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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whew, Baby, It's HOT Outside!

Too much heat and too little rain. What we have here is a failure to thrive, if we are grass.

The grass at That Old House, in its wisdom, is playing possum and waiting for the next good rainstorm to send its chlorophyll surging back and turning it green again. Meanwhile, it will stay . . . well, not green.

In contrast, the deep rooted grape vine is holding its own:

In the flower beds, drought resistant perennials seem to be chugging right along:

Doesn't this daisy look cool, despite the searing sun?

Most of our watering is reserved for our tomatoes, the hanging asparagus ferns
on the front porch, and the few annuals that don't have the fortitude of their hardier brethren.

For our Dion, the coolest spot is on the kitchen floor:

Doesn't he look comfortable? And cool?


For our Wednesday touch of red . . . something special:

You can find out more about her, and her sisters, on Friday!

Stay cool, blogger friends.
My daughter in California says they've had highs in the 70s this week.
Where's the justice? I ask you, where's the justice? -- Cass

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  1. What is it about daisies that makes them such a cheerful, happy flower! Its nearly impossible to look at a bunch of daisies and not smile! Enjoy them!

  2. Your florals look so HEALTHY! I love sweet daisies.

    Our flowers, despite watering, are biting the dust one by one ... what's left after the deer eating them ... oy!

    Have a lovely summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Your flowers in your garden look beautiful despite the hot weather! Have a great day!

  4. Isn't this just crazy weather! We reached over 100 for the second day here in Pa! Our grass looks just like yours! Your daisy looks so pretty, like she is smiling at us...saying "I'm haning in there!"
    Glad you're keepin cool :)

  5. The post just preceding yours in my follow list started out "we are having NO summer this summer." And then there came yours about scorching. I wonder what that tells us about Global Warming or Cooling - - - -

  6. Yes the grass looks a wee bit thirsty, though I applaud your choice to let it be. I had to give my beauty bush a healthy drink today in hopes that it will produce berries this year. It chose not to last year. The rest of the flowers? They are pretty much in survival mode and we will see what happens.

  7. Hi Cass,
    Dion looks like he has the right idea, staying cool hanging out. Hope the east coast cools off some for you soon!

  8. Your flowers are still looking good. My bloomers stopped blooming. I kept watered and fertilized, but I think the extreme heat got to them. Getting dry around here also. Had a brief shower during the night last night, but not much help. I watered before dark tonight, but is only good until about mid day tomorrow. Dion has the right idea. :) Only problem - If I got down o the floor, I would not be able to get back up! :-D
    Hope you are having a good week.

  9. Your daisies are beautiful. I live in Southern California and yes the temps have been on the cool side. My kids live in San Diego and complain that it's too cold because it hasn't reached 70. We have been in the high 70's with nights in the 50's. Love all your photos...thanks for sharing!

  10. Out here on the coast summer arrived yesterday. Our 'stinking hot' will be about 30C which is around 86F. We'll all complain and moan, but how bad can it be when the temperature drops so far at night, the sea winds blow in and one needs a duvet every night?

  11. Hi Cass! It is 100 degrees here too! And our grass looks like your! It is amazing that the flowers can survive this opressive heat and still look so fresh. Beautiful images!

  12. Lawn aside, your garden appears to be holding up very bravely! I was just complaining about how California temps are lower than normal (where I live, a week or two over 100 degrees every summer is not uncommon), but I think I better quit my whining and appreciate what I’ve got while I’ve got it! Love your daisies!

  13. Summer has finally arrived and it will reach 100 degrees today. We had no transition period, 60 two weeks ago and 100 today. Your hydrangea is beautiful Cass, and Dion looks like he is quite comfortable.

  14. It is HOT here too. Your flowers are beautiful. I love those daisies. Have a wonderful weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  15. your flowers are so pretty. Mine don't like the heat.

    Your home is beautiful.


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