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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dinner In The Library At That Old House

Only . . . Dinner is not in the Library because A) we don't have a Library, and B) I could call our Study a "Library," but there still wouldn't be a table in it.

So what we have is our Dining Room pinch-hitting for a Library. If I were going to set a table for two in a library, it might look like this. . . .

I'm joining in Tablescape Thursday, at Susan's Between Naps On The Porch blog, and also hooking up with Tales from Bloggeritaville, for Leigh's Thrifty Thursday party! Just click on the highlighted words, or on the icons at the bottom of the post, to flit on over to these great, fun blog parties.


Yesterday I moseyed on down to my daughter Anne's college, where she is in graduate school. She wrapped up her day at 5pm, and we headed off to Goodwill; Anne needed to shop for some pieces for a play she is costuming.

On the way we stopped at Dollar Tree. Need I say more?

Here, tucked at the end of our dining room table
(so you can't see the dishes waiting to be put away at the other end -- reality check!)
is a Tablescape for Two.
(Another reality check; that poor ivy plant is half dead. Ivy doesn't thrive indoors.)

We can dine by candlelight, although that
makes it hard to read the books in the library. :-)

What's in it? I popped the pieces into a mosaic.

And they are . . .
**Dollar Tree dishes; they were in the Christmas aisle, but they don't look particularly Christmas-y to me.
**Dollar tree tea light holders; I have seen these on other blogs, and I am such a copy-cat.
**The white porcelain "parakeet" I featured yesterday, a Giveaway win. Here.
**A couple of boxes that look like books.
**Dollar Tree placemats and napkin rings; I love the khaki and red together.
**T.J. Maxx bowls.
**Home Goods napkins.
**Crystal Pilseners -- can't remember where we got them, but they pre-date my dedictated thrifting days, so they may have come from (gasp!) a regular retail store.
**And my trusty century-old Georgian pattern silverplate, from Ebay.

Oh! Almost forgot. That candleholder, the one that looks like mercury glass with
a twisted glass stem? $2 at Goodwill. There were two for sale.
Ask me why I didn't take the second, and I can't give you a good answer.

That's it!

I know I didn't need those red and white plates, but aren't they adorable? -- Cass

P.S. I am taking a week off from blogging; see you October 3rd unless I can squeeze in a quick post now and then. Play nice while I am gone! ;-)


  1. Hi Cass! I found your blog while blog hopping and boy do you ever live in my dream house!!! I immigrated many many years ago but had I stayed in the US, I would have wanted a house just like this. It is so beautiful. And you have a library? Wonderful. I would love to have dinner in the library. Your table looks very pretty and inviting.

    Hugs ~

  2. Very Pretty! The last time I was in Dollar Tree, I was on the run and did not take the time to look around, I need to go. Enjoy your break.

  3. I love that pop of red, the whole table looks great!

  4. Very pretty, Cass. I love the rich colors of the "books" and candle holders.

    Hope your time away is refreshing and fun.

    Becky K.

  5. Hi Cass!
    I'm going to miss you while you are gone, but I hope it is a fun, fun, fun and relaxing time. Your table looks gorgeous!! I'm going to stop at dollar tree and see if I can find some new dishes :) Have a great time.

  6. Love the sound of dinner in the library with your sweet birds and stack of books. I'll miss you while you are away, but have a great time. ~ Sarah

  7. GM Cass, girl you set a mighty fine table from Dollar tree no less...did you know you can now order on line from them and if you have it delivered to the store it don't cost you for shipping I do that all the time ha ha!!
    I hope you enjoy your time off...I am going to be also doing a break in 3 weeks after I put my year in...Things are screaming my name to clean in this house ha ha!! So I will unplug from my life support (puter) for awhile...oh just saying that gave me the shakes ha ha!! May you have a great day my friend...How is Anne doing in her new apartment...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Hi cracked us up with that post! We love your "library". your half dead ivy..(that's our kind of gardening!)..and the red plates...killer!! (not Christmas at all!)...we love it when people just keep it real and you sure did! Enjoy your break and come back inspired and relaxed!!

  9. Very nice library tablescape. A week off. Wow.
    We will miss you.
    If you can send me the Tuttle info before you take off.

  10. What a wonderful tablescape. I love the look of old books and rich wood, and you've done such a great job with adding the ivy, the candles and the dishes are just perfect. I LOVE the Dollar Tree. Hugs, Marty

  11. I like your very creative table, Cass! Love the books and bird accessories. Your mosaic is also beautiful!..Christine

  12. what a warm and inviting setting! you have done a wonderful job!

  13. Just found your blog whilst blog hopping and not doing what I'm supposed to be doing and now I have to head over to Dollar Tree!!! Thanks!

  14. Cass this is fabulous!! I love it. One of my readers asked, on the Pheasant Surroundings post, what was served. Well...what was actually served was Rigatoni and it was served in the kitchen!:-)

    I just saw your beautiful new print. I'm going to pay a visit to Sara. The print is gorgeous!!

  15. Your mosaic of pictures was WAY cool! I love the tablescape. Makes me want to sit and talk about literature :)

  16. As usual, very nice blogging today. Table setting was great, so inviting. I enjoying stopping in to visit your place. Thanks for the invite in.

  17. Mary @Boogieboard CottageThu Sep 24, 12:59:00 PM EDT

    Hi Cass! Thank you for your kind comments. I wish I could actually do something with the olives, but I think it's a big curing process or something like that. In my area of So. Calif., olive trees are a very common site in peoples yards. I love your table and I think the dishes are perfect for Fall. It's funny that the Dollar Store had them in the Christmas isle. :O)I do love that store though!

  18. ~GORGEOUS Christmas dishes Cass! The Dollar Tree? ~WOW! They are so stunning and your entire table as well. ~Beautifully done.

    Thanks for your sweet encourgement on my latest post! I feel great! My diet is consisiting of no extra salt, no sugar and no caffeine. We make salads every night with fresh spinach and a side of steamed veggies. We use the GF grill for grilling very lean chicken and beef and fresh shrimp. We use the Mrs Dash seasonings for flavoring and they are all yummy.
    I'm drinking tons of cold water and unsweet decaf tea.
    For breakfast I have two scrambled eggs and a small bowl of "Total".
    My snacks are carrot and celery sticks, almonds and cottage cheese. {A tiny bit because of the sodium.} It's working!

    ~Blessings my friend, ~Melissa :)

  19. I LOVE the red plates! Great tablescape.


  20. Hi Cass,
    Your table is perfect. It sets the mood for fall and a romantic evening!
    I love all the details, the birds of course - cause I have some on my table too - and the old books, one can never have too many of those, and who says you NEED red and white plates, to want and love them?It's a beautiful table!
    Thanks for stopping by earlier, hope you'll come back soon
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  21. Definitely the red and white plates are adorable! And I think add just the spark here!

  22. Every frame of this was wonderful. You managed to set a gorgeous table for two with very little money. I'm likin' it. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  23. This is so pretty! I love the idea of Dinner In The Library! : )
    I have a littel sign above my study door that says, "Library".
    Couldn't fit a table in it and it barley qualifies as a study let alone a Library.But there ARE books in it sooo....: )

    I need to check out Dollar Tree again!

    I love the way you create vignettes with books. So pretty.


  24. Loved your tablescape for two. Great finds at the dollar store....I have to go in there....I keep reading about all the good bargains!! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  25. Hi Cass, lovely table... I want to come to your house :-)

  26. Pretty AND funny! I do enjoy reading your blog.

  27. I love those candleholder that are mercury glass or mercury glass look-alikes. I don't have any and always look at them in department stores. Finding it at GW is a marvel.

  28. Your house is beautiful and so is your table.

  29. Cass,
    Nice table setting. I will have to go back to Dollar Tree! Mine never has what others post. I want those little birds.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  30. Lovely table! I really love all that you brought together! I'm getting my books gathered so I can read this winter as I hibernate!
    Hugs, lisa

  31. Dinner in the library looks delightful! What great treasures you found!

  32. Have a great week off and you did good at Dollar tree an Goodwill. Every thing looks great. Thanks for the advice on my blog.

  33. wow; have a nice time. Can't believe you got so much nice things from the dollar tree---I don't know if we have one of those; I thing ours is the dollar store. Everything ties so well together and I love the plate and bowl and the "mercury" like candle holder...Oh by the by, my hubby and I met in NJ and married in NJ and our first date was at an old village---that had a very old church in it...think it might not have been far from the area you live in but I may be wrong and hubby is in bed so I can't ask him!

  34. ps. excuse the typos I just did; I am sneaking a peak at some tablescapes while on my vacation here in the mountains --so rush rush

  35. Love your story telling and table too. I think any room with more than a handful of books can be a library.Great table of thrifty finds.
    Happy TT Blessings ;-) to the golden gal!

  36. DEarest Cass,

    I am here at my computer givig you a standing O. That is GORGEOUS! Those plates do not look Christmasy to me either!Thanks for linking to Thirfty Thursday this week! I always enjoy making the rounds to see the treasures that you find! I appreciate your visits to Bloggeritaville, friend! Thanks for your participation!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  37. Very nice dinner in the "dining room turned library" tablescape! What a great deal on that lovely candleholder....yes, I can imagine you wonder why you didn't get the two of them! Your new bowls are terrific!


  38. Love the use of books on your tablescape!

  39. Love reading your post ... too funny! But your proved a good point ... you can have a great tablescape with thrifty finds ... hmmm, I feel the inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  40. Love your red china, and your mosaic was so great (I don't know how to make those). Beautiful setting!

  41. Hi Cass :)

    Your tablescape is perfect! How come you go to the dollar tree and goodwill and luck out, while I go and there's nothing to be found?? I think I must go on the wrong day ;)

    Have you found your Robert Tuttle yet?? That is so neat! I found our J McQ that left his signature in the basement. I haven't done a post on it yet, because I don't know how to without giving away where we live (I worry about the kids and pervs). It turns out he's a famous playwright!

    Anywho... Have a great time on your bloggy break :)


  42. HI Cass, this is a wonderful table for 2 in the " library'!!!!! Perfect setting, love the "books" and candle holders! Dontcha just LOVE Dollar Tree???? WHAT wouod we do without it???? PLease stop over to see MY table if you get a chance! Thanks so much, Pinky

  43. You have a beautiful home. How lucky for you to live in your dream home.

    I was just in Dollar Tree and got those plates. I love them. I haven't decided how I'm going to use them but they were just too good to pas up.

    - The Tablescaper

  44. Love the Dollar Tree and try to check it out at least once a week!

    Love the glassware...just gorgeous!

  45. I could just smack you upside your head for not buying that second mercury glass candle holder!!! I hope you went back to look for it. I love its twisted stem.
    I also love the witty manor in which you write. You always make me smile. :)

  46. I just found you - don't ask me how - you know how it is when you are peeking around blogs☺ Anyway, first, I ♥ your blog. Next, what program do you use for your photos. I just love what you are doing!

  47. Hi Cass, love your blog, everytime I visit. You are right, ivy does not do well in the house, I just keep trying but no way. Anyway it looks good in the pic. I also Love your home, it is wonderful. Stop by for a visit, I have just finished a autumn wreath and am working on tablescape thurs, see you there....phyllis

  48. Great tablescape, I really enjoy reading your blog.

  49. Beautiful tablescape. If I could live in the home of my dreams it would have a very large library filled to the rim with books. I hope you have a nice time away.

  50. Very lovely and appealing table setting. I like how you put all the elements together.

  51. Hi Cass: It's the small things like the little bird votive holder that count isn't it - they just "make" a table setting!!
    Will be coming back to read all about your ca.1830's house. Mine is an 1820's full cape cottage; you can't beat the old ones!
    Janet by the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia


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