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Friday, September 4, 2009

Hooked On The Old Houses of the East End

A glorious end-of-summer day today -- brilliant sunshine and the kind of clarity that is the special talent of Fall. Everything looks sharp!

It's a good day to go house-peeping.

Climb in, we're off to Long Island's East End, one of Nature and Man's favored places.


At the end of New York's Long Island are the Twin Forks, North and South, and we are heading for the North Fork. (See end of post for a link to more information.)

Although surrounded by water -- Peconic Bay, Long Island Sound, and the Atlantic -- there are no endless miles of open sandy beaches, no boardwalk, no honky-tonk stuff on the North Fork (unless you count the Fireman's Carnival and the midweek concerts at the Gazebo), and many of the day trippers come to see this:

The vineyards and wineries.

They don't come for a day at the beach, because public beaches are mostly
limited to the local taxpayers, and the rest of the water front is private. It's a quiet place.

Join me for a Friday Hooked On party, at Julia's Hooked On Houses blog. Click here.

I am Hooked On the old houses of the North Fork!


We all love beach houses and waterfront cottages, but out on the East End, there's another breed of beautiful house that is everywhere you look: The Old House.

Farm house, doctor's house, 17th century parsonage -- despite coming out this way for almost as long as I can remember, my eyes still ping-ping back and forth as we drive along; there's just so much house to look at!

So here, in no order, and without explanations, and in all sorts of conditions,
are just a few of the great old houses of the East End:

Oh, you have to love this -- an interior design office in a former gas station.
Did I mention that the East End is not pretentious? We leave that to the big Fork across the Bay.

But we have the world's best looking McDonalds!

Yes, that really is a McDonald's, below. That huge corporation jumped through a thousand local hoops
to get permission to build the only fast food place on the North Fork. No drive-thru; might cause littering!

Lots of places to buy locally grown produce, seafood, and apparently -- "baked gods."

Is it any wonder, after spending summers out on the East End, that I fell in love with this New Jersey house?

That Old House would fit right in on Long Island, wouldn't it?
And rightly so, as it was originally built by a farming family that moved to New Jersey
from -- you guessed it -- the North Fork of Long Island in the 1700s, looking for more land.

Have a lovely long holiday weekend, my friends!
Stay safe, wear sunscreen, and give Summer a grand send-off! -- Cass

P.S. For more information on Long Island, and a nice clear map so you can see what I mean by the Twin Forks, click here.


  1. What great old houses! Love the photography.

  2. Hi Cass-
    Love, Love, Love old houses, buildings, schools, churches, stores etc. I like imaging what they were like in the past.

    Have a safe holiday weekend!


  3. It's me again-
    I forgot to say that now I'm following YOU and have added you to my list of places to wander. :)

  4. I love the older homes and you get some great shots of some nice ones. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a lovely post! I love that style of house. Especially the one on the banner, is it yours?
    They look spacious and full of light.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Isabelle x

  6. Love seeing the old houses - Thanks for the tour.
    Have a happy & safe weekend.

  7. I love the old houses, they have such character and history. I would love to live in one... you definitely live in a beautiful area.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Those are some really neat houses. I liked them all. I love the real architecture of old houses! I love their character. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I saw one in particular that needed some lovin' and I wish I could be there to give it to it. Wow.
    Of course yours makes the others pale in comparison.

  10. Cass,

    Thank you for posting your rip out east. I am a born and bred Long Islander and I loved taking the visual ride out east with you thru your pictures because it has been some time since we've taken a road trip to the point. I recognized quite a bit of the houses.


  11. Elizabeth in MississippiFri Sep 04, 03:15:00 PM EDT

    Thanks for these great photos old houses, too, all that family history stored away. Oh and did you notice that picture #5, that appears to be an abandoned home, is NOT alone. A whisper of ephemeral smoke floats around the 2nd story. Who still lingers? 8-) Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Just a beautiful post. I grew up on the south shore of Long Island in Freeport, but for the first 6 years of my live, we lived in Riverhead. In those days (50 years ago), it was potato farms and duck farms. I loved the scenery out there. Thank you for taking me back..just lovely.
    ♥, Susan

  13. To this southern boy, Long Island might as well be on the moon. How can one place have New York City on one end and all the "country" on the other?

  14. These are some amazing old houses--but yours is my favorite! I would've fallen in love with it, too. I wish I could walk right up to your front porch and sit a spell.

    Is that really a McDonald's? I've never seen one like that. How fancy!

    So glad you could join my party today, Cass. Hope your weekend is wonderful. :-)

  15. Love the North Fork too. Definitely one of my favorite parts of long island!

  16. Oh so pretty. Some remind me of the old farm house my best friend in childhood lived in down the street from me. Happy LONG weekend!
    **blows kisses** Deborah

  17. Thanks for the tour. Delightful!

  18. love the old houses,
    they don't make them like they used to -

  19. Those are some beautiful old ladies, but I have to say "This Old House" is my favorite in the group. What a McDonalds! Is the food more expensive (or any better) than at a regular McD's? laurie

  20. Sorry, I just had to tell you that I once saw a combination interior design/tatoo parlor! I didn't go inside, but I do wish I had taken a photo of their sign. laurie

  21. Great houses but come on....having your house in Jersey is way better then outon some island....It's Jersey!!! I love by the way your stone foundation sun room on the side of the house....Have a great holiday weekend....Enjoy some of those Jersey tomatoes and corn...Sue

  22. You have so lovely blog and this old house. Vau
    Tiina from Finland


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