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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Welcome Fall Party -- Darn It

Yes, it galls me, but I have to bow to the calendar. It really is Fall now. I'm waving the white flag of Summer Surrender, and celebrating the good in this Season.

(New Jersey) - Pumpkin Garland Runs Amuck - Tries to Strangle Dime Store Scarecrow!

In Monday's post, I asked your opinion about draping a garland of teeny pumpkins and squash over our fireplace mantel as part of the new Fall decorations. (Click here.)

The little punkin chain lost the informal poll.

I agree; they just didn't look quite right dangling in front of the mantelpiece. I tried swagging them up in the middle, but no. . . still not quite right.

So today we'll see if they can fit in anywhere else, as That Old House joins
Rhondi's Welcome Fall party at her Rose Colored Glasses blog.

I'll be using Three Or More things I found in the house to decorate my pie safe;
how's that for fitting into Tam's Three Or More Tuesday party at The Gypsy's Corner?

Click on any of the highlighted words, or the icons, to visit these parties
and these two lovely blogs and see what other folks are featuring today.


The pie safe in the conservatory began life probably in the mid 19th century, homemade by someone with more need than time; it is not finely done. But I'm sure it saw good use in someone's kitchen, keeping varmints out of the food.

It was my Mom's; I brought it here two weeks ago. (Click here.)

My husband believes it will be filled with pies; he has a rich fantasy life.

To celebrate this brand new season, I began with early apples
from a New Jersey orchard, on a white platter I got at a thrift shop this summer.

Added a plum-and-pewter candleholder, a gift from my friend Betsy.
I love the reds and golds and oranges of autumn,
but I like to also bring in that rich plum of fallen leaves and ripe fruit.

An old vanity jar full of sedum blossoms, plucked from the border.

And a little old pitcher, an Ebay score.

There. I like it.
Let's add a goofy scarecrow

and a bittersweet wreath balanced on the windowsill.

That window is at the foot of our back stairs and gives light from the sunroom onto the landing.

For Halloween, a little stack of Jack'O'Lanterns would be nice.

Oh my.
Look who showed up.
The scarecrow doesn't look pleased.

Sorry, fellas. You don't belong here either. . .

Nor here.

Nor here.

Nor here.

This could get old.

OK. You can stay on the cupboard until your father gets home
and we decide what to do with you.

I wanted to use that pumpkin tureen, way up there on top of the kitchen cupboard.

It's one of my favorite things, but it's too much trouble to wrestle it down and I'm afraid of dropping it on the tile floor. I'll wait till Howard gets home. He won't need to stand on a chair. I hate to stand on chairs.

Our grapes are ready.
We've been harvesting them over the last couple of days. My dad helped on Sunday, but he ate as many as he put in the bucket. I'm going to make Grape Jam, friends. Stay tuned. I don't promise success!

Tomorrow -- I am featuring some wonderful things I won in two giveaways, and am delighted to show off to you. Please come back! -- Cass


  1. Ahh, poor Howard and his rich fantasy life:) I think I like the reds and burgundies best also-- especially with your flowers. I love pie safes and have always wanted one, but have no room in my kitchen (or anywhere else) Keep the garland out of trouble. Oh yes, I don't even remember who DID shoot JR :)

  2. very pretty love your pie safe and the way you choose to decorate it

  3. I LIKE the little pumpkins! Especially on the dog! teehee...

  4. Maybe the garland of pumpkins need to just be packed away until you find a place for them! To funny. The puppy was not looking at all happy about them either! Everything looks great.

  5. I love that you bring in plum colors too. Very pretty.

    I have some fruit and/or veggie swags similar to your pumpkins. I usualy drape them from the chandelier. But I don't bring them out 'til November when it starts to feel like fall here.

    BTW, I just love the idea of a pie safe. I think there is one in the basement. Haven't braved that area too much yet.


  6. HI Cass! oh, that poor little pumpkin garland. Just trying to fnd a place to fit in! This was such a cute post! Love all of your Fallness! The pie cabinet of your mothers is so lovely! I adore seeing your home. Cass I want to thank you for your kind words to me! You're a precious Dear!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Oh, oh oh, I forgot to mention how cute your pup is with that gorgeous coloring! ok, now I'm done.

  8. I really like the pie safe. I think it is very appealing. Maybe you could put just one pie in it to fulfill Howard's fantasy. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hello and Happy Fall...i think
    Your vignettes are great and I especially love the sedum

  10. Oh My gosh, that pie safe is just so beautiful. The wood is gorgeous. Oh I would put some of those pie holders in one side, you know the ones that have lids like a pie. I have seen ones that have a cherry on top or an apple. It would give the appearance of a pie, but really just be the holder. Now I have an idea for those pumpkins, you showed a window that you have that wreath sitting in. Why don't you garland those over that window and let them hang down on either side? With that wreath there it would look really festive, and you could even wind a fall leaf garland around the pumpkins to fill in the space amongst them. How beautiful that would like on either side of that window.

    Everything looks so festive. I too am ready for Fall. Love it. Thanks for sharing sweetie. Country hugs, Shery

  11. I LOVE the little pumpkin garland - - - and somehow I MISSED the poll the first time around.

    Now, after seeing the garland in all the choices, I DEFINITELY like it best draped over the off white of the fireplace. Maybe try DRAPING it is slightly different ways until you find the way you like best.

  12. Happy Fall! Your puppy is a sport! Your decor is just lovely and the party was a good idea!
    Hugs, Lisa

  13. That was really cute, and funny! Your displays are just charming, even with the pumpkin garland!

  14. You are so funny! Love the pumpkin casserole! The pumpkins look good where you last had them.


  15. I love all your tureens on your hutch. The grapes look yummy. However, I'm spoiled now with the seedless kind you buy in the supermarket. I had to chuckel at your use of the term dime store. I sure know what a dime store or 5&10 is, but I wonder how many of the younger gals do.

  16. I love all your Autumn decor Cass! Very pretty, and I don't know what to do with that pumpkin garland but it looks pretty cute where it is. I too, am missing the summer we hardly even had. Cindy

  17. First of all for Susan, and I don't know why she is mentioning JR because I didn't see him in your post, it was Kristen who shot him and I didn't even watch the show.
    Try putting your garland into a clear glass bowl or hurricane. Your pie safe is really nice but I think I have told you that before. I might even have the same pumpkin tureen but Iuse it as a cookie jar.

  18. Funny, funny, great post, but have you thought about using the garland as a necklace? te he,

  19. I am a fan of any post with your sweet puppy in it...but I would have liked this one anyway. Fun and pretty too.

    Becky K.

  20. Hi Cas
    I had to laugh as I watched the pumpkin garland go from place to place! Thanks for joining the party.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  21. What a cute, cute post! I love Fall, your decorations are all so fun. The garland is pretty darn good looking when your dog wears it.:)
    Happy Fall!
    xo Lidy

  22. I think everything looks great! You are cracking me up with the little pumpkin strand...hmmmm wonder where it will end up. LOVE that big pumpkin tureen!!!

  23. Cass, you are too funny. Love your sense of humor. Clever to link to the 3 or More Tuesday. I'll have to remember that! :-) I think your dog is pretty cute! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my place. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. ~ Sarah

  24. Great post--
    That garland sure has an onery side. Glad you found a temporary site for it. We wouldn't want a pumpkin rebellion!


  25. I think they look great on the cupboard - could this be the final place of honour? I'm sorry I won't be around to see as we're off on a slow boat (see my post) but I'll check in when I get home.

  26. Cass, that display on the pie safe is just gorgeous with the plum colored candle holder, sedum, and apples... what? no pies for hubby>!

    You asked about the glaze on my cabinetry- you apply a white base coat, mix up a mixture of glaze and raw unber to brush on.You add more in corners or crevices to simulate age and grime. Then you apply 3 coats of poly. voila- aged wood...

    Glad you liked my kitchen. It will get dremodeled eventually- other things on the agenda for now- like 2 bathrooms.

    As for your little garland, hmmm... where will that sucker end up? tee hee

    Hugs, Sue

  27. The pie safe is so cute ! Love the big glass pumpkin.The grapes look so yummy !

  28. Hi Cass...I love the pumpkin garland right were you finally left it on the front of the looks real cute there...actually it looked cuter around the dogs neck but something tells me that didn't last long....

  29. I think the garland is perfect on the pieless pie safe. Husbands just don't understand that we need every available shelf for storage of our treasures - and pies are not in that category. All of your fall decor looks beautiful. That plum colored candle holder is awesome. laurie

  30. Poor Howard now he got to get that pumpkin for you that garland has been over over your house today ha ha!!! your too funny...loved seeing all your fallness at that old house...good luck with your jam my friend...May you have a great week...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  31. Love your humorous post! New visitor and follower! Those little pumpkins seem to grow legs so me thinks they won't stay where they're put. They are cute, though!

  32. From Tam and I, thanks for joining in on three or more...

    Beautiful Fall decor, and your puppy is so cute!!!

    barbara jean

  33. Hi...thanks for stopping by! I think I would cut the garland and put the pumpkins in a clear glass jar and then use that as a decoration on a table, or buffet. They are really cute! Love all your fall touches!! Hugs!

  34. I love your ideas! i adore the mini pumpkins. So cute!

  35. Hey. If I wish long enough then maybe my dream of a pie filled PIE safe will come true.
    I checked in the dictionary and it says Pie Safe: A place to Keep PIE.
    Dion agrees. He says he won't bring charges for the pumpkin garland if you fill the Pie safe with PIE.
    Our only disagreement is I want peach and apple and he is demanding liver.

  36. Hi Cass....I love them all.....each and every one. Gorgeous!

    Barb :-)

  37. Such fun as usual!

    The pup seems to quiet enjoy the new adornments!

    If you get a chance please stop by and say hi!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  38. I love your sense of humor Cass. It makes reading a whole lot more fun. And what are you going to do with that pumpkin garland? Don't you hate when you have something & it doesn't work out like you had hoped. Happens to me more than I'd like. At least it made for a funny post. And I do love your fall decor.

  39. What a Cute House! I wanted an older one, but couldnt find one I liked! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  40. Oh Cass, love the pie safe! And that plum and pewter Candle holder is stunning! Love it.

    I think your string of pumpkins are just adorable. I can't wait to see where they end up! LOL Kinda like the "traveling Gnome"!

  41. Hey, I love those little pumpkins anywhere! That doggy is so cute I can't stand it!! Oh in the post above I love the bird and potholders and picture so much...hmmm I think it was in the post above!....I am in the mountains on vacation and the internet here is sooooooooooooo slow---so if I was wrong...pardon my brain.

  42. Poor Howard! I love your Fall vignette, and your pumpkin garland really gets around! Come visit me soon! I like your sense of humor!

  43. LOVE your pie safe. Your fall decorations are so lovely. Happy Fall!



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