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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Tuesday Trifecta

Things are moving along here at That Old House.
There is progress on several fronts!

In Family News:
Our guest list for my Dad's 90th birthday party on Saturday has settled down to a nice round 46.
That includes his 91-year old brother Ted, and his 98-year old pal George.

Both of our daughters had their end-of-year reviews from the faculties at their graduate schools yesterday;
both girls passed. Much rejoicing all around!

Daughter Anne, who is pursuing an MFA in Costume Design,
had her portfolio exhibition last evening.

Daughter Alida is on the trail of a PhD in Philosophy; no pretty pictures for that!

In Garden News:
The peach colored iris is not the only one in bloom now; lavender opened yesterday.

Up close and personal:

The chives are happily blooming.

We're going to have to snip some of them for breakfast eggs tomorrow, don't you think?

In House News:
Last but certainly not least, I got a first coat of Bone Black paint
on the top of the old hutch I showed you yesterday, here.
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I like it; can't wait to finish it today.

I can hear the grunting from the kitchen right now, as Howard is removing the old counter top and moving the big base cabinets back to the wall. Alida went off to the gym about 90 minutes ago -- she should have stayed home and joined Howard in the Handyman Workout Routine!

I am going to do more painting now, then call the rental place for more tables and chairs, and check in with the caterer and my siblings; everyone's got a job to do for Operation Birthday Party!

Well, except Dion. His assignment, as always, is to look cute and entertain the guests.

He'll be getting a bath on Thursday. Sshhh. . . don't tell! -- Cass

That's my Three Or More Tuesday post. Thank you, Tam, at The Gypsy's Corner!


  1. Cass, you must be one proud mama. And that party will surely be a memorable celebration. Howard is getting VERY good with that camera!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Beautiful should be very proud of both of them!

  3. Cass..
    my heart swells for you..
    so many things to be thankful for..
    accomplishments all around..
    a big loving family..
    and celebrations for so much!
    kiss your father for me..
    and of course, Dion gets a poochie hug and pat..
    (that's from Auntie Lou)
    have a beautiful day..just don't get too pooped..
    warmest hugs and laughing smiles..

  4. Your life seems to be running at full speed ahead right now...1. congrats to daughters
    2. Happy Birthday to Dad
    3. Sending wishes to hubby for all his hard work
    4. Wishing you a beautiful day off after all of this is over...cause'll sure need it (buy dishes!!)
    5. Dion is perfect...I won't tell him about the bath!!!

  5. I think that is great! There are always the tops to hutches and no bottoms at a lot of sales, now I know what to do with it! I have no top cabinets so that would be a neat thing to have! Thanks!

  6. I need to have a lie down after reading that post! The paint, the party, the pedagogical accomplishments, the pooch....I've run out of 'p's so will just say - well done, everyone!

  7. You have been busy! I know you are so proud of your daughters. I bet sweet Dion will do a wonderful job greeting your guests. :D

  8. Probably be safe to assume there won't be any strenuous games involving the birthday boy and his 2 cronies, right??? :) (Have I mentioned I have this quirky sense of humor?? No offense meant.)

    Happy birthday and congrats to your dad!!

  9. We just had my mother-in-laws 85th, 50 guests was very nice. Have fun.

  10. Ha, Dion's tongue is sticking out. That's what he thinks of you and your bath plot.
    Can't wait to see the finished project.

  11. Your daughter's drawings are wonderful. She is so talented. And I love the black hutch. It is going to look great. Dion is as cute as ever. Glad the party is shaping up. What fun to celebrate your sweet Dad and his 90th birthday! Love & blessings from NC!

  12. Cass, sounds fun at your house!!

    take care-


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