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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm All Dried Up. . . .

Remember early this summer, when the poppies at That Old House looked like this:

Well, now they look like this:

Which is pretty much how my blogging looks nowadays: dried up.
My last blog post was written a week ago.

I have Blogger's Block.

So tell me, my friends, when this happens to you -- and please tell me that
sometimes it does! -- how do you resuscitate your blogging skills, so you can go from this:

back to this:

Have a lovely Tuesday! -- Cass


  1. I don't know Cass- I enjoy all your posts. Just got back again and yours is one of the first I look for! :)
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Ah, bloggers block, the bane of us all.
    When it happens to me i just say "ah to heck with it" and go sew something, or take a photo or two...and the problem is soon over and done with. Until the next time.
    And just think, 'bloggers block' is something to write about...after all, what could be more blogging natural than writing about bloggers block blocking blogs.
    I think my tongue just got stuck between my lips...dang.

  3. Cass, I think we all get there at times. That's one thing nice about blogland, you can just say or show what is on your mind. Once you start that things just start rattling out of your brain again. lol I love your blog and think you're doing just fine :) Have a great day!

  4. Dear sweet Cass..
    yep.. blogger's block occurs to us all at one time or another.. I'm just a newbie...and I still am at a loss for words..I've found several fun sites in which I love that keeps me somewhat on track.. and like your place, I just love plopping in and visiting awhile..
    If I have something to say.. out it pops..
    otherwise.. I just go visiting all the other blogs and sooner or later, my topics have returned..
    and I keep meeting new folks everyday..what fun!!
    warm sandy hugs..

  5. I get that Cass. What will I blog about now? Well for me I just go junkin and that can take care of it. I like this post so see, blogging about bloggers block is interesting! Love the photos of before and after. You made the after gorgeous also! See!!!!

  6. I always enjoy your posts. I think we all get a block at one time or the other. Most of what I have been doing lately is not anything to post about. I am sitting here now waiting for a repairman to call - that should have already called! :(
    Hope you are having a great week.

  7. Isn't it interesting how Mother Nature works. I still see beauty in the dried up plants.
    So far I haven't had writers block but then I haven't been doing this as long as you have.
    How about a look back on some of your earliest post and share how things might have changed since then?

  8. Cass,
    I am sorry you are blocked. It will pass. Chocolate, melted cheese, gelato, truffles, gum drops, shopping, new dishes....Some or all of these could help. Or just read a good book and forget about it for a while.


  9. It happens. I just give myself permission not to worry about it - go out and look at things, take pictures, go to a movie, read a good book. You'll get 'un-blocked' in no time!

  10. This is a wonderful thing--because this is the time when you are to take a break and do something for you. During this time you could make a list of things to "blog" about and then when you come back refreshed, you start on the list.
    We miss you but enjoy your break!


  11. I'm not sure -- that hasn't really happened to me -- but then I've been writing a newspaper column for eons and I think of the blog as a daily column, shorter but with pictures.

    Take a break -- go on a blogcation -- I read posts about bloggers doing that --

    I enjoy all of your posts -- you are so witty and clever -- I was afraid that perhaps something had happened to your Dad and I kept him in my prayers.


  12. Cass,
    I'm sure you'll come up with something. I know what you mean. Your house is stunning.
    I often have ideas in drafts that I go back to when I am drawing a blank.
    Right now I am on a borrowed computer and have a broken camera, so I do have valid excuses!

  13. The harder you try to come up with something the less you will come up with.
    A change is as good as a rest they say. Take a break and only post once a week. Go do something different (take your camera or you will be sorry). See what happens when you come back here.

  14. Hi Cass, we all sit down and think "what the hell am I going to write about today"? Take some time, all that you want and need to do things that you haven't done for awhile. Enjoy yourself and then get back on that old computer and tell us about it. I am driving to Maywood, NJ this Saturday, do you live anywhere around there? Just a hop skip and jump from the George Washington bridge, since I love road trips and don't mind getting lost maybe we could meet and have coffee?

  15. In the six years I've been blogging I've also had blogger's block at times. The best thing for it? Go out and have new adventures. Have fun. Forget about blogging and just enjoy life and be your creative best. Before you know it, you'll have all sorts of things to write about. Blessings, Debra (who enjoys your blog a lot)

  16. You aren't the only one. Many of the blogs I frequent are skipping days. I certainly understand! The weather is simply too beautiful to be sitting at your computer all day! Now maybe, if you have a laptop...and a comfy wicker chair under a shade tree...and perhaps a mint julep...

  17. I think you have a wonderful blog. I know for me, when that happens, I just take a break. Sometimes being away is good. Getting out and about or just doing something different gives me new ideas and refreshes my mind.

    Just enjoy the day!

  18. I think it's pretty clear that the solution is to hop on Ebay and buy some more stuff, so that you have more new purchases to blog about :)

  19. Relax and pretend you're on vacation :) That way you give yourself an excuse for not blogging......especially if you pretend to be visiting China where blogger is blocked. LOL

  20. I think that those flowers are as pretty all dried as they are in bloom; and I suppose that blogger block is about the same. Some words are full of color and others are a little dry ;) Blog whatever is on your heart...and the rest will fall in place.


  21. I have never seen dry poppies!!! They are really sort of pretty in their own way. I think maybe the bloggers blog is due to summertime, at least it is for me right now. No worries. Blogging without a true old friend, we pick up right where left left off. **kisses** Deb

  22. For me, writing: sit butt in chair and start writing anything and everything.

    For me, blogging: go outside and take photos of anything and everything.

    Good luck.


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