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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breakfast For One, In The Sun, With A Scone, Having Fun . . .

And that's enough rhyming of things that sound like done! Because we are.

After a couple of wet days, it's grand to see the sun again.

Come into the conservatory, where the morning light is pouring through the windows,
and we've got your breakfast all prepared . . . .

I'm linking today to Tablescape Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, and Vintage Thingies Thursday.
The links are all at the end of the post, easily "click-able."

Please, sit down.
There's freshly brewed coffee, and a special parfait, just for you!

Layers of sliced fresh strawberries and thick Greek yogurt,
topped with crunchy granola and a few ripe blackberries.

Go ahead, dig in . . .

while I tell you what I used to make your breakfast table setting.

Oh! Don't forget; there's a cranberry scone on the plate!

The dishes are from a luncheon set for 6 that I bought last year at a hospital thrift shop near here.
They struck a chord in me when I saw them -- and they were only $15 so that struck a chord, too --
but it wasn't until months later that I realized why they'd struck a chord.

Take a look at this pattern; it's inexpensive "made in China" stuff called China Garden, my thrift shop bargain.

When I was first married, I fell in love with a Noritake pattern called Adagio.
This is the Noritake Adagio pattern:

My Bargain Barn bargain dishes are nearly identical in pattern to the Adagio china I couldn't afford 'way back when.
That pattern clearly imprinted in the part of my brain that stores my love of dishes
(and that is a great BIG portion of my brain)
and when I saw it on the thrift shop shelves . . . well, the rest is history.

You know what? I still love this pattern, even in the knock-off china!

To spoon up your parfait and cut your scone, there's luncheon-sized pieces of Ambassador silverplate,
introduced in 1918. Some of it has my husband's monogram: HL.
He was not introduced in 1918.

The flatware is tarnished, but we'll pretend we like it that way,
rather than admit that I was too lazy to run the silver cloth over it this morning.

The crocheted tray cloth is from my mother-in-law.
It's gorgeous, and makes a wonderful placemat.

To wipe the scone crumbs from your ruby lips, a vintage Irish linen luncheon napkin.

And to hold a few posies for your pleasure, a small early 19th-century Imari tureen.
It might have been in That Old House since this house was built, but it was not.
I got it on eBay for just a few dollars. I wonder where it's been in its very long life?

Cobalt blue, a rusty red, a bit of gilt. And the marks of much usage and many hands.

The parfait glass is part of another thrift store bargain -- 5 handblown goblets in watery blue.

I hope you enjoyed your breakfast in the conservatory, even in make believe.

Now, a confession: I ate the yogurt parfait, but Howard made it.
He asked if it was legal to actually eat something off a Thursday Tablescape.
I said, Yes!

He also brewed the coffee that I took from the table to the computer. . .

. . . and it's pretty danged good, too.
The scone? Back in the bakery box! Happy Thursday . . . Cass

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  1. Lovely looking breakfast! I especially like Granola with fruit and yogurt.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. Gorgeous! Can I come over for a scone?


  3. Yum! I love yogurt parfaits with granola and blackberries! (I add a little bit of honey also! shhh!)
    What pretty dishes; I can see why you liked them. they are lovely!
    The tureen matches so well with them too; what a great find.

  4. Laughing about Howard's comment! I love your story of the dishes. Isn't it amazing that things like that stay in our heads? The food and the setting looks absolutely wonderful.

  5. Oh what a fabulous find in the dishes and the patterns look exactly alike to me. Such a treasure. I love the beautiful centerpiece, and the blue parfait glass is stunning. Now as for breakfast, I sure wish I could have some for real. It looks just awesome. Everything is just so beautifully done. Hugs, Marty

  6. GREAT tablescape and wonderful dish finds....but my favorite part are those lucious, fat blackberries! Simply gorgeous :)


  7. Your dishes are wonderful, nothing better than eating from vintage dishes. Have a great VTT!

  8. The dishes are gorgeous, Cass. I love the colors and pattern and they do look like 1 set! Your parfait also looks delicious and I adore that Greek yogurt. What a great way to start your day!


  9. Hi Cass..
    thanks for inviting me to be..
    your guest of honor..
    am so flattered..
    and am enjoying your lovely home!
    although I do NOT like yogurt..
    for you ,
    at this delightful imaginary breakfast..
    I pretended to taste the yogurt..
    while pretending to savor the taste..
    still do not like the taste..
    but loved the berries..
    and the scone..uuuumm!
    Howard outdid himself on the coffee..
    for real!
    so with a pretend full tummy..
    I'm off to get busy!
    so much to do before my trip!
    warmest hugs..laughing smiles..

  10. Such a pretty breakfast setting! And how wonderful to find the china so close to the one you'd loved for so long! The menu sounds divine to me -- what's not to like?!

  11. Wish my breakfast table looked as nice...the tureen is stunning.

  12. Lovely breakfast -- my post today was almost a breakfast one as well -- but then I decided to do the pansy one. And yes, we do eat the things on Tabletop Thursday -- isn't that what they're there for?

  13. Cass, I was staring at your table, LOVING it and thinking "I ADORE that china!" DUH!! In my dining room sits a complete service for 12 of Noritake Adagio, complete with tureens, espresso cups, the works! It's the one good thing (besides my son) that came out of a long ago other marriage. I KNEW we were long lost siblings!
    xoxo Pattie

  14. Oh my such lovely pictures! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Blessings, DE

  15. Hi,
    What a charming post and your house is WOW. I love it. Your tablescape was so cute and I would love that fresh brewed coffee right now. Thanks for sharing and giving me a smile.

  16. Fab-licious! Oh that Howard, he's The Man! Dreamy dreamy lighting. I feel all warm and fuzzy now.
    **blows kisses** Deb

  17. Gorgeous china and I'll be right over for a scone! :)

    Happy VTT,

  18. Hi Dear Cass! Oh, what a lovely setting! I adore your dishes and they do look just alike! The container for your flowers is so gorgeous too! Now I have so enjoyed my breakfast even though I didn't get to eat the parfait! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. What a lovely tablesetting and breakfast! Yum. That thrift store find was a winner! Joni

  20. Do you think Howard could repeat that for tomorrow - I'll be right over!
    Guess what.........your luck spilled over and I have my own (large) Welsh-ish cupboard in the kitchen. It was a lot of work getting it in and getting the other bits out, but it looks gorgeous. Do you think you could come over to arrange it for me? Thanks!

  21. I think we all need to come for breakfast--it looks delicious!
    The tablescape is beautiful too.

    Have a great Friday!


  22. Pretty setting to start the day. I would like the berries & granola, but I don't care for yogurt. I would like the scone and a cup of coffee thank you. :D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  23. Hi Cass!
    Now that's my kind of breakfast...every scrumptious bite! I especially LOVE the china. That orangy red on the flowers is my favorite shade...perfect! What a beautiful way to start your day!

    Enjoy your morning...
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  24. How truly lovely.

    I hope you'll stop by my blog. I am hosting a giveaway for a darling French tote.

  25. YUM!!! I'll be right over!! May I have tea instead of coffee, though? ;-)

    Your bargain china set is every bit as pretty as the original inspiration from years ago.
    I love your pretty turquoise of my most favorite colors!

    Please tell Howard its acceptable to eat at a TT table? We have entertained & or eaten on every single one of my TT entries, except for one & that was because I got sick prior to the dinner date. If I'm gonna set a pretty table & do a centerpiece, we're having friends over or we eat at it ourselves. I don't want to waste all that effort! LOL

  26. Yoghurt, granola, blackberries ... I'm on my way over!!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  27. Cass...this is soo beautiful! Love all the sunshine pouring in on your gorgeous silver and china...not to mention the yummy breakfast! Great pics! Your hubby's comment made me laugh! :-) Tell him the food actually taste even better and is more nutritional when it's been in a "Tablescape Thursday" tablescape! ;-) Hee, hee

  28. Breakfast looks delicious! And, I love your monogrammed flatware, too.

  29. Hi Cass,
    Your table setting looks like it belongs in a magazine! Everything looks delicious.

  30. The yogurt with berries looks so good. The whole table looks so pretty!..Christine

  31. I never thought I would say this but the granola and yogurt looks wonderful...and healthy too!..and the knock off china is just a pretty as the real stuff...the tureen is beautiful!

  32. I really love that tureen! Funny, my husband made blueberry scones this morning and we were playfully arguing over the pronunciation. I say "scone" to rhyme with "gone"...the "o" making an "ah" sound. He says "scone" to rhyme with "bone" with the "o" making a long "o" sound. :)

    Have a great night!


  33. Pretty sunny table, love it. I like the china too, nice old patterns.

  34. are u guys eating outside??? looks beautiful!


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