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Friday, January 29, 2010

Back Home, With Loot

The Thrifting Bug does not lie dormant, even when it is on vacation.

Even when it is soaking up the mild temperatures and balmy breezes of a Florida January.

Even when it has to brazenly and shamelessly say to its mother-in-law, "Oh, I love that plate!"


Well now, what would you have done, if your mother-in-law
put out some of her delicious cinnamon sticks on such a beautiful old plate as this:

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Howard's mom spoils me.

All I did was say that I loved the old plate,
and she started asking if we could find a way to bring it home on the plane.

Well, heck, if I'd had to tie it on my head and wear it as a sombrero I'd have found a way!

It is Mason's Ironstone, and it has a little bit of crazing because after all, it is a little bit old.

We all get a little bit of crazing with time.

It's stamped, and it's got incised markings also. Any Mason's experts out there?
I suspect this is early 20th century.

I love the colors, still so brilliant. Roses:

... and morning glories!

It's such a happy little plate, and it's got an interesting bit of family history behind it.

Turns out, the Thrifting Bug has long infected the womenfolk on both sides of our family. This plate was found by Howard's grandmother at the Morgan Memorial, or Goodwill store, in Boston many years ago.

Nana loved to find bits and pieces of old, pretty china and bring them home. My mother in law, Irene, does the same thing. So did my mother, and so do I. And so does my daughter Anne.

Is there genetic screening for this?

As for those wonderful cinnamon sticks, we left the recipe behind in Florida so I'll have to wait till next week to share that with you. Right now, I will leave you with a raisin peeking coyly out from the sugary spicy depths:

Have a lovely Friday. We traded 72 degrees for 27 degrees in 2-1/2 hours last evening, coming back from Palm Beach. Yikes.

But, still, it is always good to get back to That Old House. And Dion! -- Cass


  1. Oh Cass,

    I saw that plate and heard myself say pretty! I love it too! Glad you got to spend time with your generous mil in Florida! Wish I was there now..we are having a winter storm, snow sleet and ice!! Those cinnamon rollups looks fabulous. Beautiful post!

    Miss Bloomers

  2. What a pretty plate. I'm really in love with anything Masons ironstone -- the old stuff! It's great!

  3. Oh, I am so with you, that plate is just gorgeous. If she hadn't offered it to you, I would have probably asked for it. I just love it. So glad it is yours. Hugs, Marty

  4. Nothing short of 'Stick-em up' works for me! :~? And then I have to pry things from their fingers and they are all taller than me!
    The plate is absolutely delicious! And so are those cinnamon sticks! Can't wait for the recipe!

  5. Cass,
    Your too funny, with the line, "Well, heck, if I'd had to tie it on my head and wear it as a sombrero I'd have found a way!" Thanks for making me laugh. The plate is gorgeous, and any crazing can always be covered with delicious baked goodies like those cinnamon rollups. They look like my favorite rugalah, that reminds me to make another batch. Can't wait till you post the recipe.

  6. What a stunning plate you have there!
    Wasn't that a sweet gesture that your MIL passed it along to you, she must have known you will treasure it.
    Those cinnamon rollups look delicious also ;)

  7. Pretty plate! those cinnamon sticks don't look to shabby either. :-D

  8. Please...the recipe!..and lovely plate. Your story reminds me of two little bluebird salt & Pepper shakers I have. They were originally my Nana's... and I admired them out loud when visiting her in Florida. When I arrived home and unpacked, they were carefully wrapped in the middle of my clothes.

  9. Too funny! I loved your post. I do not blame you for dropping a hint about the plate, it really is gorgeous. Those cinnamon sticks look scrumptious! Looking forward to the recipe.

    ~ Tracy

  10. Go to or ... you'll find everything you'll need to know there about this pattern.

    Beautiful plate ... Masons ironstone is high quality.

    Also, you can look at B&N bookstore for antique price guide books for other details on this, also ...

    Have a beautiful weekend.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  11. Nothing prettier on the table than old mix and match dishes. Of course there are those that would disagree, but I say poo poo to them.

    Love the plate!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  12. The plate is beautiful but I'm thinking of those balmy Florida beaches! Sigh. Have a nice week-end Cass. Cindy

  13. What a beautiful cheery plate! I will wager Florida is warmer than the northeast right now...or even the midwest! In other words, it is snowing here so will get to your part of the country in a few days...

  14. I'm sitting here just thinking of you getting on the plane with the
    plate tied to your head and what the other passengers would think when they saw you getting on with a plate tied to yur head!
    Too funny.

    Have a great weekend!


  15. I love that plate - so, so pretty! What a lovely mother-in-law you have. I have a few Mason's pieces, but am unfortunately no expert. Enjoy it!


  16. Dear Cass,

    Thank you for stopping by during Show and Tell Friday. I visited your blog and, "oh my, love your house". So I became a follower : ) Looking forward to spending time at your place.


  17. I think in Japan they feel they must give you something if you say you like it.
    Be careful with that because I really like your stuff.

  18. Very pretty plate..did she give you the whole set?? LOL..
    And the roll up looks tasty!

  19. I really enjoy reading your post and the knowledge you have of antiques. So many times I pick something up and wonder if it is of value? Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Love your gorgeous plate and hearing all about its history!

    And it would have made a beautiful sombrero..............

    The cinnamon sticks don't look too bad either!!!

  21. I love that plate too. I know you will enjoy it. I can't wait to get the recipe for those cinnamon sticks. They sure look yummy! Glad you had fun on your trip. Love & blessings from NC!

  22. How lovely that she gave it to you. It is pretty.

  23. Your mother-in-law is a prize! The plate is very sweet - just the sort of cheery thing I love too.
    Looking forward to that recipe.....

  24. It's a very beautiful plate!
    Mothers-in-law do have some nice stuff too!

  25. Cass, Sorry you came home to such a drop in temp! Palm Beach is my old stomping grounds! I miss it sometimes...
    Ooooh, and yes, that plate is to die for! I have a thing for china. My hubby calls it a obsession!

    C'mon on over to my blog. I am having a giveaway for Ariat boots!
    Howard will think you look hot in them. Dion, too! (if you win)
    Have a great weekend, Misha

  26. REALLY looking forward that recipe! In the meantime, I can go and search for a fun whimsical plate that like to put them on!

  27. Oh, I love that plate too! What a beautiful pattern, and those cin. sticks look really good. Don't forget to get that recipe and share it, please! You are too funny. The visual of you wearing that plate on your head on the plane made me laugh. laurie

  28. I know about the thrifting bug too. both mom and dad were big time thrifty peeps. I'm hungry now after visiting you,..hope you share that recipe. as you can see I a plate girl myself and your mother in law was nice to the way LOVE your yellow house!!

  29. Ooh...that plate is gorgeous Cass. And it has such a sweet history. The crazing just adds to it;s appeal I think.
    I love, love such pieces...yes. Your MIL is a treasure!
    Have a wonderful time in FLA! Enjoy the warmth!!

  30. beautiful plate always make food taste yumm! love them both!


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