chest and a pair of candlesticks. Maybe some day it will be a dressing table again - so I'll be watching the transformation of yours with interest.


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