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Friday, May 21, 2010

It's A Beach House Weekend for Us

It's going to be in the mid-80s and muggy in northern New Jersey today.
But we don't care, 'cause we are heading for the beach house, where it will be ten degrees cooler, and breezy!
My parents bought a small bungalow on Peconic Bay, on Long Island's East End,
'way back when I was in high school. They rebuilt it 3 times, the last time for their retirement home:It's the tall fellow on the left. This is the view from the dock toward the house.
Below is a water view from the dock:

Our kids love this spot; they spent a lot of time here when they were growing up.
My parents had to leave almost three years ago, and it stands empty most of the time.

Except when we use it. Like, this weekend.
We are going out with Anne, Alida and Josh.
Alida very much wants to show him one of her favorite places on Earth before they go back to California.

As for me, I want to walk through the house, and out the doors to this:

The deck, the lawn, the bulkhead, the dock . . .

I wish we got out here more often.
We are talking about selling it, which makes me sad. But, things change.
I don't like change.


The old sprawling rosebush behind That Old House has come into bloom,
so Howard got a few shots before the deer get the blossoms.

Have a lovely weekend! We are looking forward to 3 days in Paradise,
some great food, some wine tasting, some antiques shopping . . . all the best of
the North Fork of Long Island. If you've never been there, you are missing out.

The Hamptons? Pah! Nouveau riche! :-P


I'm linking to Cindy's Show And Tell Friday
at her beautiful My Romantic Home blog.

And at Tootsie Time, it's Fertilizer Friday!

Forgive me for not commenting over the next few days -- no internet at the beach house!
But I will take pictures -- Cass


  1. I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful time.
    It's hard to think about giving up old family places. I said goodbye to my childhood bungalow (that's what we call a cottage or beach house in Cape Breton) but I still dream of it.

  2. Hi Cass,

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. It sounds like a relaxing place to spend some time.

  3. What a lovely place to spend the weekend. I can understand why you would be sad to sell it.

  4. Oh such a lovely place and so many precious memories. I know you will have a super time. Relax and enjoy. Hugs, Marty

  5. Cass,

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family. See you next week!


  6. Hi Cass,

    I found your blog through Rue. So glad I did.

    What a lovely place little beach house! I'm jealous of your weekend and can see why this will be a hard place to 'give up' if the time comes to sell.


  7. Oh, do enjoy yourself...I know you will.

    I remember when my grandparents sold the cottage in northern MI. I was so sad...I had spent countless summers and celebrated numerous birthdays at the cottage. My grandparetns had purchased the cottage in the 1950s when my dad was just a boy.

    But truly, my grandparents were aging and with my folks in St. Louis and my aunt and uncle in Oklahoma...who was going to help keep it up?

    Change is hard. Enjoy yourself...the area sounds delightful!

  8. We are having the same exact weather here in the Midwest, hot and muggy. I am so happy that your whole family will be together at your beach house this weekend. Take lots of pictures...I enjoyed these!


  9. Hi Cass,

    I just had to leave another comment when I realized you have me listed on your blog roll! And you also have a cavalier spaniel! And I know you have also left a few comments on Jewel Box. Obviously I'm completely clueless and hope you will excuse my lack of blogging etiquette.

    By the way, your cavalier is much better looking than my 'Buddy'.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  10. Oh my gosh, I wish I could go with you! It looks so quiet and peaceful. Your getaway reminds me of summer cottages I read about in novels! Have a great time,

  11. Cass, have a wonderful weekend. Ray and I just sat here thinking what a wonderful house to have. He grew up on the beach in NY and misses it.
    xoxo Pattie

  12. It's so very peaceful looking...have a great weekend! My husband's family has had a place on Chesapeake Bay since the 1920's. It has been rebuilt and remodeled many times. Living in Upstate NY, it is hard to get down there very often. The memories of generations of children (including mine) that have spent the summers there, well, if the walls could talk! Thanks for sharing...

  13. What a lovely house, the view is great. Enjoy the weekend!

  14. aloha,

    you have beautiful spring rose blooms coming out today, i love the water shots, i think i could hang out there all day and eat a shrimp roll

    thanks for sharing it today

  15. i hope you have a nice time with Alida and Josh! the house is lovely. Catherine from France.

  16. What a lovely spot with so many memories, I'm sure. I hope you'll be able to keep it in your family. Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Enjoy your time away, Cass! Have fun tasting and shopping. What a lovely shot of the roses on the property.
    While you'll be hot and muggy, we are getting rain and more rain.... ick

  18. Have a wonderful weekend in long island. My daughter lives there and it is beautiful...Kathy

  19. Oh I do believe it's paradise!! Enjoy your weekend, looks like such a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy!!


  20. What a beautiful get away home.
    If you do have to sell, you get to keep the memories. Hopefully you can find another place that will become special to your heart.

  21. what a beautiful rose bush!!! I love the photos of the beach house too...have fun and thanks for linking in!

  22. Hi Cass,
    It's beautiful, just beautiful! I'm sure your going to have fun, enjoy!

  23. I want to go!! lol...have a great time

  24. Hi Cass,
    I see why you love to looks so quiet and peaceful...I know why you don't want to sell it!


  25. Nouveau Riche lol.
    I'll bet it will be hard to sell it. It looks like a great place to visit throughout the years. I can see why you all love it.

  26. Hope you have a great time, Cass. I was in PB/WS outlet today..were you there?? We were also in Jamesport for the annuals..
    Not all the people who live in the Hamptons are as you say..some regular people, who are not rich or famous!
    Love your spot there..I love the North Fork...
    Our friend was just made Pastor in Southold..

  27. Hi Cass, I've been off blogging while I made the move to Coastal Georgia and I'm still trying to play catch up with everyone. I can't tell you how excited this old beach gal is to drop in when you're headed to the beach! Fabulous!

    The view is stunning and I couldn't imagine selling the place, but I know sometimes these things are out of our hands. Have a wonderful time (like there's any doubt) and I look forward to seeing the pictures.

  28. Cass, Have a beautiful and relaxing visit! It looks perfect! There is nothing like fresh ocean air!! Have a great time! We'll miss your posts while your gone!!

  29. Hello Cass, Everything look so green over ther. And the inlet is beautiful. Over here our hill are turning brown again now that spring or the rainning season is about over. Have a good day...Julian

  30. Oh what a lovely place. Yes, change is hard, especially when it would mean not getting to visit such an amazing place.

  31. Hi Cass! How I envy you! Our home is heaven during the spring out here in the Sam Houston National Forest..but in the does it get muggy!

    What a lovely place to spend some time! Gorgeous photos!

  32. What a wonderful beach house! Love it! Your home is also beautiful. Thanks for becoming a follower and I am happy to visit you and become a follower of your wonderful blog!

  33. Hi Cass!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! How could you not? The beach house is beutiful. I could spend lots and lots of time at a place like that. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures with us!

  34. Cass, have a glass of wine for me, will ya'? This is such a beautiful spot to relax & unwind & you both need that after all the work you've been doing with the remodel & all.

    I agree with you...I don't like change either. I want to freeze time so that my DGD won't grow up & my hubby will stay healthy & we'll have lots of time together. *sigh*

    Enjoy your weekend & makes lots of wonderful memories!

  35. Doesn't it make you happy that Alida wants to share this with her honey? It looks like a wonderful place. Howard's photos are very good! Hope your dad is feeling better!

  36. Love the beach house! Looks like a lot of peaceful fun!
    Howard's pics a great too.
    Have fun!


  37. i don't like change either! don't sell! and if you are going to, joe & i want to come out and see it one more time. although i don't remember the fish, i do remember driving out there for the day when we were young whippersnappers!


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