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Monday, July 19, 2010

One Crock, One Birthday, and One Ga-Zillion Weeds

What is it about summer that makes us lazy?
Or is that just me?

Come summer, I begin channeling my inner child.

No more pencils, no more books. . . let the dust pile in the nooks . . . .

Speaking of dust, and other things that accumulate over time in a house, take a look at this:

That's the toss-out-pile at a neighbor's house.
Naturally, I passed it s-l-o-w-l-y a few times, and looky what I found:

A big crock. Big. With handles on either side.
Complete with some honest and well-earned schmutz on the inside.

It's marked, although I have no idea what the marking means.

It is in excellent condition. Right now it's sitting on our step outside the sunroom,
holding down one end of the granite slab. and
waiting for a permanent assignment at That Old House.

Don't you just love it?

Speaking of giving away vintage treasures,
we sold our old Sellers brand Hoosier cupboard in an eBay auction.
We just don't have room for it.

Unfortunately for us, the first bidder was the only bidder, and got it for a song.
But he also has a 1725 house in Pennsylvania, and is super excited to get this piece for his kitchen,
so that goes a long way towards making me feel better about saying goodbye to this old beauty.


Do you dream about how you want your home or cottage or castle to look?

When I picture the narrow side yard at That Old House, the one off the sunroom,
in my mind's eye what I see is this:

Only, this gorgeous patio area belongs to someone named
Thomas O'Brien and the picture is from Domino magazine.


What I really see, when I actually look at our side yard, is this:

Oh dear.
Here I am showing off my cottage, and what I am showing off is what
extreme heat and some rain can do to a formerly civilized patio.
It's just been too darned hot to weed, and the weeds and the ivies and the mints, opportunists all, are running amok.
The inmates are taking over the asylum.
See that green stuff between the pavers? That isn't even supposed to be there.

Note to Mother Nature: Some cooler weather, please! Howard and I don't look good in sweatbands anymore!

At least there are still flowers to cut.

Switching gears again: Howard's sister Phyllis has a charming English Cocker spaniel named Kelly, who is our guest this week. Dion is quite smitten. Kelly sometimes has to threaten to knock his block off, to keep him in line. He loves it.

When Phyllis brought Kelly to us on Friday, she also brought me a chocolate cake,
because . . . Saturday was my birthday!

I am doing okay for being 406 years old, and I can still drive without wearing eyeglasses. Mighty darned impressive, don't you think? Have a lovely Monday! -- Cass


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  1. Cass I can just picture you circling your neighbor's pile, tee-hee. I would do the same thing. BTW, I think the crown means that the piece you found is pretty cool.


  2. Haha Rene... I think the crown means that I am the QUEEN!

  3. Wonderful find on the jug! That's a great piece! I think your patio looks just find the way it has character! Alot of people very hard to get that kind of growth between those pavers you know! Happy Belated birthday! Hope it was a wonderful day!

  4. I threaten DD & DH not to bring too much "junk" into the house. After 42 years of wedded bliss I have enough "stuff"!! Sometimes I feel like the house could burst at the seams.... LOL!!
    Have a Wonderful Week!

  5. I have a crock like yours next to my patio door; I just plopped a hanging plant in it {minus the hanger} and it's doing a nice summer job for me!

    I love your patio. It's charming! This weather is for the birds. Once it cools off I am sure you'll be out there coming up with splendid ideas!

    Dion's world has been going to the 'dogs' lately wit the visit of his siblings and now Kelly! Nice of him to share his home. Milo would sleep with one eye open if there were another dog staying here! ;-D

    Happy belated birthday, Cass!


  6. First - Happy Birthday! Nice find! I would have been checking out the pile of discards also.
    My blooming plants look sad - think the early heat wave did a number on them.
    Don't know for sure, but thinking the # on the crock indicates how many gallons it holds. You might be able to find some info. if google marks on old crocks. There is one site called might have some info.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Thanks, Cass for joining the party this week! I got a kick out of you going thru the neighbor's trash. I would SO do that too! Good find!

  8. I actually like what I see in your own backyard better than Thomas O'Brien's... ;) Really! I see somuch potential there! Some use of your imagination and a "get to work" dispossition is what you'd need... vely lovely! Thanks for participating in our "Show off Your Cottage Monday" and letting us into your home and gardens.


  9. Wonderful post....I think your sideyard is lovely...very similar to the dream on -
    Happy Birthday!!!!


  10. Your old house looks so inviting, and even though your backyard is in a bit of disarray, you do have those beautiful flowers. Nice find on the crock. I enjoy your sense of humor.

  11. Happy belated birthday, Cass! The weeds/grass may not supposed to be in the cracks of your patio, but it does look rather rather cool, sort of like nature's quilt. Love that old 6 gallon crock...why in the world would anyone want to throw that out, is beyond me. I am glad that you rescued it before it was gone forever.

  12. Happy Birthday

    I circled the block twice this month.
    Gor a lovely new brass headboard with ceramic thingamagigies with roses across the top the first time.
    The second time was Sunday. Got me a deer made out of grape vines.
    Needs a spray paint...can do.
    Didn't want to pay the price of one new & have wanted one.

    P.S. I have more weeds than you. Uh Huh ! I do. Yes I do.... LOL and bigger too. :0)

  13. Happy Birthday Cass --

    What a lovely crock -- I think you have a real find!

    And as to gardens -- who has weed free gardens?

  14. Great find on the crock! Looks nice sitting on the porch step.

  15. I found a crock a lot like yours several years ago. I have used it as a planter on my porch for about 20 years. It has a fine crack but is holding together fine. Lovely flowers.

  16. What a wonderful treasure you dug out of the trash. It is terribly hot here, too and weeds are taking over in the grass out back and I am tired of fighting them so I guess they won.

  17. Hi Cass,

    Don't worry about selling your Hoosier for less. Sometimes just knowing the new owner will love it as much as you did makes up for it!!

  18. I have a size 10 of that pot that I bought for 5 bucks last year. It is big enough that I keep my table chargers in it and I have painted a lazy susan that fits as a top.
    My neighbours all have crap in their garage sales. I need to shop in a better neighbourhood.

  19. Glad to see other people's patios etc needing help. The heat has been too much here to do anything outside.
    Dion and Kelly are so cute!

    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!


  20. The Great Dane would NEVER be able to pass by such a collection of potential treasures. Good for you for rescuing it from
    a) a certain crushing at the dump
    b) the hands of an antique dealer who would clean up the schumtz and then sell it for a gazillion dollars.
    Happy 406th birthday! It looks good on you!

  21. Hi Cass and a belated Happy Birthday!!....and this is just what I love about Jersey....people put good crap out on the sidewalk for anybody to come and take...they don't do that in the South...I don't know why but I have never seen it done once...The crock is wonderful..You need to bring it in and fill it with flowers...and your patio area looks fine to me...except for the chairs that aren't upright....My yard this time of year is dead grass and dirt....

  22. Love the junk find. Can you imagine someone just was throwing that beauty away! Lucy of you.

  23. Kelly and Dion? Aw. They sound cute together.

    The new oops old crock is really neat Cass. It fits in at *that old house* very well. Nice! Your garden is really growing. I can almost see it looking like your inspiration.

    Enjoy the wonderful and hot summer. Whew!
    ~Melissa :)

  24. Hi Cass
    What a wonderful old crock you found! I hope your heatwave will be over soon, nice that you still have flowers. You could just stick a nice potted plant in a corner of your side yard and then every time you look out you could say, oh look how nicely that corner is coming along! I think that might buy you time for the rest of the summer! Happy belated birthday to you!

  25. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Ca-a-a-assss, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!!!!Wish you were closer- I'd make you lunch!
    xoxo Pattie

  26. Happy Birthday to you my Dear does it feel to be 39 again ha ha!! Love your crock girl and I can tell you it was made by " the Ransbottom Brothers Pottery company 1920/30's in Ohio and it's value is from $60.00 to $125.00 hope that helps you my friend...Again Happy Birthday I have one in 10 days also...But I don't celebrate anymore just accept gifts now ha ha!! Hugs and smiles to you my Dear friend...Gl♥ria

  27. Hi Cass:
    Love the crock and even more because it is free. Your patio still looks better than mine. Love the tumblers and I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Not bad lookin' for 406 ;)

  28. Shopping the its finest! Great find.


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